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2 Stardust quizzes and 25 Stardust trivia questions.
  10 Questions: Stardust Multiple Choice Quiz   best quiz  
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"This summer a star falls. The chase begins." Join me, in this mysterious and exciting adventure of Tristan Thorne, in his adventurous odyssey to search for the fallen star! Have fun and enjoy!
Easier, 10 Qns, Matthew_07, Jul 02 18
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Jul 02 18
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  Stardust Multiple Choice Quiz    
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This is a quiz on the 2007 movie "Stardust" starring Charlie Cox, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes.
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Stardust Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the witch who goes in search of the fallen star?

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Answer: Lamia

Empusa and Mormo are the sisters of Lamia. All three of them want the fallen star but it is Lamia who actually goes off on the search. If the witches successfully capture the star and cut out her heart, while she is still alive, they will able to use it to regain their youth. The Lilim, as they are collectively known, resemble old crones. Before her search, Lamia consumes the remains of a previous captured star's heart which makes her appear young again. However, whenever she uses magic in her search she ages slightly. In the novel, the Lilim do not have names. Sal is another witch character in the film who is better known as Ditchwater Sal. Lamia is played by actress Michelle Pfeiffer, Empusa is played by Sarah Alexander and Mormo is played by Joanna Scanlan.

2. Matthew Vaughn was the director of "Stardust". This movie was based on a novel of the same title. Who was the author of the novel?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman wrote the novel in 1994. The screenplay of this movie was written by the director, Matthew Vaughn, himself together with Jane Goldman. The story itself took 11 days, but the director managed to squeeze it into a two hour film. "Stardust" was released in the USA on 10 August 2007.

3. What is the name of the young man who also goes in search of the fallen star?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Tristan

Tristan, whose name was spelt Tristran in the original novel, is the son of Dunstan Thorne and a slave girl who is later revealed to be Una, the king's long-lost daughter. Dunstan and Una conceive Tristan when Dunstan crosses the wall in to Stromhold to attend a fair which is held there. A slave girl, who belongs to Ditchwater Sal, sells Dunstan a glass flower in exchange for a kiss before leading him. Nine months later baby Tristan is pushed through the gap in the wall. Tristan is played by actor Charlie Cox. His father Dunstan is played by two actors; Ben Barnes plays the young version of the character while Nathaniel Parker plays the older version. Una is played by Kate Magowan.

4. What is the name of the girl Tristan goes in search of the star for?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Victoria

Tristan is desperately in love with Victoria, but his feelings don't seem to be reciprocated. Tristan gives her a list of things he's willing to do for her but when she sees the star falling, she tells him to bring it back for her in time for her birthday. Victoria is played by Sienna Miller.

5. One day, Dunstan crossed the wall to go into the magical realm of Stormhold. He met a princess, who was captured by the witch Ditchwater Sal. What was the name of the princess?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Una

Ditchwater Sal captured Una. Una was the daughter to the King of Stormhold and had seven brothers. She bacame Ditchwater Sal's slave and it was she who gave away the priceless possession, namely the lucky snowdrop flower, to Dunstan in the market.

6. What type of candle is Tristan given to aid him in finding the star?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Babylon Candle

The original candle is wrapped up in a letter which is passed through the gap in the fence in baby Tristan's basket. The candle allows for extremely quick travel. Tristan uses the candle twice in the film. His mother later presents Tristan and his wife another Babylon Candle at the end of the film.

7. Nine months after Dunstan met the beautiful princess, a basket was sent to his house. Apart from the baby, what was wrapped together in the roll of parchment?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: A Babylon candle

The baby was our hero for the story, Tristan Thorne. (NOTE: The character's name is Tristran in the novel, but it was changed to Tristan in the movie.) The Babylon candle was used to travel from one place to another in a split second of time. It was used by witches and warlocks who dealt with dark magics. Somehow, Una managed to steal one from her master. Tristan Throne was played by Charlie Cox, although Alex Pettyfer auditioned for the same role. Meanwhile, the character of Yvaine was initially played by Sarah Michelle Geller, but later she turned it down with the reason that she wanted to spend more time with her husband. Eventually, the role of Yvaine was played by Claire Danes.

8. During the film which is the first of the king's children to die?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Secundus

At the start of the movie, four of the king's seven sons are still living although this is quickly reduced to three after the death of Secundus. The remaining sons are Septimus, Primus and Tertius. However, by the end of the film all seven sons have perished. The king's sons are Septimus played by Mark Strong, Primus played by Jason Flemyng, Secundus played by Rupert Everett, Tertius played by Mark Heap, Quintus played by Adam Buxton, Quartus played by Julian Rhind-Tutt and Sextus played by David Walliams. The king also has a daughter, Una who is the mother of Tristan. It is revealed during the beginning of the film that she is a princess who has been trapped as a slave girl, but it isn't until much later that she is revealed to be the dead king's daughter.

9. What name does Tristan mistakenly call the star?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Yvonne

When he sets out to find the star, Tristan expects some form of rock. Instead he finds a beautiful, spirited young woman. Yvaine is knocked from the sky by the necklace which the dying king threw from his window. This necklace contains a jewel which will only turn back to its correct colour when it is held by the last surviving heir to the throne. Tristan captures Yvaine, determined to take her back to Victoria. However, he does promise to allow her to use the last of the candle to return to the sky, once Victoria has seen her. Yvaine starts out by being resistive and sarcastic towards Tristan but she ends up falling in love with him. Tristan mistakenly calls her Yvonne when he is leading her through the forest and from her reaction she has obviously had to tell him repeatedly that her name is Yvaine. Yvaine is played by Claire Danes.

