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Fun Trivia
This 1993 drama stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. Written by Quentin Tarantino.
6 True Romance quizzes and 55 True Romance trivia questions.
  10 True Romance Questions   best quiz  
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This under-appreciated movie from 1993 is one of my favorites.
Average, 10 Qns, clamking, Nov 18 08
1452 plays
  The Lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is one of my personal favourites. "True Romance" is a brilliant film. Take this quiz and learn about the lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley.
Average, 10 Qns, kellyglover84, May 08 09
1668 plays
  Truest Romance    
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'True Romance'...very good movie. How much do you remember?
Average, 10 Qns, resdog, Dec 17 04
3659 plays
  True Trivia on 'True Romance'    
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Here are 10 questions to see how much you love this film! Some questions are easy, others a bit trickier but if you've seen the film a few times you shouldn't have any problems.
Average, 10 Qns, hannah04, Jan 12 21
Jan 12 21
2354 plays
  "True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)    
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I like "True Romance". Always have. Always will.
Tough, 10 Qns, HannahConner88, Nov 28 11
318 plays
  Questions on True Romance    
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A quiz on the film 'True Romance'.
Average, 5 Qns, MollyGrue, Apr 12 02
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trivia question Quick Question
After Clarence's Dad calls Mr. Cocotti an eggplant, what does Mr. Cocotti call him?

From Quiz "Truest Romance"

True Romance Trivia Questions

1. Where is Alabama from?

From Quiz
"True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)

Answer: Tallahassee, Florida

At the beginning of "True Romance", Alabama starts the story by saying she came all the way from Tallahassee, Florida to Motor City, Detroit to find her true love.

2. Who plays Clarence and Alabama, the lead roles in "True Romance"?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette

Slater portrays Clarence Worley, an Elvis-obsessed, comic book store employee, who meets Arquette's Alabama Whitman, a prostitute hired to show Clarence a good time. After falling in love, Clarence tries to free Alabama from her old life with Drexl, her pimp. Unwittingly coming into possession of a suitcase containing something of great value, Clarence and Alabama travel from Detroit to Los Angeles in search of a buyer for their newly found "assets". The Detroit Mafia and LA Police soon become involved and mayhem ensues, all in the name of love.

3. Where does Alabama first encounter Clarence?

From Quiz The Lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley

Answer: inside a cinema

Do you remember? It is the bit where she spills popcorn all over him. It's the third scene.

4. Who plays Clarence and Alabama?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette

Slater and Ryder were in 'Heathers' together, Stoltz and R. Arquette were in 'Pulp Fiction' together and D. Arquette and Courtney Cox were in 'Scream' together (after which they got married in real life).

5. Where does Clarence work?

From Quiz Truest Romance

Answer: Heroes for Sale

This is only said once. Alabama asks 'That place you took me to tonight, your work?' and Clarence says, 'Heroes for Sale?'

6. In what city does the film begin?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Detroit

The film starts out in Detroit where Clarence and Alabama meet. Then they go to Los Angeles to sell the cocaine.

7. Who directs "True Romance"?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Tony Scott

While Tarantino did write "True Romance", he did not direct it. Tony Scott is the director, and among his credits are "Top Gun", "Days of Thunder" and "Crimson Tide". Scott made some minor adjustments to the script, such as straightening the out of order timeline Tarantino is known for writing into his movies. He did make one major alteration, opting to change Clarence's fate to the opposite of what Tarantino wrote.

8. While in the cafe, Clarence asks Alabama what turns her off, can you remember what it was?

From Quiz The Lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley

Answer: Persians

Clarence asks her this question while they eat pie in a nearby cafe. Can you imagine watching a kung fu movie, eating pie and then getting asked every aspect of your life? I know I couldn't.

9. The character of Vincent kills Clarence's father; in what year does he say he last killed somebody?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: 1984

Vincent is played by the fabulously malevolent Christopher Walken. He is so wound up by Dennis Hopper that he shoots him before extracting the information he wanted - where Clarence and Alabama had gone. After he shoots him he says, "I haven't killed anyone since 1984."

10. Who plays Alabama's pimp, Drexl?

From Quiz Truest Romance

Answer: Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman plays Drexl, the half white, half black (or is it Cherokee?) pimp of Alabama's.

11. Where does Alabama say that the group should meet Elliot?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Roller Coaster

Alabama is watching a commercial for an amusement park when Clarence asks her where they should meet and she responds 'Roller Coaster'.

12. What food does Clarence bring home with him after he kills Drexl?

From Quiz "True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)

Answer: Hamburgers

Clarence kills Alabama's former pimp, Drexl, and returns home with what he says is probably the best hamburger he's ever had in his entire life.

13. Who is the mobster who sends his consigliere, Vincent Coccotti, after Clarence and Alabama?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Blue Lou Boyle

Blue Lou never appears in the film, but it is rumored that Robert De Niro was to play Boyle's voice. That part of the movie was lost on the cutting room floor. When liberating Alabama from Drexl's brothel, Clarence inadvertently takes a suitcase he thinks belongs to her. That suitcase contains illicit goods owned by Blue Lou Boyle and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Boyle's men track Clarence and Alabama from Detroit to Hollywood trying to recover the suitcase.

14. What does Alabama wear when they get married?

From Quiz The Lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley

Answer: the same clothes as the night before

She is wearing the same dress and purple shoes. You can clearly see it when they come down the stairs outside the church. Can you imagine getting married to someone the day after you meet them? And of course she is wearing the same clothes because Drexl has the rest.

