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3 quizzes and 35 trivia questions.
  15 Questions on Toy Story 3   top quiz  
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"Toy Story 3" was a wonderful movie and I decided to make a quiz on it. Enjoy!
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Apr 08 22
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  "Toy Story 3" Fun   great trivia quiz  
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Test your knowledge on "Toy Story 3" with this quiz! Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, Feb 04 11
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  Test yourself! Toy Story 3 Quiz    
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The toys are back in this 2010 Disney adventure.
Average, 10 Qns, pennie1478, Aug 13 20
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Aug 13 20
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trivia question Quick Question
From the toys already at the daycare, which toy was the first to mention the arrival of Andy and Molly's toys?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3"

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Toy Story 3 Trivia Questions

1. While in the toy box, whose cell phone did Woody call with the help from the Army soldiers?

From Quiz
Toy Story 3

Answer: Andy's cell phone

The Army soldiers were able to get Andy's cell phone into the toy box so Woody could call on the home phone. Andy searched the toy box for the phone and blamed Molly for playing with it. The toys were upset that Andy didn't acknowledge them, but Rex was thrilled that Andy picked him up.

2. Which toy did Andy initially select to take to college?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Woody

Andy's mom told him to clean out his room. There was a box for things to take to college, a box for the attic, and trashbags. Andy put all of the other toys together to be stored in the attic and put Woody in the college box.

3. Andy's mom wanted to donate some of Molly and Andy's toys to what daycare center?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Sunnyside

Sunnyside Daycare Center had a rainbow on the front sign. All the toys, but the Army soldiers were in the donation box. Woody told the other toys that daycare was a sad and lonely place. The Army soldiers decided their time at the house was over and parachuted out Andy's window.

4. At the beginning of the movie, who called for a staff meeting with the toys?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Woody

The toys were all together in Andy's room so Woody decided it would be best if he called for a staff meeting with them. He instructed Slinky to gather the toys and Slinky told him it seemed as if all of them had been gathered. Woody first spoke about how all the toys had to know it was not their duty to be played with as often as possible but to be there for Andy.

5. What was the name of the daycare where the toys ended up?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Sunnyside

Although Sunnyside seemed like a good place at first, the toys soon realized that the little kids could be rough when playing. At Sunnyside there were two rooms that we knew about, the butterfly room and the caterpillar room. The caterpillar room had toddlers and the butterfly room had older kids. Woody, who went with the toys to the daycare, tried to escape, but the other toys decided to stay there.

6. From the toys already at the daycare, which toy was the first to mention the arrival of Andy and Molly's toys?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Jack-in-the-box

The toys left the donation box after the woman dropped the box off in one of the rooms. Jack-in-the-box was the first to holler out that there were new toys. Woody and the others were greeted by the toys already at the daycare center. Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear introduced them to everyone and Ken gave them a tour of the area. He fell head over heels for Molly's Barbie.

7. Molly was first seen putting which toy of hers in a box to be dropped off at the daycare center?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Barbie doll

Molly's mom told Molly that she should donate some of her toys since she had so many and that they could come into good use at the Sunnyside daycare center. Molly then went through her room to put toys into the box which she would prefer be donated to the daycare center. One toy she was seen putting into the box to go to Sunnyside was her Barbie doll.

8. What was the name of the toy leader at the daycare?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Lotso

Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear, or Lotso for short, seemed nice and fair at first, but then the toys found out that he was actually mean and a tyrant. Lotso made it so no toy could escape the daycare. He had many toys that helped him keep the toys in check.

9. In what room did Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear tell Woody and the others that they would be living while at the daycare?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Caterpillar room

With the exception of Woody, the toys were excited to find out they would be staying in the caterpillar room and that they would always have children. Woody decided he couldn't stay at the daycare and left to catch Andy's mom before she left. After Woody left, the toys found out that the caterpillar room wasn't as fun as Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear said it was going to be.

