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Fun Trivia
2 Christopher Walken quizzes and 20 Christopher Walken trivia questions.
  Walken to His Movie Death   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is all about the many different ways that Christopher Walken has been killed in movies. I will give you the character and the way he died and you have to guess the movie.
Tough, 10 Qns, cheeseit223, Apr 07 16
399 plays
  Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A simple premise: I'll provide the year of release and some general imformation about the role Christopher Walken played, including the character's name. You provide the correct movie title.
Average, 10 Qns, oldmanbacon, Aug 15 12
377 plays
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Christopher Walken Trivia Questions

1. In what 1990 movie did Walken play a man named Frank White? He was a paroled criminal struggling to reclaim his place in the world.

From Quiz
Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: The King of New York

"Suicide Kings" also starred Walken as a career criminal under different circumstances, but was released in 1997. "The King of New York" has been called a modern-day twist on the Robin Hood legend.

2. "The Angel of Death" Gabriel has his heart ripped out by Lucifer, played by Viggo Mortensen. What movie does Walken die this gruesome death in?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Prophecy

In all of these movies Walken plays Gabriel "The Angel of Death". "The Prophecy" also stars Elias Koteas and Virginia Madsen and was a 1995 cult hit. Walken also played two other very strange chracters in 1995 in the movies "Wild Side" and "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead". "The Prophecy" follows the Archangel Gabriel as he wages a war on Heaven and needs to steal the evil soul of a U.S. Army general, which has found its way into the body of a little girl.

3. In 1988, Walken played Sergeant Edwin R. Toomey, who was an unstable WWII drill sergeant. The movie was about a young recruit's time in boot camp; what was the title?

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Biloxi Blues

"Biloxi Blues" was an adaptation of an autobiographical Neil Simon work about Simon's time in the army during WWII. The lead was played by Matthew Broderick.

4. Max Zorin falls off a blimp hovering above the Golden Gate Bridge while fighting James Bond. What movie did Christopher Walken play this Bond villain?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: A View to a Kill

All of these are "James Bond" movies but "A View to a Kill" is the only one with Walken as the villain. Grace Jones is also in this movie as Max Zorin's henchwoman May Day. Also it is one of the last Bond movies starring Roger Moore. James Bond investigates a attempt to destroy Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake, thereby winnowing down the world's supply of microchips.

5. Max Shreck is electrocuted when Catwoman kisses him while holding a stun gun between their mouths. What Batman movie is Walken killed in this manner in?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: Batman Returns

This was the sequel of the Michael Keaton "Batman" movies directed by Tim Burton and featured well known Batman characters the Penquin and Catwoman. This role was a dream come true for Walken, who read Batman comics as a child. "Batman Returns" has Batman up against the Penquin as he tries to take over Gotham City while building up his criminal organization. Catwoman also has her own agenda as she plans to take revenge on the sinister Gotham City industrialist Max Shreck, as played by Christopher Walken.

6. Walken had a small part in this landmark 1994 film about characters in the Los Angeles criminal underworld. He played Captain Koons, a military man who returned a family keepsake to his compatriot's son. Name the movie.

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Pulp Fiction

Walken had less than ten minutes of screen time in this classic film by Quentin Tarantino, but he owned the screen in what was essentially a monologue to the audience.

7. In his major studio debut Walken perishes in a fiery van crash, in what 1971 caper movie starring Sean Connery?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Anderson Tapes

These are all Sean Connery movies and this movie was also Connery's first big post-Bond role, as well as Walken's major studio debut. Walken had previously appeared in the low budget Indie release "Me and My Brother" in 1969. In "The Anderson Tapes", Walken plays an unnamed character known as The Kid, who assists Connery in a scheme to burglarize a luxury apartment building in New York City.

8. In 2002, Walken played Frank Abignale, Senior. He was a father trying to maintain a relationship with his son, who was on the run from the federal government for fraud. What was the name of the movie?

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Catch Me If You Can

Walken's son was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who played a con man on the run from the FBI. Based on a true story and directed by Steven Spielberg, the film also starred Tom Hanks as the Bureau man in pursuit of the younger Abignale.

