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Fun Trivia
3 Kate Winslet quizzes and 30 Kate Winslet trivia questions.
  The Films of Kate Winslet    
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Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses. I hope you all enjoy this quiz as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Easier, 10 Qns, HarrietJPotter, Jul 16 04
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  Kate Winslet's Films!    
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This is a quiz all about Kate's films. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, 12791, Oct 28 14
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  Kate Winslet's Movies    
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This is a quiz about my favourite actress. I hope you like it.
Tough, 10 Qns, roxannenotroxi, Jan 10 09
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What was the title of the film in which Kate played the role of Madeline LeClerc?

From Quiz "The Films of Kate Winslet"

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Kate Winslet Trivia Questions

1. What was Kate's character's name in her first movie, "Heavenly Creatures"?

From Quiz
Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Juliet

Kate got this film straight after she left drama school, while working at a deli. She actually got the call to say she got the movie, right in the middle of serving a customer. In the film, she played a very imaginative young girl, who became good friends with Pauline Parker. Juliet and Pauline soon realised their relationship went beyond friendship.

2. What was the name of the first film in which Kate starred?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: Heavenly Creatures

Kate played the role of Juliet Hulme, a girl who, along with her friend Pauline Parker, murdered Pauline's mother in New Zealand in the 1950s. Juliet later found fame as a novelist, writing under the name of Anne Perry.

3. In "Sense and Sensibility", Kate played Marianne Dashwood, who also had two sisters. What was her youngest sister's name?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Margaret

Margaret wasn't a very major character in the film, but she was a very entertaining one. The filmmakers were thinking of cutting her from the screenplay, but she provided a good window to a modern audience with the questions she asked. The Margaret in this film, was funny, lively and was quite shy of strangers.

4. In 1996, Kate starred in an adaptation of a Shakespearean play. Which play was it?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Hamlet

This was another period piece for Kate, in which she played Ophelia. The story focused on Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, who was summoned for his father's funeral, who was killed by his own brother, Hamlet's uncle. Luckily he got revenge on his uncle; however it was at the cost of nearly every single life in the film, including his own (depressing)! Kate starred opposite Kenneth Branagh, who played Hamlet. After she made this and "Jude", she was quickly nicknamed "corset Kate".

5. Kate Winslet and Kenneth Branagh act together in "_________".

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Hamlet

This movie is an adaption of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'. Kate plays Ophelia. Kenneth Branagh plays Hamlet. This is a story about monarchy in Denmark. The king, Hamlet's father gets killed and Hamlet's mother and young uncle get married. The plot thickens when Hamlet seeks to understand his father's untimely death.

6. What was the title of the film in which Kate played the role of Madeline LeClerc?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: Quills

Geoffrey Rush starred in this film with Kate, playing the role of the notorious Marquis de Sade. The film told the story of de Sade during his time of imprisonment and traced his slide into mental illness.

7. In the 1997 phenomenon, "Titanic", Kate played a trapped upper class girl called Rose, but what was young Rose's surname (when she was a passenger on the ship, before it sank)?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: DeWitt Bukater

She mentioned it when Jack saved her from committing suicide, and they exchanged names. His reaction to it was, "I'm gonna have to get you to write that one down." Although Rose had three names in the movie- DeWitt Bukater, Dawson and Calvert, DeWitt Bukater is used for the majority of the movie. Rose's character was a very trapped upper class lady, who was forced into an engagement with a man she didn't love.

8. Which Kate Winslet film also starred Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: Sense and Sensibility

This film was an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel of the same name. It told the story of a recently widowed woman and her three daughters. Kate did an excellent job as Marianne Dashwood, and certainly deserved her Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

9. Kate plays the role of Ruth Barron in the movie "________".

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Holy Smoke

"Holy Smoke" was set in both India and Australia. It is all about a young Australian woman Ruth Barron who wants to return to India and marry her guru but her family is against it and so hire P.J. Waters, an American programming expert to change her mind.

10. In which film did Kate play the younger version of a Judi Dench role - the film which earned her her third Oscar nomination?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Iris

She played the young Iris Murdoch, opposite Judi Dench who portrayed the old Iris Murdoch, who was a famous novelist. She died tragically of Alzheimer's when she was 79. The story basically focused on how the young Iris became very popular with the people around her because of her thoughts about life. She eventually found love with a man, whom she married and spent the rest of her life with.

