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Musical Instruments in Songs Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
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Musical Instruments in Songs Trivia

Musical Instruments in Songs Trivia Quizzes

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13 quizzes and 135 trivia questions.
Picking my Guitar Song
  Picking my Guitar Song    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Guitars in the Song Title
Each song title includes the word guitar. Can you match each title with the artist who recorded it in the year indicated?
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Feb 18 24
looney_tunes editor
Feb 18 24
181 plays
  Orchestral Oboes or Others    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Ten songs with musical instruments in the title. There are no oboes though so I've replaced all the instrument names with it. Just match the song with its real instrument.
Easier, 10 Qns, Midget40, Feb 05 24
Midget40 gold member
Feb 05 24
102 plays
  Swinging Little Guitar Man   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
A quiz is all about songs with musical instruments in the title.
Average, 15 Qns, Christinap, Aug 01 15
2565 plays
  Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A Rock and Roll band usually consists of guitars, bass drums and maybe keyboards. Someone sings. This Phoenix Rising team quiz looks at unusual instruments used only occasionally in rock bands.
Average, 10 Qns, 1nn1, Nov 24 20
1nn1 gold member
Nov 24 20
366 plays
  Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments 2   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A Rock and Roll band usually consists of guitars, bass drums and maybe keyboards. Someone sings. This Phoenix Rising team quiz looks at unusual instruments used only occasionally in rock bands.
Average, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Nov 30 20
pollucci19 gold member
Nov 30 20
327 plays
  Let There be Drums   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Drums, and other percussion instruments, have featured regularly in song titles. Here are ten of them.
Average, 10 Qns, rossian, Dec 03 17
rossian editor
Dec 03 17
304 plays
  The Guitar Love Affair   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
So many songs are about the love of a guitar--the comfort or joy that it brings. See if you can answer a few questions about songs that focus on the guitar.
Average, 10 Qns, alaspooryoric, Jun 01 16
alaspooryoric gold member
287 plays
  Sing an Instrumental Song   great trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
You're not really going to sing instrumentals - that wouldn't work. You will need to match the songs which mention a musical instrument with the performers who sang about them. Good luck.
Average, 10 Qns, rossian, May 26 16
rossian editor
350 plays
  Horn-heavy Pop Music    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some pop musicians and groups relied on brass instruments for some or all of their music. Here is a quiz about some of them. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, Trivia_Fan54, Dec 11 22
Trivia_Fan54 gold member
Dec 11 22
194 plays
  Musical Instruments in Song Titles   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A mixed bag of questions about well-known songs and tunes that contain the name of a musical instrument in their titles. All chart references etc are UK based.
Average, 10 Qns, Mutchisman, Jan 06 08
1503 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What was the name of the hit song recorded in 1967 by the Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt on vocals?

From Quiz "Swinging Little Guitar Man"

  Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some bands and singers through the years have had similar names as the names of musical instruments or equipment.
Average, 10 Qns, shanteyman, Dec 12 12
403 plays
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Tintinnabulation is defined as the ringing sound of bells. For your entertainment here are ten songs that have the word bell in the title. Just match artist to song.
Average, 10 Qns, gme24, Mar 23 17
gme24 gold member
265 plays
  Instruments to Sing About    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Instruments are used to create music. Here we will meet instruments that were sung about.
Average, 10 Qns, gme24, May 30 16
gme24 gold member
238 plays
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Musical Instruments in Songs Trivia Questions

1. The UK band Sailor was famous for their use of the nickelodeon. What was their first UK hit to feature this instrument?

From Quiz
Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments 2

Answer: Glass of Champagne

Sailor was a four-piece UK band that first formed in 1973. Their co-founder Georg Kajanus developed his version of a nickelodeon with pianos, synthesisers and glockenspiels. Using this instrument and taking it on tour allowed the band to faithfully recreate the music from the recording studio, on stage. "Glass of Champagne" was the group's first hit, reaching number two on the UK charts and number one in Ireland in 1975. The song was off their second studio album "Trouble" which also featured their second hit "Girls, Girls, Girls". The original nickelodeon, apart from an early movie theatre, was a coin-operated piano embellished with percussion, bells and whistles. Leith90, who is quite partial to a glass of bubbles herself, was singing along while writing this question. Cheers!

