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2 Kindergarten Cop quizzes and 35 Kindergarten Cop trivia questions.
  Kindergarten Cop    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
A quiz on another Schwarzenegger movie, the first time he worked with young kids.
Average, 25 Qns, Texas_Rattlesnake, Jul 28 11
3943 plays
  Who Played Me in "Kindergarten Cop"?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the movie, "Kindergarten Cop", and you tell me who played him or her. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Jul 28 11
406 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What does Sylvestor's mum donate for the fair?

From Quiz "Kindergarten Cop"

Kindergarten Cop Trivia Questions

1. Which actor plays Kimble?

From Quiz
Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger

This movie was another move by Arnie to get into comedy movies.

2. What is the name of the guy who gives Crisp information on his family?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Danny

We hear the girl he was with call him Danny.

3. What is Crisp's first name?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Cullen

Cullen Crisp was one psycho bloke.

4. When Kimble goes to the party to find Cindy, what does Kimble say he loves to the people on the pathway?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: His car

Kimble loves his car and the people on the sidewalk are happy to help him out after seeing Kimble bash one guy up and pull out his shot gun.

5. Detective Kimble wanted to catch me since I was a big time drug dealer. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Kindergarten Cop"?

Answer: Richard Tyson

Tyson, born on February 13th, 1961 in Mobile, Alabama was cast as Cullen Crisp, Sr. Cullen was a drug dealer and Detective Kimble nearly caught him at the beginning of the movie but he escaped. In a subsequent scene, Cullen was seen going to a toy store with his mother in order to purchase a toy for his son, Dominic. Cullen went to Dominic's school one day and set the library ablaze in order to create a distraction so he could grab Dominic and run away with him. When the fire alarm went off, everyone at the school started going through the hallways in order to get out of the school and it was in the hallway where Cullen grabbed Dominic. Several of Dominic's classmates saw this and yelled out that Dominic had been taken by a stranger. Dr. Kimble pursued Dominic and eventually came face to face with him in a school restroom. Dr. Kimble shot Cullen dead. Tyson guest starred on the TV series', "The Closer", "CSI: NY" and "Martial Law".

6. Where is Crisp's kid (Dominic) going to school?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Astoria Elementary

Danny gives Crisp this information and in return gets a bullet in the chest for his troubles.

7. Phoebe hit me with a baseball bat and I was knocked out cold. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Kindergarten Cop"?

Answer: Carroll Baker

Baker, a native of Johnstown, Pennsylvania played Eleanor Crisp. Eleanor was Cullen Crisp, Sr.'s mother and grandmother to his son, Dominic, and she was involved in the drug dealing business. After Cullen set the school on fire, Eleanor looked for a way to get into the school and she noticed there was a way to get in through the back. Phoebe was in her sights so she ran her down with her car and took Phoebe's gun. Right after Detective Kimble killed Cullen, Eleanor appeared and shot him. Eleanor was saddened to see that her son was dead and then asked Detective Kimble where Dominic was. Detective Kimble would not tell her and Eleanor was about to kill him until Phoebe came in and whacked Eleanor with a baseball bat. Eleanor was arrested by the police. Baker had guest starring stints on the TV shows, "Roswell", "L.A. Law" and "Murder, She Wrote".

8. What is Kimble's partner's name?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Phoebe O'Hara

Phoebe is an absolute pig and eats too much.

9. Detective Kimble noticed that I had a bruise on my neck. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Kindergarten Cop"?

Answer: Justin Page

Page had the role of Zach Sullivan in "Kindergarten Cop". Zach was in Detective Kimble's class and was first seen playing with a couple of toys by himself while several other classmates laughed at him. Detective Kimble went over to Zach and asked him to join the rest of the class since they were about to play a game but Zach yelled at him to leave him alone. As the movie progressed, Detective Kimble managed to get Zach to lighten up and this led to other classmates befriending him. There was one school day when the kids did sit ups and Zach did the most so Detective Kimble declared him the winner. One day, Detective Kimble noticed that Zach had a bruise on his neck and this unsettled him. From 1989 to 1990, Page portrayed Andrew Shawn Donovan on the NBC soap opera, "Days of our Lives".

10. What pet does Kimble have?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Ferret

Kimble uses the ferret as a class mascot.

11. Detective Kimble beat up my ex-husband one day. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Kindergarten Cop"?

Answer: Jayne Brook

Brook, born in 1960 in Northbrook, Illinois landed the minor role of Zach's mother in this film. Zach's mother was seen in one scene when she took Zach to class and said a quick hello to Detective Kimble. When Kimble patted Zach on the neck, Zach said that hurt so Kimble looked and noticed there was a bruise. John went out to talk to Zach's mother about what he saw and the two of them started to argue. John then saw Zach's father and went over to beat him up right in front of Zach's mother and others. Brook guest starred on the TV series', "Castle", "Brothers & Sisters" and "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service".

12. On his first day at school, what does Kimble do that prompts the kids to laugh at him?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: He sits on the piano

The kids laugh at him and Kimble tells them to shut up.

13. What does one of the kids think the ferret is?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: A dog

One of the kids asks Kimble what happened to his dog.

14. What is the name of the teacher that taught before Kimble took over?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Mrs. Hadley

Mrs. Hadley watches over Kimble with the Principal.

15. Who's mum talks to Kimble about her son (his Dad had moved out)?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Sylvestor's

Sylvestor's mum worries about him and his actions because his dad had moved out of home.

16. Who is Kimble talking to just before the fire alarm goes off for a fire drill?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Zac

He is talking to Zac because he won't partake in any of the class activities.

17. What is Kimble's idea for teaching?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Police School

He introduces Police School and a whistle and it works very well.

18. What do the kids hear before they stop what they're doing and freeze?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Whistle

When they hear the whistle they have to freeze.

19. Who wins the sit-up contest in class?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Zac

Zac wins it and gets crowned the King.

20. What was the name of Kimble's son?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Alex

Kimble says his name at one time in the movie.

21. What name does Phoebe give herself at dinner with Joyce and Dominic?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Ursula

She calls herself Ursula, Kimble's sister to cover up the fact that they are cops.

22. What is Phoebe's fiancee's name?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Henry

Henry is a chef and cooks for Phoebe, so they are a good match.

23. What does Kimble say he is looking for when Dominic catches him snooping in the wardrobes at his house?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Dining Room

Luckily for Kimble it is Dominic that catches him and not Joyce because she would have blown his cover.

24. What does Sylvestor's mum donate for the fair?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Shetland pony and bike

Later in the movie we see Dominic riding the pony.

25. What is the final offer Crisp gives to the man for the remote control car track?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: $200

He offers him $200, which is a lot more than what the track was worth. Crisp gets it in the end when he bashes the guy and takes the track.

26. Joyce is an alias. What is Joyce's real name?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Rachael

Joyce's name is really Rachael, Kimble and Phoebe call her Rachael when they reveal to her that they are cops.

27. Finish this quote. 'You're not so tough without ___ ___, ___ ___.'?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: your car are ya & your car are you

Phoebe says this after being hit by a car which Crisp's mum was driving.

28. When Phoebe comes into class with Kimble, what does she talk to the kids about?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Strangers

Never talk to strangers.

29. What does Phoebe hit Crisp's mum with in the end?

From Quiz Kindergarten Cop

Answer: Baseball bat

She gets revenge on the old witch for hitting her with the car.

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