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Fun Trivia
3 Ashley Judd quizzes and 25 Ashley Judd trivia questions.
  The Men of Ashley Judd    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is on Ashley Judd's male costars. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, rj211, Jul 24 02
rj211 gold member
984 plays
  Ashley Judd Movie Taglines    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will test your knowledge of Ashley Judd movie taglines. I give you a tagline, you tell me which Ashley movie. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, kismet17, Dec 04 04
514 plays
  Ashley Judd Movies    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
A short quiz on the movies that Ashley Judd has starred in.
Tough, 5 Qns, ashalia, Jul 24 02
1190 plays
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Ashley Judd Trivia Questions

1. 'Every murder has a mark.'

From Quiz
Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Twisted

In the movie 'Twisted', Ashley Judd plays Officer Jessica Shepard, who finds herself in the middle of an investigation where all her past lovers are mysteriously dying.

2. In which movie did Val Kilmer say this about Judd: 'For me the sun rises and sets with her, man.'

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: Heat

Judd filled a nice supporting role in this film. This was before she started starring and eating up the screen.

3. 'A detective is searching for a deadly collector. His only hope is the woman who got away.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Kiss the Girls

Judd plays Dr. Kate McTiernan, alongside Morgan Freeman, in this thriller about a man who kidnaps women to add to his collection. Judd's character gets away and teams up with Detective Cross (Freeman) to help save the women she left behind.

4. In which movie did the professional choices of Judd's husband result in the destruction of their home?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: A Time to Kill

Matthew McConaughey played Judd's husband, and some angry people started a fire in their house because McConaughey was defending a black man who had murdered white members of the KKK who had raped his daughter.

5. In the 1998 movie, 'Simon Birch', Judd played what character?

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movies

Answer: Rebecca Wenteworth

She played Rebecca Wenteworth and her son (Joe Wenteworth) was played by Joseph Mazzello.

6. 'A lawyer and his assistant fighting to save a father on trial for murder. A time to question what they believe. A time to doubt what they trust. And no time for mistakes.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: A Time to Kill

Judd played a smaller role in this movie, as the wife of attorney Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey). Brigance defends a man who took justice into his own hands, after his young daughter was raped.

7. In 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood', Judd plays the youthful version of the same character portrayed in older age by Ellen Burstyn. Who played Ellen Burstyn's husband?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: James Garner

One of a few men in yet another Judd-powered chick flick.

8. 'Ruby in Paradise' was a release for Judd in what year? (U.S. release)

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movies

Answer: 1993

Judd's character was Ruby Lee Gissing. Some of her costars were Todd Field, Bentley Mitchum, Allison Dean, and Dorothy Lyman.

9. 'The story about the one that got away and the one she never saw coming.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Someone Like You

Judd plays Jane Goodale who, after being dumped by a boyfriend, decides that men have a problem committing to just one woman because of their animal instincts.

10. The man who kidnapped Judd's character and many other women in 'Kiss the Girls' had starred in a very popular fantasy movie ten years earlier. What movie was it, and who was the man?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: 'The Princess Bride' - Cary Elwes

I thought this was a really poor choice for casting. Elwes, who was more than recognizable from his role as Westley, got third billing in the opening credits and then came out as this seemingly tiny role as some low level cop. Well, of course he's the bad guy! Why else would he get such a prominent credit! There goes any surprise the movie might have had, and with it, everything good about this ridiculous movie.

11. In the 1997 movie, 'Kiss the Girls', Judd's character was Kate McTiernan. What was the name of Morgan Freeman's character?

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movies

Answer: Alex Cross

Kyle Craig was played by Jay O. Sanders, Henry Castillo was played by Jeremy Piven, and Nick Ruskin was played by Cary Elwes.

12. 'Laughter is harder... Friendship is stronger... Trust is deeper... When it comes from the heart.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Where the Heart Is

Judd plays Lexie Coop, a nurse who has trouble holding onto a man but not getting pregnant. She befriends a pregnant teen whose boyfriend abandons her at a local Walmart. This is my favorite Ashley Judd movie!

13. Who played the private eye who followed Judd's murdering character around the country in 'Eye of the Beholder'?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: Ewan McGregor

This was an unbelievably bad movie. I saw this with a friend late at night in a theater, and suspicious, if not inappropriate, sounds were coming from the guy down the aisle from me. Judd played a murderer who disguised herself repeatedly. McGregor felt compelled for some reason to follow her around. There was some plot element having to do with McGregor's kid, but it was obviously les than compelling.

14. In the 2000 movie, 'Eye of the Beholder', what was the name of Judd's character?

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movies

Answer: Joanna

Hilary was played by k.d. Lang, Lucy was played by Kaitlin Brown, and Sandra was played by Stephanie Sbrega.

15. 'Everything you trust. Everything you know. May be a lie...'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: High Crimes

Judd plays attorney Claire Kubik. Her world is turned upside down when her husband is arrested for murdering innocent civilians during an Army operation.

16. Who falls in love with Judd's character in 'The Locusts'?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: Vince Vaughn

Vaughn plays a drifter who comes to town and gets caught up in Judd's erotic world. Oh, goodie.

17. 'Murder isn't always a crime.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Double Jeopardy

Judd plays Libby Parsons, a woman who is convicted of killing her husband. The only problem is he's not dead but no one believes she is innocent.

18. Bruce Greenwood played Judd's 'dead' husband in 'Double Jeopardy'. Who did he play in 'Thirteen Days'?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: John F. Kennedy

This movie was about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was actually kind of good. Kevin Costner was a bit tiresome, though.

19. 'Prepare to be seduced.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Frida

This movie is a biography about the artist Frida Kahlo, played by Salma Hayek. Judd has a supporting role as Tina Modotti, a friend of Kahlo's.

20. 'Love was their addiction, crime was the drug.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: Normal Life

Ashley Judd and Luke Perry star as a couple who dream of having a story book life but cannot ignore their wild urges.

21. Who plays the coworker who offers Judd a place to live when she's jilted by her jerk of a boyfriend in 'Someone Like You'?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: Hugh Jackman

Kinnear played the asinine boyfriend. Of course, Judd falls in love with the seemingly chauvinistic Jackman. If Jackman didn't turn into the perfect romantic interest in a chick flick like this, you could pretty much ensure an audience revolt. This movie was beyond bad, but it's always sort of nice watching someone like Jackman wander around in his underwear...

22. 'Every summer they emerge for a ritual of sex and death.'

From Quiz Ashley Judd Movie Taglines

Answer: The Locusts

According to, "Vince Vaughn stars as a drifter who enters a small town looking for employment. While working at the local cattle ranch, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Kitty (Ashley Judd), and becomes involved in a deadly yet erotic love triangle."

23. In 'High Crimes', Judd's lawyer has to defend her husband against charges of murder. Who played the husband?

From Quiz The Men of Ashley Judd

Answer: James Caviezel

Another delectable man. Caviezel lied his way into his first role, in 'My Own Private Idaho'. Seven years later he had a beautiful part in 'The Thin Red Line'. Then he went on to such Hollywood fare as 'Frequency' and 'Angel Eyes'.

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