2. Jim Reeves sang about 'Distant Drums' in a 1966 hit record. He also mentioned another musical instrument in the lyrics. Which one?

From Quiz Let There be Drums

Answer: Bugle

Originally recorded by Roy Orbison, 'Distant Drums' gave Jim Reeves a posthumous hit - he died in 1964 in a plane crash. The song describes the singer hearing the sound of drums in the distance, letting him know that he will soon be called upon to fight in a war. The military connection is carried on, with the words 'I hear the sounds, of bugles call'. The singer is imploring his girlfriend to marry him before he is called up.

3. The Standel Company formed in 1952 and made guitar amplifiers in Temple City, California. Which city did The Standells sing about in their 1966 hit, "Dirty Water"?

From Quiz Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.

Answer: Boston

The Standells formed in 1963 in Los Angeles. After various members joined and left the group they landed a record deal with Liberty Records in 1964, switching to Vee-Jay and MGM while releasing singles and appearing on television programs. They also appeared in Teen movies such as "Get Yourself a College Girl" (1964). They signed with Capitol Records in 1965 and released the US Billboard Number 11 hit "Dirty Water", an anthem about Boston's Charles River. The Standel Company gradually became known for quality guitar amplifiers and received endorsements from many prominent musicians. In the early seventies they were plagued by a shipment of faulty transistors that ultimately led to their demise. The company reformed in 1997. Although the names are similar the group took its name from standing around waiting for bookings.

4. "Guitar Man" was sung by Elvis, but who wrote it?

From Quiz Swinging Little Guitar Man

Answer: Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed was a session guitarist and songwriter. In 1967 he wrote and recorded "Guitar Man" and had some success with it, reaching number fifty three on the country music charts. Elvis Presley released a cover version in the same year, which was only a minor hit for him. Some years later, in 1981, it was re-released with a new arrangement. This went to number one on the country chart and number twenty eight on the Billboard Hot Hundred chart. Question by Christinap

5. Which guest guitarist is featured on The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?

From Quiz Musical Instruments in Song Titles

Answer: Eric Clapton

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was a George Harrison track on The Beatles' 'White' Album. A different version without Eric Clapton and with George playing acoustic guitar is available on The Beatles' "Anthology 3" album.

6. Chuck Mangione was definitely a horn-heavy pop musician because most of his songs didn't even contain lyrics. Which brass instrument is he most famous for playing?

From Quiz Horn-heavy Pop Music

Answer: Flugelhorn

Chuck Mangione is a renowned jazz musician who was born in Rochester, New York. He learned how to play the trumpet at a young age, but eventually moved to the flugelhorn. The flugelhorn is a brass instrument that looks quite similar to a trumpet, but is slightly larger. It is usually tuned to B flat like a trumpet, but the flugelhorn has a much more mellow sound. Mangione was a performer and a composer of jazz music. Although he wrote "Give it All You Got" (theme for the 1989 Winter Olympics) and the soundtrack for the film "The Children of Sanchez" starring Anthony Quinn, he is most famous for the song "Feels So Good". The single of that song was released in 1978. Despite being released at a time when most pop music had sing-along lyrics, the instrumental "Feels So Good" reached Number four on the US Billboard Hot 100 weekly chart, and Number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100 yearly chart.

7. This cool instrument is used in chamber music, military marches, jazz, but In 1978 Raphael Ravenscroft played it in one of the best opening riffs in rock music. What instrument helped take 'Baker Street' to the top of the charts?

