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  You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"    
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"The Hurt Locker", winner of Best Picture at the 82nd Academy Awards, is the best movie I have ever seen. The title of this quiz is its tagline. These questions are only for people who have seen the movie, if you have, this should be easy. Enjoy!
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  The Hurt Locker    
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This quiz is about the Oscar-winning movie "The Hurt Locker" directed by Kathryn Bigelow. [CONTAINS SPOILERS.]
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The Hurt Locker Trivia Questions

1. "The Hurt Locker" follows three soldiers in the Iraq War that are part of the EOD team. EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance ___.

From Quiz
The Hurt Locker

Answer: Disposal

Sergeant James, Sergeant Sanborn and Specialist Eldridge make up the bomb squad in this film. Srg. James is played by Jeremy Renner, Srg. Sanborn is played by Anthony Mackie and Specialist Eldridge is played by Brian Geraghty. The EOD team in this movie is in charge of disarming bombs or checking out areas with mysterious wires (to ensure safety.) Srg. James, being team leader, wears the bomb suit and goes up close to the bombs to disarm them while Srg. Sanborn and Spc. Eldridge stand guard and make sure no one hostile is going to hurt Srg. James (or themselves.)

2. The movie opened with a quote. Who does the quote come from?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: Chris Hedges

The quotation was, "The rush of battle is a potent and often lethal addiction, for war is a drug." The quote was the first image in the movie, and was on a black background. The rest of the text then faded out, leaving only "war is a drug" on the screen. The quote comes from Chris Hedges's non-fiction book "War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning". Chris Hedges used to be a war correspondent. The book was published in 2002.

3. At the beginning of the movie, there is an amazing quote by Chris Hedges. Finish the quote. "The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for ___."

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: war is a drug

This beginning quote is from the book "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning" by Chris Hedges, and ties the whole movie together. This quote especially stands true for the main character of Srg. William James. He is addicted to adrenaline throughout the film and even after he is sent home, he confesses to his infant son that the only thing he truly loves is being a soldier.

4. When Sergeant James enters his new team, what does Sanborn tell him the new camp's name is?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Victory

The EOD team needed a new team leader because the original leader of Srg. Sanborn's team was killed when a bomb exploded. Srg. James is to take his place as team leader. Srg. Sanborn meets Srg. James in his room, in which he was playing loud rock music, and welcomes him to Camp Victory. Srg. James asks, "I thought this was Camp Liberty?" Then Sanborn replies, "Oh, they changed that a week ago. Victory sounds better."

5. After Thompson deployed the bomb defuser he started to walk back to Eldridge and Sanborn. Eldridge then noticed a man holding a phone in a shop and started running at him, yelling, "Put your phone down!" What kind of shop was the man standing in?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: butcher shop

After Eldridge started running Thompson asked, through his radio connection, "Why is Eldridge running?" very nervously. Sanborn then joined Eldridge in running at the man. Before the two could get very close to him, the man pressed a button on his phone, and the bomb detonated. The bomb was shown exploding in slow-motion, and although Thompson was not engulfed by the smoke, he was knocked down and killed.

6. Finish the quote by Sergeant William James. "If I'm gonna die, I want to die ___."

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: comfortable

While taking off the protective bomb suit, Srg. James says this after he notices the large amount of bombs in the back of a trunk at the UN building. He believes if the bomb goes off, with or without the suit, he will be killed. So, in turn, he disregards the bomb suit entirely to disarm the bomb comfortably.

7. According to Sanborn, why does he punch Sergeant James in the face after the call at the UN building?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: James took off his headset

While at the UN building, Srg. James listens to Srg. Sanborn and Spc. Elridge through a radio headset. Srg. Sanborn keeps telling Srg. James to hurry up and that they need to leave as soon as possible. Srg. James gets irritated and takes off his headset. Srg. Sanborn is mad because they are a team and should be working together. He punches Srg. James, and then warns him, "Never take off your headset."