9. Mike Wellington is a robot that gets decapitated in this 2004 big budget remake, also starring Glenn Close, Bette Midler, and Nicole Kidman. What movie is it?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Stepford Wives

All these movies are considered by most people to be Walken's worst or least well known movies. "The Stepford Wives" is a comedy remake of a 1975 horror movie. "The Stepford Wives" is set in a tweedy Connecticut town where all the women have been replaced by cheery and eerily efficient robots.

10. William Cleary was Walken's role in this 2005 movie. He played a powerful man concerned for the well-being of his daughters. It was a very popular film that year. What is the title?

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Wedding Crashers

One of the better comedies of the 2000s, "Wedding Crashers" starred Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, both of whom become romantically involved with Walken's daughters under false pretenses.

11. Ray Tempio is shot and killed by his own brother, in this gangster movie directed by Abel Ferrara and also starring Chris Penn. What movie is it?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Funeral

Walken has played many gangsters in his movie career and quite a few of them have been directed by Abel Ferrara. Walken has said about this movie, "It's a different type of gangster movie. Nobody's particularly sexy or intelligent or romantic or brave or resourceful. There's nothing particularly glamorous about these particular gangsters, which is probably more like the truth." "The Funeral" is set in Depression-era New York City and follows the violent Tempio family as they deal with a sudden death of one of its members.

12. Name the movie: As a man struggling with the paranormal aftermath of a near-fatal car accident, Walken played Johnny Smith in this 1983 film.

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: The Dead Zone

Adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name, Walken's character awakens from a four-year coma to find that he has powers of precognition, and eventually must act on what he knows will come to pass, despite the personal consequences.

13. Hatcher is shot in the gut by a vengeful mine worker in this 2003 action movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sean William Scott. What movie is it?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Rundown

Walken plays a ruthless walking boss of an Amazon gold mine in this action epic. The movie was originally called "Helldorado". Walken plays the heartless tycoon who stands in the way of Beck, a musclebound bounty hunter who travels to South America to retrieve a billionaire's wayward son, played by Sean William Scott.

14. Based on an American short story, what suspenseful 1999 movie credits Walken as the Hessian Horseman? He was a frightening, vengeful creature investigated by a schoolteacher for a series of murders in a gothic New England village.

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Sleepy Hollow

Based on Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and directed by Tim Burton, Walken played the Horseman with a frightening intensity. The movie also starred Johnny Depp as schoolteacher Ichabod Crane.

15. "Uncle Bill" Ferriter gets his head chopped off by a two thousand-year-old Druid mummy that was hidden in his basement. What 1998 horror movie is it?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: The Eternal

All of these are horror movies Christopher Walken appeared in except for "The Omen". With the huge success of the movie "The Exorcist" film makers tried to equal that success with movies like "The Sentinel" and "The Omen". "The Addiction" is another Walken movie directed by Abel Ferrara. Allison Elliot stars as Nora, an Irish expatriate turned American alcoholic, who goes on a trip with her husband to see her old Irish relatives. Walken plays Nora's Uncle Bill. The Druid mummy in his basement comes to life and starts to kill everyone in its path.

16. In what 1992 movie did Walken play Max Shreck? He was a corrupt businessman who teamed up with a disfigured supervillian. They plotted to control the city, but were thwarted by a billionaire vigilante.

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: Batman Returns

The less successful sequel to 1989's "Batman", the movie starred Michael Keaton as The Caped Crusader, Danny DeVito as The Penguin, and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

17. Fox commits suicide by jumping over a balcony to his death in what movie, also starring Willem Dafoe and directed by Abel Ferrara?

From Quiz Walken to His Movie Death

Answer: New Rose Hotel

"New Rose Hotel" marks Walken's fourth collaboration with director Abel Ferrara. It is a neo-noir adaptation of a short story by Science Fiction writer William Gibson. Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe are known as two of the most volatile actors in the business and are often compared to each other in their acting styles. "New Rose Hotel" follows corporate pirates X(Willem Dafoe) and Fox (Walken) as they hatch a plan to make a brilliant geneticist jump from one global multinational to another.

18. Walken played wealthy industrialist Max Zorin, who strived to monopolize global markets, in this 1985 feature. Unfortunately for him, he ran across a legendary Englishman who foiled his plans. What's the name of the movie?

From Quiz Walkenmania - Christopher Walken Roles

Answer: A View to a Kill

The film was Roger Moore's last turn as Agent 007, and who better to play a Bond villian than Christopher Walken?

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