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments

Answer: Saxophone

'Baker Street' was named after a real thoroughfare in London, the same street where Sherlock Holmes' fictional rooms were. Band leader Gerry Rafferty had just parted company with his previous band, Stealers Wheel ('Stuck In The Middle With You'), and wrote the song mainly out of frustration with the long-winded legal proceedings involved in the breakup. He was staying with a friend who lived in Baker Street. The plaintive eight-bar riff is one of the most recognisable in popular music, and marked a distinct crossover from jazz to pop. Although it is generally made of brass, the saxophone is classified as a woodwind instrument. It was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1846, and comes in various sizes- the smaller the size, the higher the pitch. Saxophones were an early feature of rock and roll, via the big band era and rhythm and blues. But they faded as mainstream instruments and were used occasionally for riffs rather than full-time melodies. Some bands, however had a full-time saxophonist, Clarence Clemons of The E Street Band being arguably the most well known. A lagerphone is a very Australian instrument and consists of a lot of bottle caps (preferably beer bottles), loosely nailed to a broomstick, and shaken. This questions was penned by team member ozzz2002 who might now "settle down In some quiet little town / And forget about everything".

8. T. Rex invited us to 'Bang a Gong (Get in On)' in the 1970s. What was the name of their lead singer?

From Quiz Let There be Drums

Answer: Marc Bolan

All the singers listed are associated with the 'glam rock' era. Brian Connolly sang for The Sweet, Les McKeown for The Bay City Rollers and Noddy Holder for Slade. T. Rex were at the forefront of the movement, and 'Bang a Gong (Get it On)' was just one of many hits for the band. Others include 'Jeepster' in 1971 and 'I Love to Boogie' from 1976. Marc Bolan, real name Mark Feld, was killed in a car accident in 1977.

9. In 1991 the Prodigy sang "Little bit of WIDGET / Little bit of raas / Charly says WIDGET / Charly says raas". Which stringed instrument goes in the spot occupied by the widget?

From Quiz Instruments to Sing About

Answer: Bass

The lyrics are from the song "Charly" that was a track on the album "Experience". The song was released as a single in 1991 in the UK and in 1992 in the USA. Alfaia and atabaque are percussion instruments from Brazil.

10. Jim Sundquist and Phil Humphrey formed a duo calling called themselves The Fendermen because they both played Fender guitars. What was the title of their only US Billboard Top Ten hit in 1960?

From Quiz Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.

Answer: Mule Skinner Blues

Jim Sundquist and Phil Humphrey were both students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fifties. They formed a duo using two Fender guitars plugged into one amplifier. They were such talented guitar players that a bass player wasn't necessary. They recorded "Mule Skinner Blues" for a small label called Cuda Records. When the song became popular locally it was distributed nationally by Soma Records and became a Number Five US hit. "The Old Lamplighter" was released by The Browns in 1960. Jerry Wallace had a Top Forty single with "Little Coco Palm" in 1960 and "Mission Bell" was a 1960 recording by Donnie Brooks.

11. Who recorded "Hurdy Gurdy Man"?

From Quiz Swinging Little Guitar Man

Answer: Donovan

A hurdy gurdy is an instrument that resembles those that used to be played by organ grinders. It is played by a combination of turning a handle and pressing keys. Donovan wrote and recorded "Hurdy Gurdy Man" in 1968. It reached number four on the UK singles chart. Question by Christinap

12. Who wrote and sang "The Piano Man"?

From Quiz Musical Instruments in Song Titles

Answer: Billy Joel

The Piano Man" is the title track from Billy Joel's successful 1973 album. It became something of a signature track for Billy and an integral part of his concerts.

13. Which band member wrote "Lucretia MacEvil" and "Spinning Wheel" for the horn-heavy group Blood, Sweat & Tears?

From Quiz Horn-heavy Pop Music

Answer: David Clayton-Thomas

The group Blood, Sweat & Tears (BST) was formed in 1967. The group has had a number of different lead singers over the years, but has always made a horn-heavy impression on the music of the day. David Clayton-Thomas was BST's second lead singer, with the first being Al Kooper. Clayton-Thomas was a Canadian vocalist with a powerful voice that matched all of the horns that backed him up. He was also a songwriter who wrote some powerful horn music such as "Spinning Wheel" and "Lucretia MacEvil". On the first album that Clayton-Thomas appeared within the group, three singles went to Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. These include "You've Made Me So Very Happy", "Spinning Wheel", and "And When I Die". Each of these songs features a strong horn presence. This album beat out the Beatles' album "Abbey Road" for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 1970.