8. After the first mission with James leading the EOD team, James befriended a young boy named Beckham. What did James buy from him?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: dvds

James met Beckham at the base, Camp Victory, where Beckham was selling DVDs to the soldiers, along with a much older partner. When James asked to see what he had, Beckham took a liking to him. Beckham presumably had been unsuccessful that day, as he kept rolling off expletives at the soldiers. Beckham swearing so much probably explained why Beckham liked James. Beckham said James wasn't like the other soldiers. James bought three DVDs for $15.00.

9. Who has a box under his bed full of stuff that almost killed him?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Sergeant William James

After completing a mission and they are back on base, Sanborn finds possessions under James's bed. They dig through his box and find components to bombs that Srg. James has disarmed. Srg. James reveals to his other teammates that he thinks it's interesting to hold something in his hands that almost killed him.

10. When the EOD team and others were called to the United Nations Building in Baghdad, James found a big load of bombs in a car. Where exactly did he find it?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: the trunk

When the unit was called there an Iraqi guard said that there was a car parked illegally and the building was being evacuated. James went over to investigate, but a shot was fired from a distance at the car and it burst into flames. The blaze was put out with fire extinguishers, and James went to the car to investigate. After finding the many bombs he began to take off his bombsuit, and said to Eldridge, "If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die confortable."

11. Name the Iraqi kid that sold DVDs and later befriends Sergeant James.

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Beckham

Srg. James becomes friends with a kid named Beckham, who happens to be a soccer player. Srg. James buys a couple of DVDs from him, jokes around with him, and even plays soccer with him. Later in the movie, Srg. James believes Beckham was used as a body bomb and he was clearly upset to have lost Beckham. Later we find out it wasn't Beckham at all.

12. Who is accidentally shot in the leg during a mission?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Specialist Owen Eldridge

Srg. James orders the EOD team to pursue three people responsible for a recent supposed "suicide" explosion. The three soldiers split up, and unfortunately, being dark outside, Eldridge, the youngest and less experienced soldier, is accidentally shot by Srg. James. Throughout the movie, Spc. Eldridge is constantly thinking about how Iraq can be deadly and that makes him scared. He is scared to die, and when he is shot (only in the leg), he panics. Thankfully, he lives.

13. In the desert, the EOD team comes across a private military company. That team was stuck in the desert because they used up their... what?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Wrench

The private team had a flat tire and asked for help. Srg. James asks if they have a spare. The team's leader says, "Well, we have spares, but we used up our wrench." Srg. James asks, "How do you use up a wrench?" The team leader responds, "Well, the uh, guy over there with the red thing on his head, he threw it at someone."

14. Who says, "You know these detonators misfire all the time," with the detonator in his hands as another teammate approaches an unexploded bomb to get his gloves?

From Quiz The Hurt Locker

Answer: Sergeant JT Sanborn

The three soldiers are shown testing bombs in the middle of the desert. Spc. Eldridge was about to detonate another bomb when Srg. James interrupts and tells them he forgot his gloves and needs to go and retrieve them. As Srg. James leaves to obtain his gloves down by the bomb area, Srg. Sanborn picks up the detonator, wanting to kill Srg. James and blame it on a supposed misfire.

15. While the EOD team raided a warehouse for bombs, James made a shocking discovery. James found the body of a boy who had been killed and surgically implanted with a bomb. James removed the bomb from what part of the boy's body?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: his abdomen

James discovered the body of a boy who had been surgically implanted with a bomb in his abdomen, and was certain it was Beckham, although Eldridge and Sanborn weren't. He removed the bomb and carried the body outside to a group of Iraqis. He gave them the body and walked to their vehicle where Sanborn and Eldridge were. He got in, then a bomb exploded, killing Lieutenant Colonel John Cambridge, Camp Victory's head psychiatrist, who was talking to the Iraqis. Eldridge had a hard time dealing with it and tried to find Cambridge. James had to calm him down and explain that he was dead.

