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Fun Trivia
4 Sling Blade quizzes and 50 Sling Blade trivia questions.
  "Sling Blade" #1   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I'd like to taste some of those french fried potatoes from the Frostee Creme. I don't know about the mustard though.
Average, 15 Qns, mariannafunk, Nov 22 15
3872 plays
  "Sling Blade" #2   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
I really enjoyed the movie "Sling Blade", so I created another quiz on this movie. Please enjoy the second part of "Sling Blade".
Average, 15 Qns, mariannafunk, Mar 13 09
2318 plays
  "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some people say that "Sling Blade" is a very predictable movie. It probably is, but it is also a moving and touching story.
Easier, 10 Qns, dmbfanatic, May 26 08
2655 plays
  Who Played Me in "Sling Blade"?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the film, "Sling Blade", and you tell me who played him or her. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Jul 22 11
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trivia question Quick Question
Linda told Karl that I was voted employee of the month. Who played me?

From Quiz "Who Played Me in "Sling Blade"?"

Sling Blade Trivia Questions

1. Karl meets Doyle Hargraves, who is played by Dwight Yoakam, for the first time. Doyle is Linda's boyfriend. Then, Karl and Frank go into the garage. What does Karl offer Frank to eat at this time?

From Quiz
"Sling Blade" #2

Answer: Soda crackers and potted meat

Frank is not sure if he likes potted meat and thinks that it smells kinda' funny. Karl replies that, "It's a little loud."

2. What is Karl (Billy Bob Thornton) doing when you first see him?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Looking out a window.

Karl is in a state mental hospital for killing his mother and her lover. He is quietly sitting by a window in a large room with other patients. One of the patients, who is a sexual psychopath, drags a chair across the floor to come over and talk to Karl. He tells Karl some gruesome stories about his criminal activities.

3. What actor wrote, directed, and starred in "Sling Blade"?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Billy Bob Thornton & Thornton

"Sling Blade" is actually an expansion of the short film Billy Bob Thornton created entitled "Some Folks Call It A Sling Blade".

4. Two students come to interview Karl about his release. What are they not allowed to do?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Take his picture.

Karl was teased so much growing up and has such low self-esteem. He also doesn't want anyone to know who he is or what he did. Jerry Woolridge, the state hospital director, said that Karl wouldn't even let them take his picture for the Easter collage.

5. What was the name of the main character in the movie?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Karl Childers

Karl was abused and neglected as a child. He was forced to live in a hole in his family's garage.

6. How did Frank's father die?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: He shot himself.

Frank told Karl initially that his dad was hit by a train. Frank said that his father killed himself, because he couldn't take care of himself and his mother.

7. When Karl was growing up, where did he sleep most of the time?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: In a hole in the ground, in a shed behind his parent's house.

His parents were poor and ignorant.They believed that Karl was not normal, therefore not worthy of being a regular member of the family. He was placed in a shed in the back of his house. The only place he had to sleep was in a hole in the ground with a quilt. He was teased in school so much, that instead of going to school he just sat in the shed and tinkered with lawn mowers and small engines.

8. For what crime was the main character institutionalized?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Murder

When Karl was 12, he murdered his mother and her lover in a fit of rage. At the time of his release, Karl had been institutionalized for 25 years.

9. Karl killed me. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Sling Blade"?

Answer: Dwight Yoakum

Yoakum landed the role of Doyle Hargraves. Doyle sat down to dinner one night with Linda and Frank and stated he wanted to throw a party to get his friends to meet Karl as well as to simply hang out with them. Linda feared Doyle's friends potentially ostracizing Karl due to his being mentally handicapped but Doyle insisted Karl would be okay at the party. Doyle got help from Frank and Linda in organizing the party with the gala involving numerous friends playing music on their guitars. After Linda kicked Doyle out the night of the party, he went to visit her, Frank and Karl a little later to apologize for his tirade. Linda reconciled with Doyle, leaving Karl feeling scared for both her and Frank's safety. In Doyle's final scene, Karl was alone with him when he took out a lawnmower blade to use to murder Doyle. Yoakum portrayed characters in the films, "Red Rock West", "Wedding Crashers" and "Panic Room".

10. When Vaughan played by John Ritter, takes Karl to lunch at the Frostee Creme, Vaughan tells Karl that he thinks he is in deep thought. What does Karl want to talk about?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: French fries

Vaughan tries to have a heart-to-heart conversation about his life in parallel to Karl's life; how he is feeling and wanting to share thoughts with Karl.

11. What did Karl's mother make for him for supper, three or four times a week?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Mustard and biscuits.

He waited for his mother to bring him some mustard and biscuits the night he killed her and her lover. He heard a noise and went up to the house to find his mother and get his supper. A man (Jesse Dixon) was on top of his mother, having his way with her. Jesse always teased Karl in school. He picked up a kaiser or sling blade (used for cutting weeds) and hit Jesse on the head and killed him. His mother was upset. Carl guessed that his mother didn't mind Jesse being there, so Carl killed her too.