15. What vegetable/fruit do Hopper and Walken call each other?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: Eggplant and Cantaloupe

In England an eggplant is called an aubergine. Hopper calls Walken an eggplant because it is blackish in colour - like the Sicilians, who Hopper says are descended from Moors; this is taken as a huge insult.

16. What famous black actor makes a cameo in a hotel scene?

From Quiz Truest Romance

Answer: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson's character gets shot at the hotel by Drexl at the beginning of the film.

17. When Alabama turns on the motel t.v. a movie is playing. Later we see that Floyd is watching the same movie. What is it?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Freejack

Floyd and Alabama are both watching 'Freejack' on cable.

18. What is Alabama drinking when she and Clarence arrive at Dick's front door?

From Quiz "True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)

Answer: Yoo-Hoo

Clarence and Alabama drive to California where Clarence's friend Dick is trying to make it as an actor. When they arrive at Dick's apartment, Alabama stands in the doorway sipping a Yoo-Hoo and she makes a joke.

19. Which character in "True Romance" is played by Michael Rapaport?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Dick Ritchie

Rapaport has appeared in numerous films, including "Zebrahead", "Higher Learning", "Cop Land", and "Deep Blue Sea". His character supplies a great deal of comic relief in the movie. His audition as a thug on "The New TJ Hooker" is totally inept, yet he gets a call back. As an aspiring actor, Dick's relationship with a wealthy movie producer's assistant is the key to connecting Clarence with someone with enough money to buy the contents of the suitcase. That purchase leads to the climactic showdown between the producer's bodyguards, the police and the Mob.

20. What colour is Clarence's Cadillac?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: purple

Christopher Walken says that Dennis Hopper's neighbours saw, "a purple Cadillac - Clarence's purple Cadillac..." leave his trailer.

21. What actor plays Dick's roommate Floyd?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Brad Pitt & Pitt & Brad

Brad Pitt plays Dick's stoner roommate.

22. Besides a corkscrew, what is on Alabama's key chain?

From Quiz "True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)

Answer: Dinosaur

When Alabama goes to the room she and Clarence have at the Safari Inn, Virgil the mobster is there waiting. Virgil wants to know where the cocaine is, and when Alabama refuses to tell him, he beats her up. Alabama fights back; she stabs him in the foot with a key chain corkscrew, and she eventually kills him. Along with the corkscrew, Alabama has a dinosaur key chain.

23. In "True Romance", what actor plays Nicky Dimes?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Chris Penn

Officer Dimes and his partner Officer Cody Nicholson, played by Sizemore, are both killed in the shootout at producer Lee Donowitz's hotel room. Bronson Pinchot plays Elliot Blitzer, Donowitz's snivelling, stool pigeon, assistant who, as Dick Ritchie's friend, supplies the link between Clarence and Donowitz. He is also responsible for the police getting involved in the proceedings. Gandolfini plays Virgil, the mob muscle sent to find and retrieve the suitcase from Clarence and Alabama. After being beaten badly by Virgil, Alabama turns the tables on him with a Swiss Army knife, a can of hair spray, and a toilet tank lid.

24. The character of Dick Richie auditions for a part in which cop programme?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: 'New' T. J. Hooker

Clarence is excited because Dick is going to meet 'Captain Kirk'. William Shatner played T.J. Hooker and Kirk.

25. After Clarence's Dad calls Mr. Cocotti an eggplant, what does Mr. Cocotti call him?

From Quiz Truest Romance

Answer: a cantaloupe

Cocotti says, 'You're a cantaloupe!', laughs, then shoots him.

26. At the end Alabama comments about what they named their son. What did they name him?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Elvis

Clarence is a big Elvis fans and often talks to an imaginary King.

27. Where does Alabama say she got the outfit Virgil compliments?

From Quiz "True Romance" (It Goes The Other Way Too)

Answer: Las Vegas

Though Virgil and Alabama's conversation ends in bloodshed, it starts off somewhat friendly. Virgil compliments the outfit Alabama is wearing and she smiles and says she got it in Las Vegas.

28. Which actor does NOT appear in "True Romance"?

From Quiz True Romance

Answer: Steve Buscemi

While Buscemi was in "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction", he did not make an appearance in "True Romance". Samuel L. Jackson plays Big Don, who is killed by Drexl early in the movie during a deal for the suitcase. James Gandolfini is the hired gun who beats up Alabama in her motel room at the Safari Motor Inn in Hollywood. Val Kilmer is Clarence's imaginary Elvis/Mentor, and is never clearly visible throughout the movie. Elvis gives Clarence advice throughout the whole movie, and that advice is the catalyst for everything that happens to Clarence from beginning to end.

29. Which big time actor cameoed in the film?

From Quiz The Lives of Clarence and Alabama Worley

Answer: Samuel L. Jackson

He appears in a scene with Drexl and gets shot by him. This scene is near the beginning of the movie. It happens in a motel where a drug deal takes place.

30. What hotel do Clarence and Alabama stay at in L.A.?

From Quiz True Trivia on 'True Romance'

Answer: Safari Inn

The sign says 'Safari Inn' above the driveway, although Floyd (Brad Pitt) calls it the 'Safari Motel' when he tells James Gandolfini where Clarence and Alabama are staying.

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