16. James forced Beckham's partner to drive him to Beckham's house after James found what he thought was Beckham's body in a warehouse. He entered the house and talked to a man named Professor Nabil. Why did James leave?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: A woman kicked him and forced him out

James was suspicious about Beckham's partner, and when he got into his car to leave where he was selling DVDs he pulled his gun on him, and told him to drive. The man drove James to what James thought was Beckham's house. James told the man, "Wait here." James got out and hopped the wall around the house, then the man drove off. He entered and found Professor Nabil in the kitchen. James had his gun pointed at Nabil and asked him, "Do you speak English?" Nabil replied, "English, French, Arabic. I am Professor Nabil, this is my home." Nabil tried to move forward at James, but James said sternly for him to stay where he was. James asked him, "Tell me what you know about Beckham." Nabil did not give him an answer, and mistook him for a CIA agent. Nabil asked, "You are CIA? I am very pleased to see CIA in my home. Please sit." James said, rather sadly, "I'm just looking for the people responsible, for Beckham." At that point, a woman entered, yelled in Arabic and kicked James. James then fled the house and went back to Camp Victory.

17. The very same night James encountered Nabil, the EOD team pursued bomb makers around the streets of Baghdad after a bomb went off. James accidentally shot Eldridge in what part of his body?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: his leg

After a suicide bomb went off, the EOD team looked down at the damage and Sanborn said that they would never find a body in the wreckage. James suggested, "What if there was no body?" James went on to say that behind where they were standing was the perfect place to watch the bomb go off. He went on to say, "There are people laughing at this! And I'm not okay with that!" The three had turned and James had turned his flashlight on. Sanborn asked, "You want to go out there?" James replied, "Yes I do." After some objections the three went searching, and when Eldridge was being kidnapped James shot and killed his kidnappers. Eldridge was shot in the leg, and in one of the next scenes Eldridge was being airlifted out of Baghdad for medical treatment. Eldridge said that his femur was shattered and the doctor said he'd be fine in six months. Eldridge blamed James for his injury and sarcastically said, "Thanks for saving my life!" He kept rolling off expletives at James, but was good with Sanborn.

18. With two days left in Bravo Company's rotation, Sanborn, James, and others were called to help a man who had a bomb strapped to his chest. How did the EOD team's translator describe the man?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: A family man

When James came to the site the man was standing in an open area in the city. The man did not speak English, and an Arabic translator interpreted for the soldiers. Sanborn explained that the man walked up to their checkpoint, said he had a bomb strapped to his chest and started begging them to take it off of him. Their translator told James throughout the mission that the man had four children and a wife, and he just wanted help. Their translator also said that the bomb was forced on the man. James put on a bombsuit after the man opened his vest, revealing the bomb. James then pulled the gun on him and told the translator to tell the man to put his hands behind his back, which the man did, eventually. James attempted to take the bomb off the man, but was not successful, and before he left the man, he told him, "I'm sorry," which the man did not understand. Then James started to run back to the barriers set up and yelled, "Everybody get down!" The bomb exploded and the man was killed, but no one else was seriously hurt.

19. After James left Iraq he was shown playing with what with his son?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: Jack-in-the-box

James had married his girlfriend after she got pregnant. He was playing with a Jack-in-the-box with his son at home. James said to his son that, being young, he liked a lot of things. He went on to say that when his son was older, he might realize the Jack-in-the-box was just metal. He continued, "The older you get the fewer things you really love. By the time you're my age you maybe like, one or two things." He admitted to his son that there was only one thing he truly loved.

20. "The Hurt Locker" ended very provocatively. In the last scene of the movie, James was back in Iraq with what company?

From Quiz You'll Know When You're In It: "The Hurt Locker"

Answer: Delta Company

In the last scene of the movie James walked out of the plane taking him back to Iraq. He shook hands with one of the soldiers there, and the soldier said to him, "Welcome to Delta Company." He said thank you. The last image of the movie was James walking down a road with his bombsuit on, and the words: 'Days Left in Delta Company's Rotation: 365' displayed.

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