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2 Van Helsing quizzes and 20 Van Helsing trivia questions.
  Van Helsing   great trivia quiz  
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Although this was not the greatest movie I've ever seen, I felt that it still deserved to have at least one quiz made about it! So, here are a few questions on "Van Helsing". Warning: the quiz contains spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it.
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  "Van Helsing" Mania   popular trivia quiz  
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This is my favorite movie of all time! I hope you enjoy this challenging quiz!
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While they try to get the cure to the curse of the werewolf for Van Helsing, what is the name of the vampire that attacks Anna and Carl?

From Quiz ""Van Helsing" Mania"

Van Helsing Trivia Questions

1. Who is Van Helsing?

From Quiz
"Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: The left hand of God

Dracula and Van Helsing are in an epic battle in Count Dracula's hidden castle, when Dracula explains to Van Helsing that he murdered him. Dracula then states that it must be a burden to be the left hand of God. This explains why he lost his memory and why Dracula repeatedly calls Van Helsing "Gabriel".

2. What is Van Helsing's first name?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Gabriel

The character in the original "Dracula" story, by Bram Stoker, was called Abraham Van Helsing.

3. What colors are seen in Anna's outfit at the Hallow's Eve ball?

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: red, gold, and white.

Princess Anna is the only living Valarios. If she dies before killing Dracula, all of her ancestors will never enter heaven. Van Helsing is ordered to protect her and kill Dracula to save the Valarios family. One of Dracula's brides kidnaps Anna and requests that they make a trade for her freedom. The trade takes place at the Hallow's Eve ball. Anna dances with Dracula at the ball. The guests wear dark colors like Dracula. Anna clearly stands out among the rest because she wears a blood red dress with gold trim and white gloves. You can see the dress several times: when they dance, when Anna, Van Helsing and Carl jump through the window and when the trio swims through the lake.

4. Which monster is Van Helsing fighting on a cathedral rooftop in Paris, at the beginning of the film?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Mr. Hyde

As Mr. Hyde falls to the ground he turns back into his alter-ego, Dr. Jekyll, which leads to Van Helsing being accused of murder.

5. Finish this quote by Dracula, "That is not all I could do with..."

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: your skin

Dracula has Anna as a captive at the Hallow's Eve ball. He tells her he is looking for another bride. He touches her and she responds with "You make my skin crawl." That is when Dracula says: "That is not all I could do with your skin." as he attempts to bite her.

6. What type of monster is Anna's brother?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: A werewolf

Anna Valerius (played by Kate Beckinsale) and her brother, Velkan, are the last surviving members of a family which has been almost entirely destroyed by Dracula. Velkan is bitten whilst trying to rescue Anna from a werewolf.

7. What color is Velkan's fur as a werewolf?

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: brown

When you see Velkan as a werewolf in Dracula's old house, he is stalking Anna on an errand for Dracula. Anna notices that a werewolf is in the room. Velkan then changes back and tries to talk with her. The full moon comes back out and Velkan rips through his skin to show brown werewolf fur.

8. What is Dracula attempting to bring to life in his castle?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: His unborn children

Since Dracula and his brides are not technically alive, their children are also born dead. Dracula plans to use electricity to bring his thousands of vampire children to life and unleash them on the nearby village.

9. How many brides does Dracula have, when Van Helsing first arrives in Transylvania?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Three

Dracula's three brides are Aleera (played by Elena Anaya), Verona (Silvia Colloca) and Marishka (Josie Maran).

10. How many humans are at the Hallow's Eve ball?

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: Anna, Van Helsing and Carl

When Anna, Carl, and Van Helsing go to Dracula's palace for the Hallow's Eve ball, only Anna's reflection is in the mirror. When Dracula offers Van Helsing to his guests they all hiss and show gleaming fangs. Later, Carl destroys them with his sunlight invention. (Except Dracula of course.)

11. Who do Van Helsing and Anna find beneath the ruins of the burned-down windmill?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Frankenstein's Monster

At the beginning of the movie, a black-and-white sequence shows the monster fleeing to an abandoned windmill, carrying the body of his creator, Victor Frankenstein. An enraged mob of villagers burn down the windmill, with the doctor and his monster trapped inside.

12. While they try to get the cure to the curse of the werewolf for Van Helsing, what is the name of the vampire that attacks Anna and Carl?

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: Aleera

When trapped inside the chamber with the viscous material that holds the cure, Carl and Anna are attacked by Aleera. Carl escapes through a hole, while Anna holds her back. Anna gets beaten up by Aleera, until Frankenstein's monster rescues her and she takes the cure to Van Helsing.

13. What costume does Carl wear to the masquerade ball in Budapest?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Jester

Entertainment at the ball includes jugglers, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers. Unknown to Van Helsing, however, all the other guests at the party are vampires. Although this scene was supposedly set in Budapest it, like most of the other scenes, was actually filmed in Prague. An entire Transylvanian village was recreated just outside Prague, complete with a town square, graveyard and church.

14. Who plays Van Helsing?

From Quiz "Van Helsing" Mania

Answer: Hugh Jackman

Van Helsing is a monster hunter bound on killing the immortal Dracula. Many have tried but he is the best around. Trained by monks, he is the left hand of God. Hugh Jackmam does an excellent job playing the butt-kicking Van Helsing.

15. What does Van Helsing say is the only thing he can remember about his past?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: Fighting the Romans at Masada

Van Helsing has no memories of his past life, apart from fighting in the battle of Masada in 75AD. This would make him at least 1800 years old.

16. Who or what is the only thing that can kill Dracula?

From Quiz Van Helsing

Answer: A werewolf

Dracula is played by Richard Roxburgh, who also appeared in "Moulin Rouge" and "Mission:Impossible II". Unlike conventional folklore, in "Van Helsing", Dracula can only die if he is bitten by a werewolf. However, Dracula has developed a werewolf antidote to cure any werewolf he feels may be plotting to kill him.

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