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Fun Trivia
4 True Lies quizzes and 45 True Lies trivia questions.
  Take this True Lies Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Another quiz on another action movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Average, 10 Qns, Texas_Rattlesnake, Oct 04 07
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  True Lies Test    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about the movie "True Lies" with Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's my first quiz! Hope you enjoy it!
Average, 10 Qns, meteroa07, Jun 26 04
3733 plays
  15 Question True Lies Quiz    
Multiple Choice
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This is about the 1994 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis and Bill Paxton
Easier, 15 Qns, tybird78, Nov 21 11
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  True Lies    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How well do you know the movie 'True Lies'? This movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry, Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen, Tom Arnold as Gib and Bill Paxton as Simon.
Average, 10 Qns, chunky89, Mar 05 15
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trivia question Quick Question
What is the first line of the film?

From Quiz "True Lies"

True Lies Trivia Questions

1. Where is Harry Tasker at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz
True Lies

Answer: Switzerland

Harry is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Harry works as a spy and is at Lake Chapeau, trying to get information from a party.

2. What does Harry use for an invitation at the start of the movie?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: A bomb

The guard asks for his invitation, and Harry replies, "Sure, here's my invitation". BOOM. This causes chaos and allows Harry to escape momentarily.

3. What is Arnold Schwarzenegger's character's name?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Harry Tasker

Harry Ranquest is actually Arnold's code name in the movie.

4. What is the name of Harry Tasker's wife?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Helen

Helen is played by Jamie Lee Curtis and she is not aware that Harry is actually a US spy.

5. What are the names of the guys who are in the van?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Gib and Faisil

Gib is played by Tom Arnold, and Faisil is played by Grant Heslov. Faisil types down the information that Harry finds when they do their spy work. Gib speaks to Harry through the headset, giving him advice and letting him know what he can or can't do.

6. What is the name of the security sector that Harry works for?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Omega

It is the Omega sector. It says it on the floor when Harry and Gib go into the office for the first time.

7. What is the first line of the film?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: "Honey, I'm home."

Harry has just swum out of a frozen canal. After a few beats Harry slips out of his tanks and fins, letting them sink, and climbs the frozen ladder onto the dock. He moves like a ninja into the shadows of the boathouse. Opening a bag, he pulls out a walky talky where he says "Honey, I'm home." Gib replies: "Roger that."

8. Who plays the sleazy car salesman in the movie?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Bill Paxton

He is played by Bill Paxton and hits on Harry's wife.

9. What is the name of Harry's wife?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Helen

Helen Tasker is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Helen believes that Harry is just a boring computer salesman. Because of Harry's secret identity, he is unable to spend a good amount of time with his family, which causes her to think that he doesn't appreciate her at all.

10. How old is Harry's daughter Dana?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: 14

This comes up when Harry finds out Dana is stealing money from Gib. Gib asks if Harry thinks she is still a virgin, and Harry replies that she is only 14.

11. How many kids do Harry and Helen have?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: 1

They one have a daughter, Dana, played by Eliza Dushku.

12. What does the car salesman do when he is scared?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Pees himself

We see him pee himself twice in the movie.

13. What is Harry's daughter's name?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Dana

Dana is played by Eliza Dushku. Since Harry isn't able to spend time with his family, this causes Dana to disrespect him. Harry gives her a gift, after getting back from Switzerland, which is a snow globe. Although she thanks him for getting it, after Harry leaves her room, she tells her dog that it is lame and throws it away.

14. When Helen can't get to sleep, she asks Harry about his day. How many seconds does she say it takes her to get to sleep after that?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: 6

Helen is talking to one of the fellow office workers. She says that because Harry's job is so boring, she falls asleep in 6 seconds after he starts taling about it.

15. For how long has Harry been a spy?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: 17 years

HELEN: "How long have you been a spy, Harry?" (pause) HARRY: "17 years." This was when Harry and Helen were captured and Harry was given a truth agent, Sodium Amytal.

16. What kind of plane does Harry fly to rescue his daughter?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Harrier Jet

It is a harrier jet that he takes from the Marines.

17. When Gib mentions to Harry that he was married three times, what does he say that he wasn't dumb enough to do?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Have kids

Dana happens to steal money from Gib's coat before leaving Harry's house. When they are heading to work, Gib says this and Harry says that Dana shouldn't have stolen anything.

18. Harry says terrorists are really inconsiderate. What are they inconsiderate of?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Schedules

Harry had to get home for his birthday party, but he had three terrorists following him. He says this to Gib when they stop to check it out. In the end, Harry ended up getting home to his party when everyone was asleep.

19. What does Helen, Harry's wife, think his job is?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Computer Salesman

She's thought that he was a computer salesman for 15 years, the whole time they've been married.

20. What is Dana stealing from Harry's partner?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Money

She is stealing money from Harry's partner's jacket pocket.

21. What spy network do Harry, Gib and Faisil work for?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Omega Sector

You can see the label on the tile floor as Harry and Gib are walking over it. It is where there are a few other workers standing in a window-like area, holding firearms and watching the place.

22. What dance did Arnold Schwarzenegger have to learn for the movie?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Tango

Arnold performs the tango twice during the course of the movie.

23. What is the cover company for the Omega Sector?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Computer Tektel Systems

This is the reason Helen believes Harry is a boring computer salesman. She calls him at Tektel in an attempt to make sure he is going to be home in time for his birthday party.

24. How much is the red car that Simon drives for sale for?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: $17,599

It says this when Simon pulls in after going to visit Helen, he puts a sign in the window that says, "Cash Full Price $17599".

25. How does Dana escape?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: She jumps onto the nose of the jet that Harry is flying

Dana steals the key to the nuclear bomb and runs to the roof and climbs up a crane. She slips while out in the middle of the crane and is hanging there until Harry flies under and she jumps down.

26. What does Harry's superior wear over his eye?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Patch

We see him wearing a patch in the office on a couple of occassions.

27. What is the name of the guy Helen is seeing?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Simon

Harry goes to Helen's job to surprise her and take her to lunch, but before he can, she gets a call from Simon, under the title 'Mystery Man'. This makes Harry believe that Helen is having an affair and worry about their marriage.

28. Simon gives Helen some plane tickets, where are they for?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: Paris

This is a scam that Simon comes up with to get Helen. It is apparently a covert operation where they have to be married. This is all stopped, luckily, when Harry and his team break in and take them away.

29. Who is the director?

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: James Cameron

He was the director and the screenwriter. This is by far my favorite film by him.

30. Finish this quote. 'The bridge ___ ___.'

From Quiz True Lies

Answer: is out

Both Harry and Helen yell this to each other.

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