10. When the toys got to the daycare, who was the first to be excited to see there was a playground?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Jessie

The toys got inside a box in the back of Andy's mom's car to be dropped off at the daycare center. While Andy's mom was taking them inside, all the toys peeked from a hole in the box to see the daycare facility. Jessie looked and noticed there was a playground outside and she expressed glee over this.

11. What was the name of the little girl who took Woody home?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Bonnie

Bonnie's mother worked at Sunnyside. When Woody was trying to escape from Sunnyside he got stuck in a tree. Bonnie found him and took him home. Bonnie played with Woody and her many other toys.

12. After a failed attempt at escaping the daycare center, where was Woody found by a little girl named Bonnie?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Hanging from a tree

Bonnie's mom worked at the daycare center where Woody and his friends were donated. Woody wanted to go back to Andy so he left the daycare center. In his attempt to make it back to the car, Woody became stuck in a tree. Bonnie found him when she was following her mom out to the car. She stuck Woody in her backpack and took him home with her.

13. Lotso introduced himself to Andy's toys. Who was the first toy he hugged?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Buzz Lightyear

The box which contained Andy's toys was set inside the play room at the daycare facility and it was while the kids were outside at recess that the toys got out of the box. The other toys at the daycare facility were glad to see them and then Lotso came in to introduce himself. When Buzz Lightyear went to shake his hand, Lotso gave him a big hug.

14. Lotso got Buzz to join his side at one point. How did he do that?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: He switched him to demo mode.

Lotso got Buzz Lightyear's instruction manual from the bookworm. Lotso and his gang unscrewed Buzz's back and switched him from play mode to demo mode. Lotso told Buzz that he was part of Star Command and that Andy's toys were on Zurg's side.

15. Due to mouthy behavior, which of Andy's toys did Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear have sent to the sandbox?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear had Andy's toys put into containers that simulated prison cells. Because Mr. Potato Head mouthed off, Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear had Big Baby put him in the sandbox. Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear had Buzz's factory setting reinstalled so that Buzz would follow his commands.

16. Which toy had his/her own dream house?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Ken

Ken decided to take Andy's toys on a tour of the Sunnyside daycare facility and eventually he showed them his big dream house. He mentioned that there were several rooms inside the dream house such as a disco room and one to try on new clothes. Barbie commented on how he seemed to have everything but Ken said he did not have anyone to share his things with in regards to his dream house.

17. When Woody, still at the little girl's house, found out that the daycare was a bad place for toys, he decided to go back and rescue his friends. How did he get back?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: He went in the girl's backpack.

When Bonnie put her backpack in her cubby the next day, Woody came out and climbed up into the ceiling. Woody ended up talking to a telephone toy that had been at the daycare for a while. He told Woody the only way out was through the trash chute.

18. What toy did Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear tell the toys was his "eye in the sky"?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Monkey with cymbals

The monkey with cymbals had tv monitors set up that could see the entire daycare center and alert Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear if there were problems. After sneaking back into daycare, Woody and Slinky used tape to tie up the monkey with cymbals.

19. On the first day at the daycare facility, which toy complained about losing a part?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Rex

On Andy's toys' first day of being played with by the kids at the daycare center, they all got exhausted by how active the children were during playtime. After playtime ended, the toys were seen complaining about injuries they sustained during the playtime. Rex was seen looking for his tail since he lost it.

20. What kind of animal toy watched the televisions in the security room?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: monkey

The monkey watched the surveillance cameras at night for Lotso. Whenever a toy tried to escape the monkey would turn on the intercom, smash his cymbals, and screech. Woody and Slinky taped up the monkey so they could escape without him telling Lotso.

21. What happened to Buzz when his reset button was held down longer than five seconds?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Buzz spoke Spanish

The gang tried to fix Buzz using his manual, but his reset button was held down longer than five seconds and Buzz began speaking Spanish. Buzz stayed that way until a broken TV set landed on him in the trash truck and he reverted back to his normal self.

