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Fun Trivia
This 1959 comedy stars Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe, and was co-written and directed by Billy Wilder. It won an Oscar and three Golden Globes.
5 quizzes and 65 trivia questions.
  Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you remember about this classic comedy? Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are two musicians on the run from the mob, who disguise themselves as members of an all girls' band.
Average, 10 Qns, bridget3, May 27 11
2832 plays
  The Funniest Movie Ever Made    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
The A.F.I. has voted "Some Like It Hot" the funniest movie ever made. This is my homage to Billy Wilder's exceptionally witty and irreverent film. Hope you've paid attention to the little details. Enjoy! :)
Tough, 20 Qns, quaxo, Jan 17 03
2086 plays
  10 Questions about Some Like It Hot    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Some Like It Hot' is one of my favorite classic comedies. Here's some trivia on it.
Average, 10 Qns, HomerSimpson, Jul 24 20
Jul 24 20
2372 plays
  Questions on Some Like It Hot    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This movie is amazing and a classic! I hope everyone enjoys taking this quiz on the funniest movie of all time.
Average, 15 Qns, JennaV, Jun 16 21
Jun 16 21
1540 plays
  "Some Like It Hot" Behind the Scenes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz has questions based on information not necessarily from the movie itself but from behind the scenes facts.
Average, 10 Qns, kirkyt1, Jun 16 21
Jun 16 21
1118 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What incriminating item does Tony Curtis almost forget to remove right before Sugar shows up at the dock?

From Quiz "The Funniest Movie Ever Made"

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Some Like It Hot Trivia Questions

1. The hearse, which is transporting the illegal booze, is racing away from the police. What is the name of the funeral parlor the gang delivers to?

From Quiz
The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Mozzarella's

These are all fine Italian cheeses. Wilder has used this film as a terrific parody of gangster films paying homage to Cagney with a reference to Spats throwing a grapefruit at one of his henchman ala "Public Enemy" (1931), and Raft making fun of himself with the famous coin flipping scene, saying "Where did you pick up that cheap trick". He picked it up in "Scarface" (1932). The full title is "Scarface, Shame of the Nation".

2. What is the front for Spats' nightclub?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: funeral parlour & funeral parlor & funeral home

In the beginning of the movie you see the gangsters with the bootlegged alcohol in a casket.

3. Whose murder do the two guys, Joe and Jerry, witness?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Toothpick Charlie

Toothpick Charlie is a member of Little Bonaparte's gang, and he was killed by Spats Columbo's rival outfit.

4. Who squeals to the cops about the location of Spats Colombo's speakeasy?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Toothpick Charlie

Charlie was played by George E. Stone whose film credits include: "Little Caesar", "The Man With The Golden Arm", "Pocket Full of Miracles" and "Guys and Dolls". Johnny Paradise pops out of the cake. He was played by Edward G. Robinson, Jr. Sig Poliakoff is the agent "Bands for all Occasions", played by Billy Gray. Beinstock is the put upon band manager, who's first name is never said, played by Dave Barry who made a name for himself as a comic in Las Vegas.

5. When the police raid the club, how do Jerry and Joe get away?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: fire escape

6. 'Josephine' is a saxophonist; what instrument does 'Daphne' play?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Double bass

Its bullet holes from the murder that give the guys away.

7. Whose car are the boys borrowing to get to the job in Urbana?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Nellie's

"We're here for a car, Nellie Wymeyer's car." Dolores is the trombone player, played by Beverly Wils. She was the daughter of actress Joan Davis, a great comedian. Olga was the clarinet player, played by Marian Collier. She did a lot of television, but was in "Lethal Weapon II, III & IV". Mary Lou is the trumpet player, played by Laurie Mitchell. She appeared in "That Touch of Mink" and "A New Kind of Love".

8. What instrument does Jerry say he plays?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: bull fiddle

He says it numerous times and it ends up with bullet holes in it.

9. How does the all girls' band leave Chicago?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Train

They go by train, leading to some classic scenes as the 'girls' swap bunks. Also sets up Marilyn Monroe's first appearance as Sugar Kane, dodging the steam from the train.

10. What was the name of the Police Sergeant?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Mulligan

I've seen the film many times and if it weren't for the credits posted on IMDb I never would have known the character had a name. Pat O'Brien played the policeman. He appeared in a T.V. show called "Harrigan and Son" (1960). He appeared in 9 films with James Cagney. Cagney played George M. Cohan. O'Brien also thought about studying for the priesthood, but rejected that for an acting career. He played many priests on film.

11. When Spats' gang hold up Toothpick Charlie in the garage, what gives away Joe and Jerry's hiding place behind the car?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: pump falls out of the gas tank

The gas station attendant had been filling up their car before Spats arrived, but had to line up with the others, leaving the gas pumping in the tank.

12. 'Daphne' ends up dating a millionaire. What is his name?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Osgood

His full name is Osgood Fielding III. He comes complete with yacht, expensive habits and a demanding mother.

13. What is the name of the hotel in Florida?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Seminole Ritz

The hotel was actually the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Pontchartrain is a lake which borders New Orleans. The Algonquin is famous for the "Round Table" of writers and is in New York City. The Iroquois is also a hotel in New York City, located literally down the street from the Algonquin.

14. After the garage incident, who decides to call Poliacoff to join the girls band?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: Joe

Originally, it was Jerry's idea to join the girls band, but after the garage it is Joe who decides to call.

15. Joe pretends to be a millionaire to woo Sugar; what does he claim to be heir to?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Shell Oil

He picks up a shell on the beach, saying his grandfather liked shells so much, he named the company after one.

16. What is the name of the all girl band?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopaters

The International Silver String Submarine Band is from "Mike Fright" a 1934 Our Gang Comedy. I made up the other two.

17. Who decides to call himself Daphne?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: Jerry

At the last minute he changes his name from Geraldine to Daphne.

18. What gift does 'Daphne' get from her suitor, although it ends up with Sugar?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Diamond bracelet

Joe hides them in an orchid for Sugar as a gift when he has to leave her.

19. Sugar rushes past the "boys" on the train platform. Jerry's remark is "Look how she moves," just like?

From Quiz The Funniest Movie Ever Made

Answer: Jell-O on springs

The jelly and jam is an old fashioned expression. Tub of butter refers to Jerry's comment on the train that "We just fell into a tub of butter". Dusenberg was a custom made car of the period, very expensive, sexy and fast. Both Gary Cooper and Clark Gable owned one.

20. What city is Sweet Sue's band traveling to?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: Miami

They went to Miami in the movie, but the scenes in Miami were actually shot in San Diego at the Hotel Del Coronado.

21. The mob turns up at the resort where the 'girls' are playing, at a convention party called the Friends of ________ _______ what?

From Quiz Questions On 'Some Like it Hot'

Answer: Italian Opera

The Chicago cop tailing them says he is there in case any of them decide to sing...

22. What does Jerry do to stop the girls from tickling him in his bunk?

From Quiz Some Like It Hot

Answer: pulls the emergency brake

They tickle him and put ice down his shirt!

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