10. Out of the remaining four princes, who was the last one to die?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Septimus

The seven princes' names were Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus and Septimus (which I found very interesting, and all the ghosts of the dead princes were particularly funny!). Out of these seven princes, Quartus, Quintus and Sextus were already dead. Secundus was tricked and pushed from the window of the castle by Septimus. Next, Tertius died, together with the bishop, after drinking the poisoned wine. Primus was then killed by Lamia in an inn, which was set up magically by Lamia herself, hoping to lure Yvaine into her inn to spend the night, and thus, taking the opportunity to kill her. Septimus remained the last prince alive and he continued his journey to search for the diamond. He was then killed off by the witch, Lamia, during a fight. The bishop was played by Mark Burns, and this movie was his last movie. He died before the film was released.

11. What colour goat does Lamia turn Bernard into?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Ginger

Lamia offers to buy Bernard's white goat from him but Bernard points out to her that the one goat would not be enough to pull her cart. Lamia agrees with this and turns Bernard in to a goat. She later turns him in to a girl whom she tries to pass off as her daughter, while she turns the white goat in to a man whom she pretends is her husband, Billy. She does this when trying to trap the star. Bernard is played by Jake Curran while Girl Bernard is played by Olivia Grant. The role of Billy is played by Mark Williams.

12. What animal does ditchwater Sal turn Tristan into?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Mouse

Ditchwater Sal does this after Tristan hands her the flower which his father has given him. It is this flower which has protected Tristan from coming to any harm. The flower was sold to Tristan's father, by Una, for a single kiss. While Tristan is a mouse, the star proclaims her love for him but she doesn't believe that he has heard. She later discovers that he has. Ditchwater Sal is unaware of the star's presence due to a spell which was cast on her by Lamia. Sal is played by Melanie Hill.

13. What do stars do best, according to the star herself?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Shine

She says this many times during the film but the most crucial is just before the death of Lamia. She takes hold of Tristan and asks him this question - as she holds him she shines more and more brightly because of the love they share. The light she gives off is enough to cause the death of the witch - Lamia literally appears to explode. Tristan asks her why she has not done this before and she tells him 'no star can shine with a broken heart'.

14. Complete the following quote, which was said by Yvaine repeatedly in the movie. One of the scenes where she said this line was towards the end of the movie, when Lamia was killed. "What do stars do? _____."

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Shine

Yvaine asked the same question over and over again to Tristan throughout the film. However, Tristan could not answer the question. He noticed that Yvaine shone more brightly each day. In the end, she answered the question herself, during the battle where Lamia as killed. Well, of course, stars shine! Another quotable quote from this movie is the very first line of the movie told by the narrator: "A philosopher once asked, 'Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?' Pointless, really..." "Do the stars gaze back?" Now THAT'S a question. The last line of the movie, also told by the narrator is meaningful, too. "They ruled for 80 years. But no man can live forever, unless he who possesses the heart of a star, and Yvaine gave him hers entirely." ===== I hope you enjoyed playing this quiz, as much as I enjoyed watching the film. It is a great film. Any feedback or comments are most welcomed. Have a nice day!

15. What is the name of the village where Tristain grew up?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Wall

Wall is said to be a small English town or village. Its name comes from the old rock wall which has a small opening which leads in to Stormhold. The opening is guarded twenty-four hours a day to stop people getting, through although both Dunstan and Tristan manage it. According to the novel, Wall is located a night's drive away from London. Throughout the film Tristan is trying to return to Wall with Yvaine to present her to Victoria. Tristan and Yvaine are however, unaware of the fact that if she crosses the gap she will become molten rock. This very nearly happens, but she is stopped just in time by Una.

16. After 80 years of ruling Stormhold, what do Yvaine and Tristan choose to do?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: To light the Babylon candle

This is revealed at the end of the film - 'they ruled for 80 years. But no man can live forever, except he who possesses the heart of a star. And Yvaine had given hers to Tristan completely. When their children and grandchildren were grown, it was time to light the Babylon Candle. And they still lived happily ever after' as the narrator says the last line, twin stars are shown shining brightly on screen - Tristan and Yvaine. Sadly the book's ending is not as happy as this one.

17. Which author wrote the novel on which the film is based?

From Quiz Stardust

Answer: Neil Gaiman

"Stardust" was first published in 1998 and usually has illustrations by Charles Vess. The novel has won various awards including the "Alex Award" from the American Library Association. Neil Gaimon has made some references to writing a sequel, or another book, concerning Wall - the village where Tristan grew up. Differences between the book and film include Tristan being named Tristran, Tristan's father marrying another woman and having a daughter with her. Neither Daisy nor Louise are mentioned in the film. The Lilim are not known by names instead they are known mostly by their title although the sister who goes in search of the star is also called the witch queen. As well as this, in the book Dunstan doesn't sleep with Una just after buying the glass snowdrop from her with a kiss, instead he goes back and meets up with her in the meadow after the moon has set.

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