14. What was The Beatles' debut hit featuring John Lennon playing the harmonica?

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments 2

Answer: Love Me Do

This was, arguably, the first rock record to feature the harmonica. Originally released in the UK in 1962, it only managed to get to number seventeen on the UK Singles chart. It did better in the US when it was released two years later, topping the Billboard Hot 100. Paul McCartney and John Lennon both provided the vocals, and Lennon was the harmonica player. According to the "The Beatles Anthology" (2000, page 45) he (Lennon) was playing a harmonica he'd stolen from a Netherlands music shop. Lennon cited Frank Ifield's "I Remember You", with its harmonica intro, as being an influence. Interestingly there were three versions of "Love Me Do" recorded, each with a different drummer. The version that went to number one in the USA featured Andy White on the drums, while Ringo Starr played the tambourine. smpdit admits to kicking her son's harmonica under a cupboard, where it languished for many years. She doesn't think the music scene suffered from this act of kindness.

15. The Lemon Pipers sang about a tambourine of which colour in their hit record?

From Quiz Let There be Drums

Answer: Green

This was the biggest hit for the band, reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1968. It also reached the top ten in the UK, Australia and Canada. The lyrics are written from the point of view of a busker, asking passers by to 'drop silver' into the tambourine, before stopping to listen to him playing the instrument and its 'jingle jangles'.

16. In 1976 Lou Reed sang "I'm banging on my WIDGET, I'm banging on my WIDGET/ I'm banging on my WIDGET boy, I'm having lots of fun". Which percussion instrument goes in the spot occupied by the widget?

From Quiz Instruments to Sing About

Answer: Drum

The lyrics are from the song "Banging on My Drum" from the album "Rock and Roll Heart". Koudi and dizi are woodwind instruments from China.

17. The Stereos had a US Top Forty hit in 1959 with "I Really Love You". Which former Beatle recorded the song on his "Gone Troppo" album in 1982?

From Quiz Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.

Answer: George Harrison

"Gone Troppo" was George Harrison's ninth studio album. After releasing the album Harrison did not engage in promoting it and so it became his worst selling album. He took a five year hiatus from recording albums after it was completed. "Gone Troppo" peaked at Number 108 on the US album charts. Leroy Swearingen became a member of The Stereos and composed "I Really Love You" as a follow up to the band's flop debut single "A Love for Only You". Swearingen left the group shortly before the song was released. "I Really Love You" topped out at Number 29 on the US Billboard charts. Although the band continued releasing singles for another ten years they never enjoyed another Top Forty success.

18. Which British comedian had a hit record with "Love Is Like a Violin"?

From Quiz Swinging Little Guitar Man

Answer: Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd is a stand up comedian from Liverpool. He also has a good singing voice and over the years has made several records. "Love Is Like a Violin" was his first hit single, reaching number eight in the UK Singles Chart in 1960. Other songs with which he is associated are "Happiness" and "Tears". Question by Christinap

19. Which horn-heavy band takes its name from a mid-western city that sits on Lake Michigan?

From Quiz Horn-heavy Pop Music

Answer: Chicago

All of the bands listed as options in this question are actual bands named after places in the US. However, Chicago is the only one that is named after a city that sits on the shore of Lake Michigan. When they formed in 1967, they started out calling themselves The Chicago Transit Authority, but shortened their name to Chicago in 1969. Their horns have accompanied them on most of their hits, including "If You Leave Me Now", "25 or 6 to 4", "Colour My World", and "Saturday in the Park". As with most larger bands, some of the musicians have changed over the years, but there have been a few core members who stuck with the band before retiring in 2018. The band continued after that with replacement members. Chicago has received many honours over the years including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2016), a Madison Square Garden "Gold Ticket Award" (for drawing over 100,000 people there over the years; 1977), City of Chicago Medal of Merit (1976), Grammy Hall of Fame (for The Chicago Transit Authority; 2014), Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2020), five various Grammy Awards over the years, and two American Music Awards for Favourite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group (1977; 1986). As a side note, if you are into horn-heavy music, Chicago performed a concert in 2004 with Earth, Wind & Fire that is available on DVD.

