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4 The Haunting quizzes and 40 The Haunting trivia questions.
  Stop "Haunting" Me!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This movie is one of my new favorites. It's a very interesting movie. Hope y'all like it!
Easier, 10 Qns, litahardy21, Feb 11 05
2047 plays
  A Very 'Haunting' Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
My quiz is on one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen. This quiz contains spoilers.
Average, 10 Qns, gracem86, Feb 11 05
1575 plays
  "The Haunting" (1963)    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is a short quiz about one of the best and most suspenseful horror films of all time.
Tough, 10 Qns, evilbish, Apr 14 06
691 plays
  The Haunting    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about one of the best and most sophisticated scary movies!
Tough, 10 Qns, Buddydog, Feb 11 05
2396 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What is the message on the wall?

From Quiz ""The Haunting" (1963)"

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The Haunting Trivia Questions

1. Nell's sister, husband and son visit her at her apartment. What does their son do to upset Nell?

From Quiz
Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: Bangs on the wall with her mother's walker

Richie picks up the walker and bangs on the wall. He says "Eleanor, help me! I have to pee!" In this scene, Nell's sister and husband tell Nell that she has lost her apartment because of her mother's will.

2. What is the name of the house?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: Hill House

The house was built by Hugh Crain for his wife, Renee. They wanted to have children. Unfortunately, Renee was unable to have any children, so Hugh Crain, who kept children working in sweatshops, took several of the children from the sweatshops to live in the house. Crain was cruel to the children, and this later drove Renee to commit suicide.

3. Where did Nell see the ad for the insomnia study?

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Newspaper

Nell got a mysterious call telling her to look in the newspaper for the ad.

4. When we first meet Luke, what does he say?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: What's wrong? Too much Vermouth?

Nell and Theo freeze after hearing a strange noise approaching, when Luke walks in stirring martinis in a jug! This is the strange noise they heard. He later explains how he 'majored' in martinis at college. This comment shows that Luke is the fun character and he doesn't take the scientific experiment seriously.

5. During dinner, Dr. Marrow talks about what we need in life (the basics). They are food, water, & shelter. What was Theo's reply?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: Sex

In the VHS version, this scene was longer than the televised version. They are eating dinner and talking about their sleep habits.

6. What is Eleanor's nickname?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: Nell

Eleanor was called that by her sister. Upon meeting Nell, Theo and Luke also called her that. Dr. Marrow referred to her as "Eleanor".

7. Nell's last name is:

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Vance

This is only mentioned three times in the movie.

8. What is Eleanor's journey?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: Boston to Hill House

Eleanor lives in Boston with her sister and brother-in-law when she gets invited to Hill House to do a scientific study of the paranormal. The story is set in New England but is filmed in England. When Eleanor comes out of the parking lot in Boston, we can clearly see two English Bobbies through the rear window.

9. Mary and Todd leave early because something happened to Mary. What happened to Mary?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: She got hit in the face with a harpsichord string

She almost lost her eye in that scene. She lost some blood and got a nasty gash on her face for her troubles. This happened after Dr. Marrow told the first part of the story.

10. Whose last name is never mentioned in the movie?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: Theo's

David's last name (Marrow) was mentioned many times in the movie. Nell's last name (Vance) was mentioned at least three times. Luke's last name (Sanderson) was mentioned at least twice. Theo was the only house guest whose last name wasn't mentioned.

11. What was the name of the textile mill Nell saw in the ledger in the study?

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Concord

This was on the first page of the ledger when Nell brushed the dust off of it.

12. What are Luke and Dr. Markway chasing outside that separates them from Nell and Theo?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: A dog

They think they hear a dog go past their bedroom and chase it outside, then the banging on the door starts in Nell and Theo's room. The 'dog' noise is created by Hill House and is intended to separate Luke and Dr. Markway from Nell and Theo.

13. How are Hugh Crain and Nell related?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: Crain is her grandfather

Crain's second wife was Nell's great-grandmother, so in reality, he would be Nell's great-grandfather.