12. What country music star played the role of Doyle Hargraves?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam stars as the abusive boyfriend of the mother of Frank, the young boy Karl befriends.

13. What two things make Doyle feel sick?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: Antique furniture and midgets

Also, Doyle doesn't like Frank because he thinks that he's a weak little kid. He doesn't like Vaughan because he's gay. He doesn't like Karl because he's retarded! This is a very immoral and unpleasant character.

14. What does Karl call a kaiser blade?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: a sling blade

Karl is very familiar with blades and knows how to sharpen them. When he talks about the story of killing his mother and Jesse, and his weapon of choice, he says, "Some people call it a kaiser blade. I call it a sling blade."

15. The main character had what type of affliction?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: He was mentally challenged.

Karl was mentally challenged, but he was very highly functioning. He read lots of books. Actually, Karl could have had autism, but most information in the story indicates that he was mentally challenged.

16. How long did it take Karl to read the Bible in the state hospital?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Four years

He didn't understand parts of The Bible, but it was admirable of him to try, especially with his impairments.

17. What star from the TV series "Three's Company" also appears in this movie?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: John Ritter & Ritter

John Ritter stars as Vaughn Cunningham, the gay manager of a dollar store in town.

18. When the reporter ask, "Will you ever kill anybody again, Carl?" What was Karl's reply?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: "I don't reckon' I got no reason to kill nobody."

Karl has been told that he has served his time and is being released, because the authorities do not believe that he is a threat to society.

19. Although Karl has more than three books in his possession, there are three he mentions the most. What are they?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: "The Bible", a book about Christmas, and a book about carpentry.

Karl's book about Christmas is actually "A Christmas Carol". This is talked about later in the movie when Frank borrows it. The audience does not find out what the other books are. There looks to be 6-8.

20. The main character in this movie had a unique ability to repair what type of equipment?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Lawn Mowers

Karl was very good at repairing lawn mowers. In one humorous scene, his coworker cannot figure out why a mower won't start even though nothing appears to be wrong. Karl walks over to the mower, looks in the gas tank, and discovers it is out of gas. Funny!

21. Karl walks into Linda's bedroom in the middle of the night, and tells Linda he wants to get baptized. What is Karl holding in his hand?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: Hammer

Doyle is very upset by Karl waking them up in the middle of the night with a hammer in his hand.

22. Karl goes to the Frostee Creme. He decides on french fries. The server asks him if he wants a small or a large. What does Karl say?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: "I'll have me some of the biggins.'"

Karl loves the french fries with mustard. When he is first talking to his new boss, Bill Cox and his assistant, Scooter, he tells Karl that they make a good double meat burger.

23. What condiment did the main character in "Sling Blade" like to eat on his french fries?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: Mustard

Actually, Karl liked mustard on biscuits, as well as on "french fried potaters".

24. Linda told Karl that I was voted employee of the month. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "Sling Blade"?

Answer: Christine Renee Ward

Ward portrayed Melinda in "Sling Blade". Karl went to the store where Linda worked and met an employee there named Melinda. Linda mentioned to Karl that Melinda had been named the store's best employee one month so Melinda attributed the honor as loving to price items. There was a scene midway through the movie where Melinda and several others ate dinner at Linda's home. Vaughan asked Melinda and the others not to mention Albert was there as people would suspect he was gay. Melinda informed Vaughan everybody knew that he and Albert were a couple while telling him a woman at the local First Baptist Church explained his no longer being welcome there. Ward was seen in the movies, "Cabin Fever" (2002) and "Come Early Morning".

25. Karl goes to his father's house, he finds his father sitting in a chair surrounded by filth and trash. Who plays Karl's father?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: Robert Duvall

What a weird scene this is. He sees the hole in the ground in the shed where he slept, and his filthy old house. His father immediately telling him, "I got no boy." Karl tells him he would cut the grass for him, but his father rejects him, and just sits there babbling.

26. Karl sits outside the Econowash and eats his first order of fries. He sees a boy trying to carry out bags of laundry. What is the boy's name, what does Karl call 'laundry', and how many bags of laundry are there?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Frank, wash, 4

Frank and Karl immediately make a connection. Great chemistry between these two characters.

27. Why does the main character of the movie end up being returned to the institution?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" - A Slice of Trivia

Answer: He murdered again.

To protect Frank and his mother from Doyle's abuse, Karl murders Doyle with a lawn mower blade.

28. After Karl is baptized, Frank, Linda and Karl come back to Linda's house. Doyle is sitting in a chair in the living room. He tells Linda he wants some chicken. Linda leaves to go get it. What do Frank and Karl do?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #2

Answer: They stay at the house and get lectured by Doyle.

Unfortunately, the plot really turns here. Big mistake for Doyle to put his hands on Frank and tell Karl to leave.

29. Where does Frank's mother Linda work?

From Quiz "Sling Blade" #1

Answer: Hootchie's Dollar Store

Linda's quick decision to invite Karl to live behind her house is so sudden, that I almost wished Karl would have stayed at the lawn mower repair shop.

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