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3 Stalag 17 quizzes and 40 Stalag 17 trivia questions.
  "Stalag 17" Identities   best quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
"Stalag 17" (1953) is about 600 sergeants (and one misplaced lieutenant) held prisoner in a German camp during WWII. Match each character with the item or attribute that is most fitting.
Tough, 10 Qns, spanishliz, Nov 01 17
spanishliz editor
Nov 01 17
139 plays
  20 Question Stalag 17 Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
A classic '53 film that, unfortunately, had to compete with "From Here To Eternity" for Oscar honors.
Average, 20 Qns, Ben41, Aug 04 18
Aug 04 18
1508 plays
  Stalag 17 Multiple Choice Quiz   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Classic Billy Wilder drama/comedy from 1953, starring William Holden as the cynical J.J Sefton. This is one of my favourite films. Do you remember it?
Average, 10 Qns, greedicus, Sep 03 10
590 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What branch of the German armed forces ran the camp?

From Quiz "Stalag 17"

Stalag 17 Trivia Questions

1. What was the nickname given to the bath house used by the female Russian prisoners?

From Quiz
Stalag 17

Answer: Brick Kremlin

Known to the prisoners as the Brick Kremlin, Animal and Harry even carried out an audacious "gimmick" to get over there and say hello to the women. It almost worked!

2. Who directed this film?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Billy Wilder

He won Best Director Oscars for "The Apartment" and "The Lost Weekend". This was one of his best films.

3. Animal and Harry were known as the barrack's clowns. Hoffy was the barrack's chief, but what was Price's role?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Security

Price, played by Peter Graves, was in fact the German spy in the midst of the real American prisoners. After Sefton took the blame as the traitor, it was finally revealed, by Sefton, that Price was in fact the plant.

4. How did Price pass information to Von Scherbach, the camp Commandant?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Hollow black Queen chess pieces

Sefton secretly observed Price and Schultz changing the chess piece to retrieve information which Schultz would pass to Von Scherbach. As Sefton explained to the rest of the barracks later on, Schultz acted as mail man between Price and Von Scherbach. Price would loop the light cord to indicate he had important information in one of the hollow queens for Schultz to take to the Commandant.

5. What famous actor-director played the part of the camp commander, Oberst Von Sherbach?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Otto Preminger

He was dreaming of a white Christmas, you know, like in the song written by that "little man who stole his name from out capital--Irving Berlin".

6. Who played the part of Price/"Security"?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Peter Graves

His brother, James Arness, not only played Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke" but also played the part of the monster in the original "The Thing" movie.

7. Another one of Sefton's schemes was a racetrack where the runners were mice. What was the name of the winning 'horse' we saw in the race scene?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Schnickelfritz

Poor old Animal would have been a winner, but was persuaded by Harry to bet on Equipoise after Harry told him he had, "...clocked him this morning. He was running like a doll."

8. Robert Strauss played the part of:

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Stanislas "Animal" Kasava

He was heartbroken when he learned that Betty Grable had married Harry James.

9. When Lt. Dunbar and Bagradian arrived at the barracks, the prisoners learnt that Dunbar had blown up a munitions train through Bagradian's brilliant impression of which legendary American actor?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: James Cagney

Bagradian explained, in Cagney style, how it happened. He also did impressions of Clark Gable and Cary Grant, as well as an hilarious impression of Hitler.

10. Harvey Lembeck played the part of:

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Harry "Sugarlips" Shapiro

When dancing with "Animal" at the Christmas party in his Betty Grable get-up, he knew that he was in trouble when Animal started talking drunkingly about his gorgeous legs and his cute, button-nose.

11. What branch of the German armed forces ran the camp?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: The Luftwaffe

The name of the camp was actually Stalag Luft 17. Herman Goering retained some feeling that fellow "Knights of the Sky" should be treated with some degree of chivalry, and Luftwaffe prisoners fared better than those of other services.

12. When the SS arrived to take Lt. Dunbar away, Hoffy devised a plan to snatch him from them. What did the prisoners use as a diversion to snatch Dunbar?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: A smoke grenade

The smoke grenade was created with the use of ping-pong balls given to the prisoners when the Geneva man came to inspect the camp. Originally, Blondie had shown Hoffy that when they were burnt, a thick smoke was given off. He said that they could signal Patton. Hoffy said that they were too far away to signal Patton. But in the end they did come in handy.

13. What were the names of the two prisoners who were killed while attempting to escape at the beginning of the film?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Manfredi and Johnson

The men of Barracks #4 were a little piqued when Sefton bet that they wouldn't make it.

14. What was the nickname of Sefton's go-fer and narrator of the film?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Cookie

His full name was Clarence Harvey Cook, and when Sefton escaped, he inherited Sefton's trunk full of goodies.

15. Which character helped rescue Dunbar from his hiding place, and then escape from the camp?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Sefton

The cynical and selfish Sefton helped Dunbar escape. He had known Dunbar briefly when they had both been at officers school, and knew Dunbar's family was very wealthy. Sefton told the other men that he would probably get some reward money for helping Dunbar escape. A schemer to the end!

16. What was the military rank of all the prisoners (except Dunbar)?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Sergeant

Although it is not mentioned in the film, it is a fact that when the U.S. learned that the Germans treated sergeants better than other enlisted men, all of the enlisted fliers in the Air Corp. were promoted to that rank. Lieutenant Dunbar was not a regular prisoner; he was just passing through.

17. Whenever Marco the Mailman wanted the men to quiet down, what did he say?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: At Ease!

Who can forget his nasally voice?

18. Why did Animal and Shapiro pretend to be painting a white line down a muddy roadway?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: To get into the Russian women's compound to watch them shower.

This was one of the most hilarious scenes of this or any other film. I can still see Animal and Shapiro walking along and whitewashing a line in the mud while an incredulous guard followed along.

19. Feldwebel Schulz had been to the U.S. before the war. What was his job there?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Professional wrestler

Remember? He talked about "Zinzinnati".

20. After his capture, Lieutenant Dunbar blew up an ammunition train using a simple incendiary device fabricated from what common items?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: Cigarette and a matchbook

In the film, the Germans needed to know how he blew up the train before they could charge and execute him for sabotage.

21. What was the visible signal between Price and Schulz that a message was waiting to be picked up?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: A loop in the barracks light cord

When a message was picked up, the loop would be yanked out of the cord. After Sefton was beaten for being an informer and was lying on his bunk, the shadow of the looped cord attracted his attention. And the game was afoot!

22. What items were ground up to make the smoke bomb used to cover the rescue of Dunbar from the Gestapo?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: ping pong balls

The highly improbable source of the ping pong balls? Red Cross packages, of course!

23. What was Sefton's stated reason for volunteering to take Dunbar out of the camp?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: To get a big reward from Dunbar's rich mama

Throwing Price out in the camp yard to create a diversion increased his chances of escape.

24. Where was Dunbar hidden until the escape?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: In the watertower

He remained in the tower in freezing weather with his legs submerged in water during the day and most of the night. Yet he managed, although with some difficulty, to climb down from the tower and escape from the camp. I guess that he never heard of hypothermia!

25. After the escape, Animal speculated that the reason that Sefton volunteered was so that he could "steal our _________". What was the item?

From Quiz Stalag 17

Answer: wirecutters

A fitting end to the film.

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