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This 1988 adventure of odd proportions stars Val Kilmer and was directed by Ron Howard.
4 Willow quizzes and 45 Willow trivia questions.
  'Willow' Trivia   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This under-appreciated Ron Howard-directed, George Lucas-produced fantasy adventure is experiencing a renewal of interest thanks to 'Fellowship of the Ring'-spawned fantasy mania and a spiffy new DVD. How much do YOU remember?
Average, 15 Qns, GeekBob, Mar 29 14
4331 plays
Multiple Choice
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For anyone who has seen the movie and actually remembers something!
Average, 10 Qns, Mayke, Nov 06 16
3990 plays
  'Willow'   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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When was the last time you saw this movie?
Easier, 10 Qns, racemany2k, Nov 15 04
racemany2k gold member
4350 plays
  I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ignore the bird, follow the river on one of my favorite fantasy movies, "Willow".
Average, 10 Qns, Meraai, Aug 04 03
2522 plays
trivia question Quick Question
When Willow blasts a troll with Cherlindrea's wand and kicks it into a moat, it transforms into a huge two-headed beast. What is it called?

From Quiz "'Willow' Trivia"

Willow Trivia Questions

1. What does Madmartigan give the baby for lunch?

From Quiz
I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: Black Root

Madmartigan was brought up on Black Root. He tells Willow that it is good for you, puts hair on your chest. Willow fumes, saying that Elora is a princess, and the last thing she needs is a hairy chest! Just for interest sake, Black Root is actually vanilla!

2. What is Willow's last name?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Ufgood

His full name was Willow Ufgood. Davis is the last name of the actor playing the role, while Baggins is the surname of the similarly-diminuitive J.R.R. Tolkien characters, Frodo and Bilbo.

3. What actor played Willow Ufgood?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Warwick Davis

4. What are Willow's children called?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: Mims and Ranon

Willow's daughter is Mims, his son Ranon. Kaiya is the name of his wife and Volkar, spelled Vohnkar, is the nelwyn warrior.

5. Finish the quote from Mims (when Alora is rescued from the river):"Oh Dada, she's so ____."

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: cute

Mims, played by Dawn Downing, is hardly bigger than the baby is, being an Elfling and all.

6. Infant Elora Danan is identified as the prophecized child Bavmorda has been awaiting by a special birthmark. Where was it located?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Her arm

The mark signifying the baby as the threat to Bavmorda's reign is located on her arm.

7. In the beginning of the movie, who saved the baby from being killed?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Midwife

8. What is Willow's last name?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: Ufgood

Nelwyn is the name of Willow's race and a Daikini is a human.

9. What did the brute propose to Madmartigan, while he was dressed as a woman?

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: "Wanna breed?"

"Tempting, but... NO!" said by Madmartigan, disguised as Hilda.

10. What is Willow's official job-title when we first encounter him?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Farmer

Willow begins the film as a struggling farmer. He performs at a festival as a magician (but not very well) and dreams of one day becoming a socerer's apprentice.

11. How many children does Willow have?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Two

12. Which finger holds the power of the universe?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: your own finger

This is asked by the High Aldwin at the Nelwyn fair.

13. What was Madmartigan doing when the Brownies stole the baby from him?

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: Taking a leak.

"Don't I know you? I stole the baby from you while you were taking a peepee!" Said by Franjean the Brownie.

14. What do the little-people of Willow's region call full-sized humans?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Daikinis

Willow's race calls taller humans 'Daikinis.' Muggles, Breelanders and Earthers are assorted terms from 'Harry Potter,' 'Lord of The Rings' and 'Widget,' respectively.

15. What did Kayia give Willow before he left on his quest?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Braid of her hair

16. Where does Willow first see Madmartigan?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: Daikini Crossroad

Madmartigan is locked in a crow cage, hanging from a pole at the Daikini Crossroad.

17. Where does Madmartigan see Airk for the first time in the movie?

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: Daikini Crossroads

Madmartigan was in the cage, Airk refused to release him, saying: "I still serve Galadorn, you serve no one. Remember? Just sit in your coffin and rot."

18. Comedian Kevin Pollack has a supporting role as a creature of WHAT race?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Brownie

Pollack is one of the two tiny 'Brownies' who accompany Willow on his quest. (For the record: He's 'Rool,' the one wearing the mouse-skin hood.)

19. Joanne Whalley played 'Sorsha' in the movie, in real life who was she married to, but divorced in 1996?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Val Kilmer & Kilmer

20. How does Madmartigan disguise himself at the inn?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: A woman

He dresses up in a pink dress and calls himself cousin Hilda.

21. What does Madmartigan say to the two Brownies? "____, ____ I am hungry. Go get me some eggs or something."

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: Mumbo, Jumbo

Their response: Franjean: "We are not afraid of you!"
Madmartigan: "NOW!"
Franjean and Rool race off. This is the scene just before Willow takes the boat to find Fin Raziel.

22. What is the name of Bavmorda's violent henchman who wore a skull mask in battle?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: General Kael

The skull-masked villain was General Kael, a swipe at film critic Pauline Kael. This is one (of the more obvious) of a few jabs at critics to be found in the film. Roeper (as in Richard) wasn't known as a critic at the time, while Sorsha and Airk are other characters in the film.

23. What was the last animal that Willow turned Fin Raziel into before she turned back to a human?

From Quiz 'Willow'

Answer: Tiger

24. The brownies carry a special kind of dust. What is the dust called?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: Dust of broken hearts

One of the brownies accidently uses the dust in the inn and falls in love with a cat. Later one of them uses it on Madmartigan when they are prisoners of the Nockmar soldiers, locked in a cage.

25. Transformed by Bavmorda's magic, good sorceress Fin Raziel takes many animal forms throughout the film. What is she when Willow first meets her?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Possum

Raziel takes the form of all these animals, but the possum comes first.

26. When Madmartigan is influenced by the dust from q.6, he speaks to Sorsha. Which word isn't used by him?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: stars

Madmartigan goes into Sorsha's tent to save Elora Danan, but when he sees Sorsha he goes to her and says: 'You are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky.'

27. When Willow blasts a troll with Cherlindrea's wand and kicks it into a moat, it transforms into a huge two-headed beast. What is it called?

From Quiz 'Willow' Trivia

Answer: Ebersisk

The monster is 'officially' known as The Ebersisk, another of the film's in-jokes aimed at film critics. Ghidorah is a three-headed nemesis of Godzilla, while Smaug is the dragon from 'The Hobbit.'

28. How does Willow save the baby from Bavmorda in the castle of Nockmar?

From Quiz Willow

Answer: Disappearing pig trick

This takes place in the tower, when Bavmorda and Fin Raziel are fighting over the baby and the wand. Willow graps a blanket and uses the pig trick to send Elora to a safer place.

29. What was Madmartigan's response when Fin Raziel told him that in real life she's a young, beautiful woman.

From Quiz I Stole The Baby! A bit of "Willow"

Answer: "Concentrate Willow!"

Willow was busy trying to transform her into her human self.

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