14. For how long did Nell care for her mother?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: 11 years

On the first night at the house, Nell mentioned to the others that ever since she was young, it was her job to care for her sickly mother. When Mrs. Vance was alive, she would bang on the wall with her cane in order to wake Nell up at night. After Mrs. Vance died, Nell would awaken at night, reflexively, because of her mother's incessant nightly banging. Nell was at the house because of this habit. She was hoping Dr. Marrow would help her kick the habit and sleep soundly.

15. The name of Hugh Crane's first wife was:

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Renee & Rene

This was the wife that hanged herself in the greenhouse.

16. What does Mrs. Sanderson recommend that we never do with Luke?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: play gin with him

Dr. Markway obtains the keys of Hill House from the present owner Mrs. Sanderson, so he can undertake his experiment into the paranormal. She mentions that Luke is going because one day he hopes to inherit the house. Then she warns him about Luke's card playing talent. Dr. Markway thinks he might have natural ESP abilities.

17. Hugh Crain wanted the house to be filled with the voices of children. Since his wife couldn't have children, where did they come from?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: The mills

The children were about 10-12 years of age. He killed them and hid them in the fireplace. He wouldn't let them go.

18. What kind of flowers did Nell see in the greenhouse?

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Violets

Nell said someone must have died there because there were violets.

19. Who plays Dudley the caretaker?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: Valentine Dyall

Valentine Dyall plays the hostile country caretaker and he only appears in the one scene near the beginning to let Nell in through the gates. Nell says that she's going to 'report' his threatening behaviour. Nelson Gidding wrote the screenplay, Richard Johnson plays Dr.Markway and Claude Jones is the parking lot attendant.

20. Who shows Nell that the children are trapped in the fireplace?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: Carolyn Crain

She shows Nell through a series of pictures. It's like a flipbook. Plus, there's a voice saying "Nell, the fireplace, Nell."

21. What children's show character/characters scare Luke?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: The Teletubbies

Luke had mentioned this to Nell while he was looking at the carvings by the fireplace.

22. What city were Theo's boots made in?

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Milan

'Prada, Milan not New York. But they're killing me. Small price to pay for such savage kicks.'

23. Luke is going to inherit Hill House from his aunt. What does he say his plans for the house are?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: To turn it into a nightclub

He thinks Hill House is prime real estate and one of the acts for the nightclub would be a line of beautiful chorus girls dancing down the spiral staircase. This is when we find out about the fragility of the staircase. Luke mimics the dancing girls and the staircase begins to shake.

24. In one scene, Nell is taking some tests. After Luke leaves, she sees something in the fireplace. What does she see?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: The chimney flue

It scared the crap out of her. However, she denies that she saw the chimney flue. But that's what it had to be.

25. _____________ plays the part of Nell.

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Lily Taylor & Lili Taylor & Taylor

She was also in 'I Shot Andy Warhol', 'Mystic Pizza' and 'Say Anything' among many others.

26. What is the message on the wall?

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: Help, Eleanor come home

Luke finds the writing on the wall in the hallway. Nell gets scared that the house knows her name, then she thinks one of the other people in the house might have written it just to play with her.

27. The only bedrooms shown in the movie are Theo's and Nell's. What does Nell say that they share?

From Quiz Stop "Haunting" Me!

Answer: a bathroom

They don't show the bathroom much in the film. But they do show quite a bit of Nell's room and Theo's room. In fact, Luke complains about how he got screwed on the room situation. Luke's room is the only one not shown. We see only a tiny portion of Dr. Marrow's room.

28. What book was Luke reading during the first night in the house?

From Quiz A Very 'Haunting' Quiz

Answer: Power Sleep

While reading, he was popping Pez candy into his mouth. Soon after, he came to Nell's and Theo's aid during their first ghostly experience.

29. What was written on the painting in blood?

From Quiz The Haunting

Answer: Welcome Home Eleanor

After the blood was removed, Hugh Cranes face looked like a skeleton.

30. Name the instrument that plays itself.

From Quiz "The Haunting" (1963)

Answer: A harp

The harp in the music room occasionally 'hums' or 'vibrates' all by itself. This is one of the many phenomena in Hill House that the group are studying.

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