20. The Stranglers emerged from the punk era in 1981 with a monster hit called "Golden Brown". What was the featured instrument in this song that made it so unique in a rock song?

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments 2

Answer: Harpsichord

The Stranglers were having trouble keeping a record contract in 1980 as their punk origins were no longer de rigueur. The band's keyboardist Dave Greenfield had been trying to foist this passage of music on the group for two years without success. One day at Mr Greenfield's abode, he played the piece on his harpsichord, a piece of furniture that was too big to put on stage. Hugh Cornwall finally took notice and wrote deliberately vague lyrics that could have been about a girl with a tan or heroin. The result was The Stranglers' biggest hit. Aside from the unique sound of the harpsichord, the song also has an unusual time signature of 6/8, at times, changing to 7/8. This was revealed by Hugh Cornwall when interviewed by Brian Nankervis on Australian Broadcasting Commission's "Friday Review" in 2019. In the same interview, he also admitted that the song was about both his "experimentation with illegal substances" and about his current partner, the girl with the golden skin. This question was submitted by 1nn1 as a tribute to Dave Greenfield who contracted COVID-19 whilst in hospital for an unrelated condition and subsequently died on May 3, 2020. Rest in Peace, Mr Greenfield.

21. AC/DC used bagpipes to great effect in which song, that no longer features in their live performances?

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments

Answer: It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)

AC/DC are an Australian rock band, formed in 1973. Subject to a lot of band member changes, they have however survived the test of time. Bon Scott, the lead vocalist 1974-1980, had been in a pipe band in his youth. He was persuaded to play the bagpipes on the track, despite being a drummer not a piper. He died in 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson. Johnson refuses to perform 'It's a Long Way to the Top' live, out of respect for his predecessor. The track was ranked as number five of the most Australian songs of all time in 2018. Bagpipes are classified as a woodwind instrument. Firmly linked with Scotland, but actually found throughout Europe, Northern Africa and some parts of Asia, they are composed of pipes, a chanter and a reservoir bag. This question has been written by smpdit who has been reliably informed that it is customary to change the lyrics when singing along, to: 'It's a long way to the shop, if you wanna sausage roll'.

22. 'Bang the Drum All Day' was a minor hit in 1983 for which American musician, who might be better remembered for producing Meat Loaf's mega-selling hit album 'Bat out of Hell'?

From Quiz Let There be Drums

Answer: Todd Rundgren

I hope I'm not doing him a disservice, but the name of Todd Rundgren always conjures up for me the sound of the motorbike he created by playing his guitar on the iconic Meat Loaf album. Rundgren's list of accomplishments is huge, with songwriting, the playing of numerous instruments, singing and producing among them. To measure his achievements by chart success undervalues them greatly, and his contribution to rock music is immense.

23. In 1994 ELO Part II sang "Blue WIDGET / Play for me your saddest melody / WIDGET / Play for me your saddest melody". Which stringed instrument goes in the spots occupied by the widget?

From Quiz Instruments to Sing About

Answer: Violin

The lyrics are from the song "Blue Violin" from the album "Moment of Truth". The song was written by group members Kelly Groucutt and Mik Kaminski and runs for an amazing one minute and ten seconds! Conga and crotale are percussion instruments.

24. Ovation manufactured amplifiers, guitars and other musical effects equipment beginning in the sixties. Which 1968 B.J. Thomas hit did The Ovations release in 1972 and Blue Swede also cover in 1974?

From Quiz Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.

Answer: Hooked on a Feeling

"Hooked on a Feeling" went to Number Five when originally recorded by B. J. Thomas in 1968. The song featured a sitar, a popular instrument in the sixties. Thomas released the Mark James composition from his "On My Way" album. The Ovations recorded a cover version in 1972 and Blue Swede had a hit version produced by Jonathan King featuring "ooga chaka" chants. The Ovations were a Rhythm and Blues band based in Memphis. "Baby I'm for Real" was a 1969 single by The Originals. "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City" was a 1969 Number 34 single by Nilsson and Engelbert Humperdinck took "I'm a Better Man" to Number 38 the same year.

