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Fun Trivia
5 Spider-Man 2 quizzes and 50 Spider-Man 2 trivia questions.
  10 Questions about Spider-Man 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is on the sequel to the amazing first movie. Good luck.
Average, 10 Qns, diamondjim68, Aug 12 05
4219 plays
  Multiple Choice Quiz about Spider-Man 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This movie is fantastic, much like the first. Some questions may refer to the comics. Enjoy the quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, kpenney182, Nov 08 04
2954 plays
  Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will feature questions, mostly about quotes, but also some other aspects of the second movie of the "Spider-Man" series. Have fun.
Tough, 10 Qns, deadchicken, May 23 07
1308 plays
  The Web of "Spider-Man 2"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The followup to the blockbuster hit "Spider-Man" brings a new story, a new villain, new relationships, and tons of action! See if you can climb the web of "Spider-Man 2"! Note: Some questions require knowledge beyond the theatrical release.
Difficult, 10 Qns, alienjoe, Nov 19 04
3137 plays
  Quoting "Spider-Man 2"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will list a quote from the movie "Spider-Man 2", and you tell me which character said the line(s). Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Aug 10 11
262 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What part of Dr. Octavius' brain controls the robotic tentacles?

From Quiz "Spider-Man 2"

Spider-Man 2 Trivia Questions

1. Who said, "Now...let's see who's behind the mask."?

From Quiz
Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Harry Osborn

After Dr. Octopus managed to capture Spider-Man, he brought him all bound up to Harry Osborn. Earlier in the film, Harry promised him tritium in exchange for Spider-Man. Harry wanted revenge on Spider-Man as he believed he was responsible for his father's death. When he removed the mask, he was shocked to find it was Peter.

2. Why was Peter fired from his job at the pizza parlor?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: He was late in making a delivery

Peter was late for work and his boss rushed him into making a delivery. On the way, he transformed into Spider-Man to save two kids from getting hit by a car. He was late in the delivery and the customer refused to pay.

3. What was the opening scene in the original script?

From Quiz The Web of "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Dr. Octavius is abducted by a giant robot

While a strange scene (that I'm glad was cut), the movie originally began with Dr. Octavius being captured by a giant robot, and saved by Spider-Man. This can be found online and in the official novel based on the original script of "Spider-Man 2".

4. Dr. Otto Octavius' robotic arms are "impervious" to...

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Magnetism

Being impervious to magnetism is the major reason why Doc Ock doesn't get sucked into the fusion process himself.

5. Who yelled, "We have to shut it down! Please tell me how!"?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Spider-Man

At the end of the movie, Spider-Man confronted Dr. Octopus who had a machine destined to destroy New York City. After defeating him in a duel, Spider-Man encouraged Dr. Octopus to shut the machine down and therefore save the city and its people. He instructed Spider-Man on how to go about closing it down.

6. What is the topic of the paper Peter is planning to write for Dr. Connnors' class?

From Quiz Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Fusion

This is revealed in the following conversation between Dr. Connors and Peter on the university campus. Peter is late to class and meets Connors, who has just finished teaching. Connors informs Peter that his paper is overdue; a paper Peter plans to write on Otto Octavius, who is a friend of Connors'. Fusion is the topic of Otto's study and Peter's paper. Harry later introduces the two so they can discuss Otto's experiment. Connors: "Your paper on fusion is still overdue." Peter: "I'm planning to write it on Dr. Otto Octavius." Connors: "Planning is not a major at this university. Get it done. Or I'm failing you."

7. How much money did Aunt May give Peter for his birthday?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: $20.00

Peter was reluctant to take the money because Aunt May had to sell her house due to her financial troubles. His landlord took it because Peter's rent was a month overdue.

8. What toppings were on the slice the man took from the stack of pizzas Peter was delivering?

From Quiz The Web of "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: None, just cheese

Spider-Man snatched the slice with webbing just as the guy was about to take a bite.

9. What part of Dr. Octavius' brain controls the robotic tentacles?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Cerebellum

The cerebellum is where thoughts take place, hence the reason why Dr. Octavius can control his "arms" simply by thinking where he wants them to go. The thought-control chip is destroyed in the accident, which leads to Dr. Octavius' insanity.

10. Who uttered, "After all these years, he's nothing to me but an empty seat."?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane won a role in a production and she asked Peter to attend a showing of it one evening. Peter arrived after the show began and was not admitted into the auditorium. After the show, Peter spoke to Mary Jane and apologized to her but she chided him on disappointing her.

11. Complete the quote by the usher, portrayed by Bruce Campbell. "Helps ________ the ________."

From Quiz Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: maintain, illusion

The usher obnoxiously tells Peter this while refusing to allow Peter in to see MJ's play, and after requiring Peter to tighten his tie and tie his shoelace. This usher, played by Bruce Campbell, has cameo appearances in all three "Spider-Man" films. The usher refuses to admit Peter because he thinks Peter will disrupt the play by making noise, thereby destroying the illusion of the play. Usher: "Oh, I'm sorry, sir. No one will be seated after the doors are closed. Helps maintain the illusion." Peter replies: "Miss Watson? She's a friend of mine. She asked me to come." Usher: "But not to come late." The usher never does let Peter in.

12. What did Peter do with the $300.00 that J. Jonah Jameson gave him for the photo of Spider-Man?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Betty Brant took it

Betty Brant was Mr. Jameson's secretary. Peter borrowed money from her so she took it as payback. She touched his cheek and told him to keep his chin up.

13. Who stated, "Oh, she'll be just fine. Let's talk."?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Dr. Octopus

Spider-Man went on the hunt for Dr. Octopus as he needed to rescue Mary Jane from him. When he confronted him, he asked about Mary Jane so Dr. Octopus mentioned she was fine. Then, the two of them began to fight.

