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2 Unforgiven quizzes and 25 Unforgiven trivia questions.
  The Ultimate Unforgiven Quiz   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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Western classic "Unforgiven" starring Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture in 1992. Find out how much you remember of this great movie.
Average, 10 Qns, AlonsoKing, Feb 19 16
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  Unforgiven Quiz for Experts   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
If you know Clint Eastwood, then of course you've seen "Unforgiven". If you've seen "Unforgiven", chances are you've seen it more than once. Enjoy the quiz.
Average, 15 Qns, Man With No Name, Feb 19 16
Man With No Name
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trivia question Quick Question
Ned Logan's wife is named what?

From Quiz "Unforgiven"

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Unforgiven Trivia Questions

1. What punishment is given to the two cowboys (Davey Bunting and Quick Mike) for cutting up the face of Delilah?

From Quiz

Answer: Together they must pay a fine of seven horses.

First Sheriff Little Bill tells his deputy to get the bullwhip. Strawberry Alice protests because she wants to see the cowboys hanged. Skinny, the owner of Greely's bar, doesn't agree either. He says his 'property' is damaged and he needs to be compensated for the loss of his 'investment'. Bill then changes his mind and orders Quick Mike to give Skinny five horses. Davey has to give him two horses.

2. What is the name of Clint Eastwood's character in the movie?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Will Munny

3. William Munny, Ned Logan and Kid Schofield ride out to kill the two cowboys. Ned discovers Kid has a problem that could make their task all the more difficult. What is Kid's problem?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: He is short-sighted.

Ned challenges Kid to shoot a hawk from the sky. Kid says he doesn't want to waste a bullet. It turns out there is no hawk at all. Kid can shoot a drinking bottle at close range, but he can't see beyond 50 yards.

4. How many years has it been since Clint's character had killed anyone?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: 11

Will had been retired 11 years before taking the job to kill the cowboys.

5. When travelling by train English Bob gets into a heated discussion about the murderer of the President of the USA. Which murderer is being discussed?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Charles J. Guiteau

The discussion starts when English Bob comments on a newspaper article about Guiteau shooting the president. English Bob argues that having a king or queen is better than having a president because nobody would dare to shoot royalty. In the introduction it is said that William Munny's wife had died in 1878. Later Will says his wife died three years ago. This sets the movie in 1881, the year President Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau.

6. How did The Schofield Kid know who Clint was?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: His uncle was Clint's old partner.

Schofield Kid's uncle Pete was Will's old partner.

7. What is W.W. Beauchamp's profession?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Writer

W.W. Beauchamp is English Bob's biographer. He has written a heroic account of a shootout between English Bob and Corky Corcoran in Wichita. When both English Bob and Beauchamp are jailed, Little Bill tells the story about the Wichita shootout quite differently. As it turns out Corky Corcoran first shot himself in the foot and then his gun blew up, before he was eventually shot by a drunk English Bob. When Bob leaves Big Whiskey Beauchamp stays to write Little Bill's life story instead.

8. Which actor played the part of English Bob?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Richard Harris

Richard Harris gives a great performance as English Bob, a killer hired to kill the 2 cowboys.

9. How does Little Bill mockingly refer to English Bob?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Duck

Beauchamp's book about English Bob has the title "The Duke of Death". Little Bill makes fun of the book by calling it "The Duck of Death". Later he simply refers to Bob as 'the duck', much to Bob's annoyance.

10. The nickname given to English Bob by the writer was...

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: The Duke of Death

"The Duke of Death" was the biography of English Bob's character in the film.

11. Why does William Munny refuse an 'advance payment' from Delilah?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Because he doesn't want to cheat his wife.

Will explains he doesn't refuse her because she's cut up. He says they both have scars and that she is a beautiful woman. If he was to want a 'free one' he'd want to have it with her. He just can't do it on account of his wife. Delilah admires him for being true to his wife.

12. Why does Will Munny kill Little Bill Dagget?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: For killing Ned Logan.

"...and I'm here to kill you Little Bill, for what you done to Ned." One of Clint's many great lines in the film.

13. Who shoots Davey Bunting?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: William Munny

When William Munny hears about the reward offered to kill the cowboys he is reluctant to go. He doesn't want to go back to the old days when he was a ruthless killer. His late wife changed his wicked ways. He has become a farmer and hasn't touched a drop of whiskey for 10 years. However, financial difficulties compel him to ride out again. After a long journey, a narrow escape at Greely's and an illness that nearly takes his life, Will and his companions finally catch up with Davey Bunting. Ned shoots Davey's horse. Davey breaks his leg falling from his horse and tries to crawl to safety behind the rocks. Will then takes the rifle from Ned and shoots Davey in the gut. Davey later dies from his injuries.

14. Gene Hackman plays this character:

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Little Bill Daggett

In my opinion, one of Gene Hackman's best roles.

15. Who shoots Quick Mike?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Kid Schofield

After Davey is killed, Ned returns to Kansas. Will and Kid go on to kill Quick Mike. Kid shoots Mike three times when he's on the toilet. Kid had asked William Munny to ride out with him because he had heard of his reputation for being a ruthless killer. Kid's uncle was a member of Munny's old gang. Ever since Kid met William Munny he's been acting as a tough guy. He is constantly boasting about the five men he shot before. After shooting Quick Bill Kid breaks down and confesses to Will that he had never killed a man before. He gives his gun to Will and tells him to keep it because he will never kill again. He says he is nothing like Will.

16. Where does Little Bill tell Will Munny he will see him, just before Will kills him?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Hell

"I'll see you in Hell, William Munny." Little Bill muttered this just before dying.

17. Who said "I can knock the eye out of a bird flying."

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Ned Logan

Ned Logan says this to Will after Will spots Ned's Spencer rifle on the wall.

18. When English Bob challenged the cowboy on the train to a shooting contest, what did they shoot?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Pheasants

"A dollar a pheasant." Final score: English Bob 8, Cowboy 1

19. How many horses combined did the 2 cowboys have to give up for cutting the prostitute?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: 7

The man who did the cutting had to surrender five, and the man who held her had to give up two.

20. How many kids does Will Munny have?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: 2

One boy and one girl.

21. Ned Logan's wife is named what?

From Quiz Unforgiven

Answer: Sally Two Trees

She's Ned's wife who doesn't say much but gives Will the evil eye as he and Ned take off.

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