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4 Dustin Hoffman quizzes and 40 Dustin Hoffman trivia questions.
  The Film History of Dustin Hoffman   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The legendary career of Dustin Hoffman spans several decades and features some of the great films in Hollywood history. This quiz cannot do full justice to his oeuvre, but let's take a sample of Hoffman's work...good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, thejazzkickazz, Jul 03 15
thejazzkickazz gold member
3873 plays
  The Tales of Hoffman   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz has nothing to do with the opera by Jacques Offenbach, nor with the movie by Michael Powell and Emeric Presburger (based upon the opera). I'll simply ask ten questions about movies starring Dustin Hoffman. Have fun.
Easier, 10 Qns, JanIQ, Jun 19 13
JanIQ gold member
304 plays
  A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz takes a nostalgic look at the early film career of this multi-award-winning actor.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Apr 03 06
looney_tunes editor
963 plays
  Dustin Hoffman Movies    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Durable, versatile actor. Quite a career.
Average, 10 Qns, robert362, Feb 22 20
Feb 22 20
2021 plays
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Dustin Hoffman Trivia Questions

1. Dustin Hoffman started his career with some TV series and TV movies. In 1967 he starred in the movie "The Graduate", opposite Anne Bancroft. What is the name of the character played by Anne Bancroft? The soundtrack refers to this character.

From Quiz
The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Mrs. Robinson

"The Graduate" shows us Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock. After graduation, Benjamin has not yet decided about his future. Mrs. Robinson is one of the guests at the graduation party, and she decides to try and seduce Benjamin Braddock. The soundtrack for the movie was composed and sung by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and included one of their greatest hits, "Mrs. Robinson". "Mrs. Officer" is a song by Lil Wayne. The group Kings of Convenience sang "Mrs. Cold". "Ms. Jackson" finally is a song by the hip hop duo OutKast.

2. Which film first brought Dustin Hoffman to the attention of the general public as a name to watch out for?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: The Graduate

These were his first four films, but it was "The Graduate" (1967) which really drew attention. Considered daring for its time, the movie followed the romantic entanglements of the aimless Benjamin Braddock, recent college graduate. His entry to a backyard party dressed in full scuba gear was a classic cinematic moment, although reference has more often been made to the seduction scene and to the marriage scene. The soundtrack, by Simon and Garfunkel, remains enough reason to watch the film, even without considering the excellent acting and direction. Other actors considered for the role of Benjamin included Charles Grodin (not used due to a salary disagreement), Warren Beatty and Robert Redford (neither considered awkward enough), Burt Ward (busy with "Batman") and Jack Nicholson. In order to take this role, Hoffman had to arrange a release from "The Producers", and the part of Bloom eventually went to Gene Wilder. "The Tiger Makes Out" (1967) was released before "The Graduate", but Hoffman's small part did not catch the public eye. "Madigan's Millions" (1968) was filmed in 1966, with Hoffman playing the investigator trying to recover $1 million owed the U.S. government by a gangster who had been deported to Italy; it was not released, however, until 1968. "Sunday Father" was released in 1969.

3. One of Hoffman's first starring roles was as Benjamin in the 1967 classic 'The Graduate'. What was his surname in this film?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Braddock

At a rather young age, Dustin had already established himself as a marketable star and a serious actor. The 29-year old Hoffman was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Benjamin Braddock, a recent, directionless college graduate. This was one of seven nominations for the film.

4. Hoffman played the husband in 'Kramer vs. Kramer'. Who played the wife?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Meryl Streep

Very young Meryl.

5. In "Little Big Man", Dustin Hoffman plays the role of 121-year-old Jack Crabb telling the story of his life. Who directed this movie? Hint: the director is also known for "Bonnie and Clyde".

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Arthur Penn

One of the key scenes in "Little Big Man" is of course the Battle at Little Big Horn (also known as Custer's Last Stand). Don't expect this scene to be historically accurate, for the native American survivors told different stories, and General Custer's troops were wiped out. The character played by Dustin Hoffman, would have scouted the battlefield and surroundings for General Custer. But (according to the movie) Custer didn't believe a word Jack Crabb said, even when Jack warned the general about being far outnumbered. Arthur Penn (1922-2010) was the director we're looking for. He started his career directing several TV series, including "The Gulf Playhouse", "Goodyear Television Playhouse" and "The Philco Playhouse". In fact this was one single series of televised theatre plays, named after the main sponsor for the season. Penn's movie career includes "The Miracle Worker" (a biopic on the deaf and blind Helen Keller), "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Alice's Restaurant", all of which gained him a nomination for the Oscar as Best Director. Dustin Hoffman never starred in any of the movies by the other directors mentioned here.