14. Who introduced Peter to Otto Octavious (Dr. Octopus)?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Harry Osbourne

Peter was writing a thesis on Dr. Octavious for Professor Connors' class. Dr. Octavious was doing a presentation for Oscorp, the company Harry inherited from his father. A fusion mishap transformed him into Dr. Octopus.

15. What was the primary reason Doc Ock turned to a life of crime?

From Quiz The Web of "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Mind control by his mechanical arms

As Otto explained to a woman before the demonstration, the inhibitor chip gave him control of the arms. When the chip was destroyed, the smart arms took control, fooling him into thinking his actions weren't criminal.

16. Who offered, "I'll give you $150.00 for all of them!"?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: J. Jonah Jameson

During a scene, Jonah was at "The Daily Bugle" when he was confronted by Spider-Man and he offered him some pictures for the newspaper. Jonah told him he would give him $150 for them so Spider-Man asked for $300. Jonah accepted the offer.

17. What, in Otto's opinion, is "more complicated than advanced science"?

From Quiz Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: T. S. Eliot

After showing him the fusion experiment, Otto tells Peter that his wife Rosie was studying T.S. Eliot when they met in college. This conversation takes place while Peter, Otto, and Rosie are having tea. Otto: "I still have no idea what he was saying." Rosie: [skeptical noise] Otto: "I'm serious! T.S. Eliot is more complicated than advanced science!" Otto never states why he thinks Eliot is more complicated, but it can be assumed that it's because Otto is a scientist and is therefore bad at English, as stereotype would dictate.

18. Why couldn't Peter get in the theater to see Mary Jane's performance?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: The usher wouldn't let him in because he was late

Mary Jane was counting on him being there. On the way, he had to transform into Spider-Man to stop a fight between the police and some criminals. He called to apologize to her but she refused to pick up her phone, and before he could finish explaining to her he ran out of minutes.

19. What power source did Otto's experiment rely on?

From Quiz The Web of "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: tritium

Tritium is a rare radioactive hydrogen isotope with atomic mass 3 and half-life 12.5 years. While it is often used as a constituent of hydrogen bombs, it would take a large amount of it to be harmful to a human if ingested.

20. Who claimed, "Well, the world's full of great big jerks."?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: John Jameson

In one scene, John was spending some time with Mary Jane and she mentioned to him her refusal to invite Peter to the wedding. John was confused since he thought Peter was a good pal of hers. Mary Jane simply said she believed that, too, but learned he was a jerk. John simply said the world had too many jerks.

21. When Peter told his Aunt May what happened on the night of Uncle Ben's death, how did she react?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: She went upstairs to her room

Aunt May was very lonely without her husband Ben and Peter was feeling guilty about not stopping his killer. She was shocked, at first, over what Peter told her, but she eventually forgave him and told him she still loved him.

22. Stan Lee made a cameo appearance in "Spider-Man" as a bystander at the World Unity Festival. When did he appear in "Spider-Man 2"?

From Quiz The Web of "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: During Doc Ock's first robbery

In the credits, he was referred to as "man dodging debris". He can be seen pulling a woman out of the way of a big piece of debris.

23. Who said, "I heard Spider-Man was there."?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Joseph "Robbie" Robertson

After news broke out of an explosion at Dr. Otto Octavius's facility, Jonah wondered why there were no pictures available for them to use to run a story about it. Robbie, Jonah's assistant, stated that Spider-Man was there and perhaps had pictures. Jonah got upset so he fired Robbie but immediately hired him back.

24. What is the name of Harry Osborn's butler?

From Quiz Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Bernard

The butler's name is only mentioned once, and he only has two lines in the movie, although he has a slightly larger role in the "Spider-Man 3". His lines are, "Good night, sir" and "Your father only obsessed over his work." His name is mentioned by Harry Osborn when he says, "Good night, Bernard."

25. What was the first thing that happened after Peter decided (temporarily) that he wasn't Spider-Man anymore?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: A guy was mugged in an alley

Being Spider-Man was taking a toll on Peter's personal and academic life. He was flunking out of college. He lost his job at the pizza place. He was also breaking a lot of promises he made to his friends.

26. What is Peter's primary source of income at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Pizza Delivery Boy

The opening "action" scene shows Peter delivering a pizza the best way he knows how, as Spider-Man of course.

27. Who exclaimed, "Oh, have I been wrong about you!"?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: May Parker

Midway through the film, Dr. Octopus broke into a bank and attacked May. During a scuffle, Dr. Octopus and Spider-Man fought and Spider-Man managed to save May. May had been critical of Spider-Man based on the negative stories run about him by "The Daily Bugle" but May mentioned she was wrong on her perception about Spider-Man.

28. Who does Peter have to answer to at his job at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz Spider-Man 2

Answer: Mr. Aziz

Peter's job is on the line because he keeps showing up late. He's given one final pizza delivery to prove himself, but he fails, even trying to pull it off as Spidey. I thought this would be a good question for those who think they were paying attention to the movie.

29. Who yelled, "Here's your change!"?

From Quiz Quoting "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Spider-Man

While Peter was at the bank with his Aunt May, Dr. Octopus crashed and started robbing the place. Peter ran off, suited up as Spider-Man and did battle with him. As Dr. Octopus threw bags of coins at him, Spider-Man grabbed one and flung it back at him.

30. What is the name of J. Jonah Jameson's assistant, the one who comes up with the name "Doctor Octopus"?

From Quiz Ultimate "Spider-Man 2"

Answer: Hoffman

This is revealed when Jameson yells "Hoffman!" and Hoffman instantly appears in the doorway of Jameson's office, to Jameson's surprise. Jameson calls Hoffman to suggest names for the "new villain in town." The name Hoffman suggests - Jameson proceeds to take all credit for.

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