11. In which of her films did Kate star with Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Caine?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Quills

Kate plays the role of Madeline LeClerc. The story covers the life of the Marquis de Sade. The Marquis is in an asylum when the movie takes place and Kate plays a laundress who works in the asylum. She helps to get de Sade's writings out to the people.

12. Who starred with Kate in the film 'Hamlet'?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: Kenneth Branagh

Kate played the role of Ophelia in this movie. Hamlet is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, and Kenneth Branagh drew on his vast experience of the Bard when filming it.

13. In "Finding Neverland", what was J.M Barrie's dog called?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Porthos

The name was heard a couple of times in the movie, one of them in the park when J.M Barrie put on a bear show for the children and their mother. Peter accused James of being absurd because Porthos was "just a dog". His response was "Porthos dreams of being a bear, and you want to dash those dreams by saying he's just a dog?"

14. Kate stars in the film 'The Life of David Gale'. Who plays the role of Dr. David Gale in the movie?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Kevin Spacey

Kate plays the role of Elizabeth 'Bitsey' Bloom. Dr. David Gale is a popular devoted Texas professor who suddenly finds himself facing death for the murder of Constance Harraway. Kate plays the role of a reporter in the film.

15. What was Kate's character's name in "Romance and Cigarettes"?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Tula

This was another small, independent film that Kate made, in which she played a woman who hadn't met the man of her dreams yet, and fell in love with a married man. Kate mastered yet another accent in this film, this time a Manchester accent. Kate played this fiery, early thirty something red head, who was a very lost soul. She fell in love with a married man who was entirely unavailable to her. She was completely fixated on him.

16. What is the name of Rose's fiancée in the movie 'Titanic'?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Caledon Hockley

Cal Hockely is played by Billy Zane. As a wedding present for Rose, he purchased one of the most valuable diamonds in the world, the legendary blue stone known as the Heart of the Ocean.

17. Rose DeWitt Bukater was the name of Kate's character in which film?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: Titanic

Kate admitted to suffering a great deal from homesickness while filming 'Titanic', and was especially delighted when her mother joined her on location. The true story of the sinking of 'Titanic' has been told several times. This James Cameron version was fairly true to life, although the characters of Rose and Jack were fictional.

18. Where did Kate's character go on holiday in "The Holiday"?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: LA

This was one of the few comedies Kate has made. It focused on two women who had both lost the men in their lives, and decided to do a home exchange with each other over the Christmas holidays. Kate played a 30 something woman who lived in London, and had just found out that the man she had loved for 3 years was now engaged. She was devestated and decided to go on a home exchange to cure her sadness. Cameron Diaz played the other female role who went to Kate's house in Surrey.

19. Who plays the role of Rose (Kate)'s lover in 'Titanic'?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Leonardo Di Caprio

Titanic is the story of the two true lovers, Rose and Jack. They first meet when Rose tries to kill herself by jumping off the edge of the ship. Jack saves her and the two got acquainted. Later, Rose's mother tries to stop her from meeting Jack. Yet, the two manage to meet. Jack dies at the end of the movie and Rose is saved as she holds onto a floating plank.

20. Who played the lover of Kate's character, Sara, in "Little Children"?

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Movies

Answer: Patrick Wilson

Kate played the role of Sara in this dramatic movie, "Little children", which focused on the life of an unhappy mother and wife, Sara. She eventualy met a father in the local playground, however this meeting blossomed into a passionate love affair. Patrick Wilson played the father, who was also married. He's been in films like, "Phantomn of the Opera", "Passengers" and "Hard Candy".

21. Kate plays the role of _______ in the movie 'Hideous Kinky'.

From Quiz Kate Winslet's Films!

Answer: Julia

Kate plays Julia, a mother who takes her two daughters to Marakesch in the 1970's. Julia is seeking an escape from England and a failed relationship.

22. What was the name of the diamond given to Kate's character in the film 'Titanic'?

From Quiz The Films of Kate Winslet

Answer: The Heart of the Ocean

Just near the end of the film, the diamond is thrown into the ocean by the older Rose. From the beginning, Rose was aware that the main object of the expedition was to find the missing gem. By throwing it into the water, she effectively closed the book, not only on the story of her experiences, but also on the search for the necklace.

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