6. In 'Little Big Man', Hoffman plays a survivor of what event?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Indian Massacre

Custer's Last Stand.

7. "All the President's Men" is based upon the Watergate scandal. Which journalist was portrayed by Dustin Hoffman?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Carl Bernstein

"All the President's Men" tells how journalists Bob Woodward (played by Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein unravel a major scandal. Woodward has written an article on five people breaking and entering the office building where the Democratic Party has established their general headquarters. Woodward and Bernstein write some articles in the follow-up, and gradually they discover involvement of high placed Republican Party members - up to the White House. Pulitzer (1847-1911) was a newspaper journalist, and is best known for the eponymous Prize for journalism. Hearst (1863-1951) was a newspaper publisher, owner of a large chain of newspapers. He has inspired Orson Welles for the character of "Citizen Kane". Joseph Heller (1923-1999) was a novelist, famous for his debut "Catch 22".

8. In which film directed by the legendary Sam Peckinpah did Dustin Hoffman play the lead role?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Straw Dogs

Peckinpah's other work included 'The Getaway' with Steve McQueen, and 'The Wild Bunch'. His only collaboration with Hoffman was in the 1971 thriller 'Straw Dogs'. This was probably Hoffman's most violent film role, though by today's standards it seems rather not so shocking.

9. Which member of 'Saturday Night Live' appeared with Hoffman in 'Tootsie'?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Bill Murray

Funny movie.

10. Everyone who has seen the movie "Marathon Man" will remember the scene where Dr. Szell, an escaped Nazi dentist, tortures Babe, a graduate student played by Dustin Hoffman. Which British actor plays the evil Dr. Szell?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Laurence Olivier

Sir Laurence Olivier is the only British actor mentioned here. He played in about sixty movies, not including TV movies and TV series, and also in numerous theatre plays. Steve McQueen played the title role in "Papillon", with Dustin Hoffman as his sidekick. Jon Voight played opposite Dustin Hoffman in "Midnight Cowboy". Michael Tolan had the role of James in the movie "John and Mary", where Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow played the title roles.

11. In 1971, Sam Peckinpah directed Dustin Hoffman in a chilling story about a man defending his house and family in the face of surrounding violence. What was this film?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: Straw Dogs

This was yet another controversial film, one which still divides critics in their evaluation. Hoffman played David Sumner, a young American recently moved to England, who retaliated violently against the harrassment of the locals. The rape of his wife, and allegations of rape against one of the workers renovating his house, created a cauldron of tension that eventually overflowed. Once again, here was an intense and intriguing movie, but not a pleasant one! "John and Mary" (1969) featured Hoffman and Mia Farrow as two young people who met and spent the night together, then used the following day to find out a bit about each other. "Who is Harry Kellerman . . ." (1971) had Hoffman as a dysfunctional pop star, George Soloway. (Soloway = Soul Away?) For realism, Hoffman was filmed in front of a real audience (waiting for a Grateful Dead concert) at the now-defunct Filmore East. "Agatha" (1979) offered a possible explanation for the real-life mystery of the disappearance of mystery-writer Agatha Christie for 11 days in 1926. Hoffman played the American reporter who located her.

12. Who wrote the original novel upon which the film 'Papillon', starring Hoffman alongside Steve McQueen', was based?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Henri Charrière

Henri Charrière's autobiographical novel 'Papillon' (French for 'butterfly') tells the story of Charrière's escape attempts from a Guyanese penal colony, and later from the notorious French prison called Devil's Island. Hoffman plays Charrière's companion Louis Dega, who shares in the escape attempts.

13. Where was the prison in 'Papillon' located?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Devil's Island

With Steve McQueen in the title role.