25. Which grunge-era band immortalized Seattle street performer Artis the Spoonman on a track also credited with propelling them into the mainstream?

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments 2

Answer: Soundgarden

Written by frontman Chris Cornell, "Spoonman" was released as the first single from Soundgarden's 1994 album, "Superunknown". It featured the spellbinding spoon playing and passionate performance of Artis the Spoonman. Born Roger Leroy Wensel, Artis legally changed his name in 1988 after (apparently enjoying) a trip to the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. Artis was not entirely unknown to the world before working with Soundgarden. He had already collaborated with Frank Zappa in the early 80s and made a guest appearance on Letterman. But "Spoonman" definitely raised his profile. Not only did he perform a solo on the track, but the accompanying music video featured him prominently, with the band only appearing as still photographs. "Spoonman" was a smashing success, earning a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1995. Phoenix Rising team member JCSon made a real mess trying to play spoons before finishing his ice cream.

26. Flute features prominently in most Jethro Tull music. Which album was initially conceived as a parody of "concept albums" but is now considered a masterpiece of that genre? It is one long song split over two sides of an LP.

From Quiz Zooming in on Unusual Rock Instruments

Answer: Thick as a Brick

Ian Anderson was the frontman and flute maestro of the band. "Thick as a Brick" was presented as if it was an epic poem written by an 8-year-old boy, Gerald Bostock. Some audiences didn't "get the joke" and thought Gerald was an actual person instead of a figment of Anderson's prodigious imagination. As well as playing the flute, Anderson also plays keyboards, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, bouzouki, balalaika, saxophone, and harmonica. This question was piped in by Phoenix Rising team member pusdoc.

27. 'Violins and Tambourines' appeared on 'Graffiti on the Train', a 2013 album by which Welsh band, led by vocalist Kelly Jones?

From Quiz Let There be Drums

Answer: Stereophonics

Stereophonics are among Britain's most successful bands, with hits including 'Have a Nice Day' and 'Handbags and Gladrags', both in 2001, and 'Dakota' in 2005. They may not be so well known across the pond, though, so I gave you a couple of clues. They are the only Welsh band listed, and the other bands offered as options have Chris Martin (Coldplay), Liam Gallagher (Oasis) and Damon Albarn (Blur) as lead singers.

28. In 1979 Crime sang "Yeah it looks like murder / Yeah it looks like murder / Murder by WIDGET one two three / Murder by WIDGET in the first degree / Murder by WIDGET". Which stringed instrument goes in the spots occupied by the widget?

From Quiz Instruments to Sing About

Answer: Guitar

The lyrics are from the song "Murder by Guitar" from the album "San Francisco's Doomed". The album contains 20 tracks that were recorded in 1978 and 1979. Damphu and dhimay are percussion instruments from Nepal.

29. Epiphone manufactured the Regent Amplifier in the sixties. Which US Top Twenty song did The Regents record in 1961 that has been covered by The Beach Boys, The Who and other bands?

From Quiz Artists with the Same Name as Musical Equipment.

Answer: Barbara Ann

Fred Fassert wrote "Barbara Ann" and when his brother's group recorded the song in 1961 it topped out at Number 13. The song became a hit in the New York area and Roulette Records picked it up for national distribution. The Regents followed it with the Number 28 "Runaround". The Beach Boys first recorded "Barbara Ann" for their 1965 "Beach Boys Party" album. The following year The Who also recorded a version that was later featured in the 1979 film "The Kids are Alright". "Runaround Sue" was done by Dion. "Peggy Sue" was by Buddy Holly and "Donna" was by Ritchie Valens.

30. Which classical composer wrote the music for the opera "The Magic Flute"?

From Quiz Musical Instruments in Song Titles

Answer: Mozart

Mozart's "The Magic Flute" had its opening performance in Vienna in 1791. The original libretto was penned by Emanuel Schikaneder and was sung in German. "The Magic Flute" was the penultimate of Mozart's 22 operas to be performed.

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