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2 Junior quizzes and 30 Junior trivia questions.
  What do you know about Junior?    
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A corny, yet hilarious movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pregnant man!
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  Multiple Choice Quiz about Junior    
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This is a quiz about the funny movie 'Junior' starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson.
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While at the Westcoast Pharmaceutical Convention, Noah Banes and Diana make some comments about Alex. What do they NOT say about him?

From Quiz "Junior"

Junior Trivia Questions

1. What is the drug that Alex and Larry created?

From Quiz

Answer: Expectane

It's a new drug that they created to allow women who have trouble conceiving to become pregnant. Alex and Larry try to get approval so it can be tested on a human but are declined. Larry convinces Alex to test it on himself.

2. What was Arnold Schwarzenegger's name?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Dr. Alexander Hesse

Alexander Hesse was Arnold's character.

3. What color is the new drug?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Blue

It is clearly seen many times throughout the movie.

4. What are the names of the lab monkeys?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Minnie and Moe

Larry: 'I see you kept Minnie and Moe.'

5. Who plays Larry's ex-wife, Angela?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Pamela Reed & Reed

Pamela Reed has also starred in 'Kindergarten Cop', 'Bean' and 'Proof of Life'. Angela and Larry had been trying for a baby for several years and one day Angela meets Aerosmith's personal trainer and she becomes pregnant.

6. What was the drug that Alex was taking called?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Expectaine

The drug he was taking was Expectaine. That was used to increase female hormones.

7. Who gets Angela pregnant?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Aerosmith's Personal Trainer

Angela: 'Did you think it was someone from the band?'
Larry: 'That's what you said.'
'No, I said he was on tour with them, he's their personal trainer.'

8. Frank Langella played what character?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Noah Baines

He played Noah Baines. He was trying to expose Larry Arbogast for using the Expectaine on a human subject and later trying to expose Alex as the world's first pregnant man.

9. What does Diana call her Ovum Cryogenics Project?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: The Dairy Section

Larry: 'Frozen eggs?'
Diana: 'Yes, I call it the dairy section.'

10. When Alex and Diana are dancing, what does Diana have on the bottom of her shoe?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Toilet paper

It was toilet paper. She later tries to remove it by flinging her leg, which caused her shoe to fly off her foot and onto a nearby table.

11. When Larry injects Alex with the egg, how many times a day must he take the drug for the pregnancy to work?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: 6

Larry: 'What do you think, six times a day?' Alex: 'That should do it.'
He takes 15cc of expectane including 100 milligrams of progesterone and 2 milligrams of estrogen.

12. Whose eggs were used to get Alex pregnant?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Diana's

Diana's. It was such a coincidence that her eggs were under the name Junior and that Alex had also named his baby that, so that's how he figured out where the eggs came from. They weren't from an unknown doner like Larry had said.

13. What does Alex call sausage rolls?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Franks in Blankets & Franks in the Blankets

Alex: 'Franks in blankets! These are my favourites.'
Alex is so excited about eating sausage rolls.

14. While at the Westcoast Pharmaceutical Convention, Noah Banes and Diana make some comments about Alex. What do they NOT say about him?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: He is glowing

Alex explains why: 'Life, music, friends and franks in the blankets.'

15. What year was 'Junior' released in the USA?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: 1994

16. When Alex and Diana are dancing, what does she have caught on her shoe?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Toilet paper

She tries to shake it off, but she flicks her shoe off instead.

17. What does Diana step on in the last scene of the movie?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Jake's birthday cake

She steps on Jake's cake. The one with the dinosaur.

18. While Alex and Diana are dancing, what does Larry have to drink?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Lemonade

He takes the bottle and pours himself a glass. Noah Banes is seen eating the sausage rolls Diana and Alex made him hold.

19. What relative does Diana confess to being madly in love with?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Her Cousin

Diana: 'I was madly in love with my cousin Trevor for many years and he was very portly.'
Alex had asked if his body was disgusting as he was getting bigger.

20. When Alex and Diana tip the lounge over, Diana falls off. What does she lose?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Contact Lens

After falling off the lounge she picks up her contact lens and puts it back in her eye. Angela witnessed the whole thing.

21. When Angela and Alex are eating dinner their babies kick. What does Alex say his pains were caused from?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Sympathy Pains

Angela: 'What's wrong with you?'
Alex: 'Sympathy pains.'
Angela: 'I hardly know you. You must be a very sympathetic guy.'

22. How long did Larry say he tried to get Angela pregnant?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: 7 years

Larry: 'Seven years, tried everything. I couldn't get Angela pregnant. One night, one shot, just isn't fair.'
Larry was sitting there throwing darts at a poster of Aerosmith.

23. Finish this quote said by Alex: 'My body, my ________!'

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Choice

When Noah Banes confronts Alex about being pregnant, Alex pushes Noah over and spouts this line.

24. What is wrong with Alex's baby before he gives birth?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: It's tangled in his intestines

Larry: 'It's tangled in the intestines.'

25. What do Angela and Larry name their baby?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Jake

26. Who is pregnant at the end of the movie?

From Quiz Junior

Answer: Diana

Diana suggests that Angela should have another baby, but Angela says she couldn't go through the pain again. Alex suggests Larry has the baby, but Larry doesn't want to hear about it.

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