14. Hoffman's first Oscar was for his role as Ted Kramer in the divorce drama "Kramer vs. Kramer". The actress starring as his soon-to-be-divorced wife, also won her first Oscar. Who played Mrs. Joanna Kramer?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Meryl Streep

"Kramer vs. Kramer" concentrates on Ted Kramer and his son Billy (played by Justin Henry). Ted is a workaholic, and his wife Joanna has left the house and filed for divorce. Now Ted has to cope with the daily upbringing of his young son, as well as with the strain of divorce proceedings centred on the custody issue. As there are in fact no leading roles for any of the actresses, Meryl Streep was considered to be only a supporting actress. That's why her first Oscar is the one for Best Supporting Actress, and not for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Streep started her movie career with a supporting role in "The Deer Hunter" (1978), which gained her a first Oscar nomination - one of many, for Streep is the first actress with more than twelve Oscar nominations. When she won her third Oscar in 2012 for "The Iron Lady", she had assembled no less than 17 Oscar nominations. Susan George played Dustin Hoffman's wife in "Straw Dogs", a movie in which an American couple moves to the British countryside but doesn't blend in. Sylvia Miles played a short part in "Midnight Cowboy", where Dustin Hoffman acts as an Italian pimp for a Texan would-be gigolo (played by Jon Voight). Katharine Ross plays Elaine Robinson in "The Graduate". Dustin Hoffman's character (Ben Braddock) falls in love with Elaine after having been seduced by her mother.

15. In 1974, Dustin Hoffman played the title role in "Lenny", a mock-documentary about the life of the iconoclastic comedian, Lenny Bruce. Who played Lenny's wife, Honey?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: Valerie Perrine

All of these women starred with Hoffman in early movies, but Valerie Perrine played Honey Bruce. A former Las Vegas showgirl, she brought gritty reality to the part. Some movie fans may recall her better from her part as Lex Luthor's companion Eve Teschmaker in "Superman:The Movie" and "Superman II". Brenda Vaccaro was the dusky-voiced Shirley in "Midnight Cowboy", Susan George was Amy Sumner in "Straw Dogs" and Faye Dunaway was Louise Pendrake in "Little Big Man". "Lenny" was another film that earned a basketful of Oscar nominations, but no gongs, possibly due to the controversial nature of the film's subject. Lenny's anti-establishment politics probably deterred the Academy members even more than his prosecution on multiple charges of obscenity.

16. Men dressing up as women, it's something many actors have done. Dustin Hoffman played an unemployed actor finding work as an actress in "Tootsie". What is the full name of the (fictional) actress played by Dustin?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Dorothy Michaels

At the beginning of the movie, we meet Michael Dorsey (played by Dustin Hoffman), an actor who has just lost his job. When he gets news that a TV station is still looking for someone to play a major part in a hospital series, Michael gambles and presents himself as Dorothy Michaels on the auditions. Dorothy Michaels gets the job and becomes the biggest star in the TV series. Michael (playing Dorothy) meanwhile falls in love with one of his/her colleagues, Julie Nichols (a role of Jessica Lange). When Dustin Hoffman plays Dorothy Michaels, he really behaves as a woman - something most cross dressing actors don't achieve. Dorothy Lamour (1914-1996) was a real actress, best known for her movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) was an American author, most famous for her novel "A Star Is Born". Dorothy Perkins is the brand name of a British fashion company founded in 1909.

17. "All the President's Men" (1976) recounted the bungled wiretap-retrieval attempt at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building, during the 1972 election campaign. What was the name of Dustin Hoffman's character in this movie?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: Carl Bernstein

Richard Nixon was the Republican president running for re-election at the time. He was later forced to resign from the presidency due to this incident and its subsequent concealment. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) were the two 'Washington Post' reporters who uncovered the details. They were alerted to the situation by an anonymous informant whom they knew only as 'Deep Throat'.

18. In the 1976 film 'All the President's Men', Dustin Hoffman played Carl Bernstein alongside which actor's Bob Woodward?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Robert Redford

Based on the book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the film also starred Jack Warden, Hal Holbrook and Jason Robards. Alan Pakula directed the film, which won four Oscars, including a Best Actor in a Supporting Role award for Robards. Hoffman was not nominated for this role.

19. In 'Rain Man', what is Hoffman's problem?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Raymond (Hoffman) has autism.

His brother, played by Tom Cruise, has to learn how to get along with Raymond.

20. Dustin Hoffman won a second Oscar for his portrayal of Raymond Babbitt, an autistic with a fabulous memory. What was the title of this movie?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Rain Man

"Rain Man" premiered in 1988. The movie starts when Charlie Babbitt (played by Tom Cruise) finds out that his deceased father has left Charlie a car and a bed of roses, whilst the rest of the three million inheritance goes to a trust fund. Charlie inquires and finds out the trust fund has been set up for his elder brother Raymond, an autistic needing care. Charlie then fetches his brother in a scheme to get hold of the entire inheritance.

