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4 Kingpin quizzes and 45 Kingpin trivia questions.
  Easy Kingpin Trivia    
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I've only really done 'serious' movie quizzes on funtrivia, so I decided to make a quiz on a not so serious movie. Have fun taking this quiz and I hope you enjoy it! I'd also love to hear any comments you might have on it. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, stephbels1, May 12 06
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  Kingpin: 10 Questions    
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What's up? This is my quiz on 'Kingpin', starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. Good luck and enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, Z28StreetRacer, Jun 10 03
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  Test yourself! Kingpin Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
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Here are some general questions about the 1996 film "Kingpin," directed by the Farrelly Brothers.
Average, 10 Qns, EricVG16, May 06 11
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  Multiple Choice Quiz about Kingpin    
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Enjoy the quiz.
Tough, 15 Qns, jessesky1969, Sep 09 06
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trivia question Quick Question
What band plays at the very end at the Amish get together?

From Quiz "Kingpin"

Kingpin Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the fictional Iowa town where Roy grew up?

From Quiz

Answer: Ocelot

The opening credits include a caption that says "Ocelot, Iowa." Additionally, while looking for Ish, Roy and Claudia see a road sign with the name "Ocelot" on it. Roy had grown so ashamed of his past, he couldn't face his father.

2. How much money did Roy win in the Odor Eaters Tournament?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: $1500

Roy was playing against Mr. McCracken (Bill Murray) and won a check for $1,500.00.

3. Roy Munson was from:

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Ocelot, Iowa

Gnaw Bone, Soddy Daisy, and Knob Lick are actual names of towns.

4. What brothers directed this comedy?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Farrelly brothers

Brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly directed this along with "There's Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber"!

5. Who is the sponsor for the first bowling tournament that Roy wins?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Odor Eaters

Roy is given a novelty check saying that he won the 1979 Odor Eaters Classic, which eventually sets up his meetings with Ernie McCracken.

6. What was the amount of money Roy won during his first professional tournament?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: $1,500

7. Where is the bowling tournament that Ishmael and Roy go to?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Reno

The Reno Open is the bowling tournament Roy and Ishmael go to!

8. What Pennsylvania city does Roy live in at the beginning of the film?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Scranton

The titles introduce Roy as living in Scranton, with several hypochondriac neighbors and an irritable landlady. He longs to escape, but is constantly behind on his rent.

9. At the very beginning, how many pins did Roy knock over after bowling one for the crowd?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: 9

It does appear that Roy is knocking down all ten pins, but if you look closely before the pins get knocked down you can see only 9 pins standing. Kind of a little blooper in the film.

10. Who was the sponsor of the tournament Roy won?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Odor-Eaters

11. What is the color of Roy's bowling ball?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Gold

Roy's bowling ball is gold and sparkly, probably because it was made in the 70s!

12. What do Roy and Ish pretend to sell when trying to hustle players?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Dictionaries

One of the owners of a bowling alley asks them, "So you two are dictionary salesmen?" Roy replies, "You would be punctilious in assuming that." Ish seems a little naive to the whole scheme.

13. What did Stanley call Roy after he decided he didn't want to play for money?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: A Hustler

Roy didn't want to play for money because he didn't have enough. All he had was a hundred dollar bill wrapped in "Monopoly money".

14. What was the name of Roy's landlord?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Mrs. Dumars

15. What flower is inside Big Ern's bowling ball?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Rose

A rose is inside Ern's 'obviously custom made' bowling ball!

16. Which Major League Baseball player makes a cameo appearance?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens plays Skidmark, a man who punches out Ish after Ish danced with his wife. To keep up appearances, Roy gives Skidmark a high five, and has a beer with Skidmark and his friends.

17. What kind of car did Stanley have?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Porsche

He had a red Porshe.

18. What was the name of the bowling alley where Roy discovered Ishmael?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Lancaster Bowl

19. Which hand is Roy's 'bad' hand?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Right

Roy's right hand was mutilated in a terrible 'accident'.

20. What drink does the fake robber have thrown in his face?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Coffee

The robber (played by Willie Garson) assaults Roy's landlady, and Roy saves her by throwing coffee in his face. However, it was a set-up conceived by Roy to get an extension on the rent. When the landlady finds out, Roy throws hot coffee in the face of the would-be robber - again.

21. What was the name of Stanley's girlfriend?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Claudia

Claudia was played by Vanessa Angel. She also starred in the 'Weird Science' television series.

22. When Roy portrayed himself as Brother Hezekiah Munson, which Munsons did he say he was from?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: The Ohio Munsons

23. What is the name of the place that Roy tries to abandon Claudia at?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Jolly Jumper

In the parking lot of the Jolly Jumper, Claudia kicked some Munson butt!

24. When Roy loses his hand during one match, what does he ask for from his opponent?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: A Phillips head screwdriver

Roy's hand becomes dislodged during one match, and he turns to his opponent and says, "You wouldn't happen to have a Phillips head screwdriver, would you?" When the ball returns with Roy's hand still lodged in it, he says, "Never mind."

25. Where was the big Tournament being held that Roy, Ishmael, and Claudia were heading to?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Reno, Nevada

Roy wanted money because he was flat broke and he knew he could win with Ishmael. Ishmael wanted the money to save his family's land.

26. What animal was engraved on Roy's gold bowling ball?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Rhinoceros

27. Why did the watch Roy's father gave to him never work?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: It had to be wound

Claudia wound Roy's watch, 'fixing' it for him!

28. Which real-life bowler does Roy beat to reach the finals?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Mark Roth

It shows that Roy is facing Roth in the semifinals to face Ernie McCracken, also called "Big Ern." Roth, a real professional bowler, loses to Roy.

29. How much was the prize money at the Reno Tournament?

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: $1,000,000

'1 ball, 1 strike, 1 million dollars', That's what it came down to with Big Ern (Ernie McCracken) to win the championship.

30. Roy's landlady said she hadn't had a man since:

From Quiz Kingpin

Answer: Daddy died.

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