22. Which toy told Woody the story about how Lotso became a mean toy?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Chuckles

Woody played with the toys at Bonnie's home for some time and he mentioned Sunnyside daycare to them. While he was there, one of Bonnie's toys, Chuckles, informed him of how Lotso became a mean toy. He mentioned to him the day when he, Lotso and Big Baby were all toys who belonged to a kid named Daisy and Daisy accidentally lost them. All three of the toys went to Daisy's home one night and peeked into her bedroom window and noticed she had new toys, which caused Lotso to snap. Lotso, Big Baby and Chuckles made it to Sunnyside one day and Lotso became the tyrannical ruler of all the toys there. Chuckles was easily identifiable as he was the only toy Bonnie had which was a clown. Lotso was a teddy bear while Big Baby was a doll.

23. What accidently happened to Buzz when Andy's toys were trying to get him back to normal?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: They put him in Spanish mode.

Barbie got Ken to tell her what Lotso had done to Buzz. Then Barbie, pretending to be Ken, got the instruction manual from the bookworm. Woody told Rex to use his finger to press the reset button. But Rex held down for too long and Buzz was put into Spanish mode.

24. Who told Barbie about the instruction manual which could be used to fix Buzz Lightyear?

From Quiz "Toy Story 3" Fun

Answer: Ken

Earlier on in the film, Buzz was held captive by Lotso's men and switched to demo mode so he could obey Lotso's orders along with those of his men. In one scene, Barbie tied up Ken and threatened to destroy his entire wardrobe unless he told her how to fix Buzz Lightyear. According to Ken, the way to fix Buzz was to read the instruction manual associated with him. Barbie managed to get the instruction manual.

25. While the toys were escaping inside, Mr. Potato Head had escaped from the box, but without his body. What type of food did the the toys give Mr. Potato Head to put his parts on?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: a tortilla

They slid the tortilla under the door for Mr. Potato Head. He stuck all of his pieces into the tortilla. Later a pigeon came and pecked at him. He managed to scare the bird away, but the tortilla fell apart. He then went to the garden and used a cucumber as a body.

26. On his way to college, Andy delivered the box of toys to Bonnie. What was the first toy Andy took out of the box to show Bonnie?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Jesse

When Andy sat down on the ground with Bonnie, he opened the box of toys to introduce Bonnie to them. The toys Andy pulled out of the box in order were: Jesse, Rex, Potato Heads, Slinky, Hamm, the Aliens, Buzz Lightyear, and Woody.

27. After going down the garbage chute, Andy's toys were confronted by Lotso and his gang. Lotso and most of Andy's toys end up in the dumpster. Which of the toys from Andy's house stayed behind at the daycare?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: Barbie

Barbie ended up staying behind with Ken. Barbie helped run the daycare with Ken. Meanwhile, the toys in the dumpster were lifted and dumped into the garbage truck.

28. While in the dumpster, what fell on Buzz, that helped him regain his memory?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: a small television

When the garbage truck started to dump more dumpsters into it, the toys rushed to the wall. But Jessie was stuck and Buzz rushed to help her. On the way back to the other toys Buzz saw a T.V. falling from the dumpster. Buzz, holding Jessie, threw her to safety but was smashed by the T.V. When the toys dragged him back out, he had his memory back.

29. At the landfill, the toys ended up on a conveyor belt and, even though Lotso had a chance to save them, he did not. So the toys ended up in an incinerator. What saved them?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: The aliens, operating the claw, lifted them out.

The aliens had been separated from the others when they first made it to the landfill. They went to the claw's operating room and used it to pick up their friends. They dropped them near the exit.

30. What happened to Lotso at the end of the movie?

From Quiz Toy Story 3

Answer: A garbage man tied him to the front of his garbage truck.

When Lotso was walking near the road out of the landfill, a garbage truck stopped and a man picked him up. He said that he had a bear like that when he was younger and tied him to the front of his truck. There were other stuffed animals on the front with him and one told him to keep his mouth closed.

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