21. Who directed Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier in the thriller "Marathon Man" (1976)?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: John Schlesinger

John Schlesinger, who also directed "Midnight Cowboy" (never being one to shrink from controversial subjects), put Hoffman through his paces in this story of a graduate student (and compulsive runner) who was drawn into a web of international intrigue. Hoffman was Thomas Babington 'Babe' Levy, and Laurence Olivier was featured as former SS dentist Dr. Christian Szell, "the White Angel" of Auschwitz, responsible for one of the most horrifying torture sequences in my memory! Schlesinger was reported to have wanted Al Pacino for the part of Babe Levy, but producer Bob Evans overruled him. He also wanted Julie Christie (whom he had earlier directed to an Oscar in "Darling") for the female lead, but she turned the part down. Mike Nichols directed "The Graduate"; Arthur Penn directed "Little Big Man"; Alan Pakula directed "All the President's Men".

22. In the movie "Hook", Dustin Hoffman played the evil Captain Hook. Who played his nemesis Peter Banning, known in Neverland as Peter Pan?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Robin Williams

"Hook" hit the theatres in 1991. The story involves Peter Banning, a corporate lawyer who once was Peter Pan. When Captain Hook kidnaps Peter's children, Banning reverts to his previous personality and goes after Captain Hook for the final showdown. Robin Williams played Peter Banning, while Julia Roberts impersonated the fairy Tinkerbell. Robin Williams started his career with some TV series, of which the most important is "Mork and Mindy". His movie career before "Hook" includes "The World According to Garp", "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Dead Poets Society". Erroll Flynn (1909-1959) and Cary Grant (1904-1986) were already deceased when the movie "Hook" was shot. Peter Ustinov (1921-2004) never worked with Dustin Hoffman.

23. "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979) concerned a recently-divorced couple and their struggle for custody over their son. Who acted the part of Billy Kramer, the object of their affections?

From Quiz A Dustin Hoffman Retrospective

Answer: Justin Henry

This was Justin Henry's first acting role of any kind, and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the age of 8! The film captured a slew of Oscars: Best Film, Best Screenplay based on another medium (Robert Benton), Best Director (Robert Benton), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Meryl Streep) and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Dustin Hoffman). Howard Duff and George Coe had other roles in the film.

24. Dustin Hoffman received an Oscar for his performance as the autistic Raymond Babbitt in the 1988 film 'Rain Man'. Who directed Hoffman through this landmark performance?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Barry Levinson

Hoffman based his character largely on his observations of Kim Peek, an autistic man living in Salt Lake City. He also observed the behavior of other autistic savants in the process of developing his character Raymond. This was Hoffman's second Best Acting Oscar.

25. Who provided the theme song for 'Midnight Cowboy'?

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: Nilsson

'Everybody's Talkin'.

26. In the series of animated movies "Kung Fu Panda", Dustin Hoffman voiced one of the main characters - an elderly red panda (or raccoon, things aren't that clear). What was the name of this character?

From Quiz The Tales of Hoffman

Answer: Master Shifu

"Kung Fu Panda" is about a giant panda (voiced by Jack Black) who wants to learn martial arts. Although he's quite gluttonous, he turns out to be saviour of the valley. Master Shifu is the red panda or raccoon who trained the Furious Five, allegedly the five best kung fu fighters in the country. Dustin Hoffman voiced Master Shifu. Master Tigress (voiced by Angelina Jolie) and Master Viper (voiced by Lucy Liu) are two of the Furious Five. The other are male voices: Master Monkey (Jackie Chan), Master Mantis (Seth Rogen) and Master Crane (David Cross). The Soothsayer is a Cashmere goat, only appearing in the second movie ("Kung Fu Panda 2", not quite the most original title for a sequel). Her words are voiced by Michelle Yeoh.

27. In which film did Hoffman co-star alongside Julia Roberts and Robin Williams?

From Quiz The Film History of Dustin Hoffman

Answer: Hook

Based on the 'Peter Pan' story by James Barrie, this was not my favorite Hoffman film. However, his performance was typically excellent, despite the lesser quality of the movie. In 2004 Hoffman plays Charles Frohman in the film 'J.M. Barrie's Neverland', a biopic about the author of 'Peter Pan'. Thank you for having played this quiz, I hope you enjoyed it and will try some of my other stuff.

28. Hoffman starred in the Broadway version of this stage classic. (It is available on video.)

From Quiz Dustin Hoffman Movies

Answer: 'Death of a Salesman'

Nice job with a tough role.

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