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  Queen for Nine Days   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
And the award for the shortest time spent as Queen of England goes to ... Lady Jane Grey! Let's see how much you know about this beautiful but unfortunate young woman.
Average, 10 Qns, ElusiveDream, Jan 24 16
417 plays
  Lady Jane Grey   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Lady Jane was queen for a very short time and was executed at the age of sixteen. I hope it is not too difficult.
Average, 10 Qns, padal21, Feb 27 09
3039 plays
  The Nine Days Queen   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
There is but one other quiz on the woman that deserves a million. She died for what she believed in. She only ruled for nine days. She was Lady Jane Grey, The Nine Days Queen.
Tough, 15 Qns, sfcagals, Feb 14 15
1487 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Despite being sentenced to death, Lady Jane's life was initially going to be spared. What happened that made things change?

From Quiz "Queen for Nine Days"

Lady Jane Grey Trivia Questions

1. In which century was Lady Jane born?

From Quiz
Queen for Nine Days

Answer: sixteenth

The sixteenth century ran from the year 1501 to 1600. Lady Jane and her sisters were the great-nieces of King Henry VIII. While the exact date of birth is unknown, it's believed Lady Jane was born sometime in late 1536, the same year that Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn, was executed. Others say she was born in 1537.

2. Jane Grey was the daughter of Lord Henry and Lady Frances Grey. They were the duke and duchess of which county?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Suffolk

Lady Jane Grey's mother was the daughter of Mary Tudor (Henry VIII's sister) and Charles Brandon. Her father had been the Marquess of Dorset before becoming a duke through marriage. This made Lady Jane Grey fifth in line for the throne, after Edward, Mary and Elizabeth.

3. What relation was Lady Jane to Henry VIII?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: great-niece

Lady Jane was the great-niece of Henry VIII through her maternal line. Her mother Frances was the daughter of Henry's younger sister Mary.

4. What was Jane's religion?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: Protestant

Jane had a very strict upbringing and, through the influence of her parents, became an ardent Protestant. She also had a good wider education.

5. When Henry VIII's son Edward became king what did he do that most affected the life of Lady Jane Grey?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: He changed the order of succession, making her next in line for the throne

When Edward became king he changed the order of succession, making Jane Grey next in line for the throne. This angered Mary greatly, as Jane Grey was a devout Protestant.

6. Jane had two younger sisters, Katherine was one. Who was the other?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Mary

Mary was a dwarf.

7. On what date in the year 1553 did Jane marry Lord Guildford Dudley?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: May 25th

Guildford's father, John, Duke of Northumberland, was an ambitious man. He knew that if one of Edward's half-sisters took the crown, he would most likely lose his high position (and his head along with it). Therefore, he arranged with Jane's parents for her to marry his last unmarried son. The event ended up being a triple wedding with both Jane's and Guildford's younger sisters also marrying (Catherine Grey to Henry Herbert, Katherine Dudley to Henry Hastings).

8. Jane Grey was the ward of two people. Who were they?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Katherine Parr and Thomas Seymour

Originally Jane Grey came to live in the country manor of the dowager queen, Katherine Parr, under her guardianship. After Katherine's death Thomas Seymour, the Lord Admiral, bought her wardship for 2000 pounds. After he was executed for treason in 1549 she retired home.

9. Where did Jane live for most of her life?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Bradgate

She lived there until she was ten. She lived a lonely and unloved childhood, however she was well educated.

10. Rather than naming his half-sister, Mary, as his successor, Edward VI chose Lady Jane. Why?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: Mary was Catholic

Mary, a Catholic, was next in line to the throne. Edward, however, was a Protestant, and he didn't want Catholicism to return to England. Therefore, Mary was declared illegitimate. Doing this meant that Edward would have to say that his other half-sister, Elizabeth, was also illegitimate, despite her being a Protestant. In early 1553, Edward became terribly ill. As he lay dying, he composed a document titled "My Devise for the Succession" in which he named his first cousin, Lady Jane (and any sons she may have), as his successors. Edward died on July 6th, 1553.

11. What was Jane Grey's main interest?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Education

Jane Grey was well educated and taught to speak and read Latin, Greek, French, Italian and English. When she was 12 years old, John Aylmer became her tutor. With him she probably studied the reformers and their work, as well as music and other things. Some historians think, based on the letters that he wrote her that he may have fallen in love with her while teaching!

12. Jane was sent to court at the age of nine to live under the guardianship of whom?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Catherine Parr

When Catherine died in childbirth in 1548, Jane was the chief mourner at her funeral.

13. At whose funeral was Lady Jane Grey the chief mourner?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Katherine Parr's

When Katherine Parr died of complications of childbirth a week after her child Mary was born, Jane, now 11 years old, was the chief mourner for this friend that she loved so dearly.

14. Who did Jane marry on the 25th May 1553?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Guilford Dudley

She was promised to Edward but he died on 6 July 1553 aged 15 years. He had always been weak and sickly. Edward named Jane heir to the throne in his will.

15. When was Mary confirmed as the rightful Queen by parliament?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: September 1553

As soon as Mary became aware of Edward's death, she journeyed to East Anglia to gather her supporters. John Dudley knew he needed to isolate or capture Mary and left London with troops on July 14th. However, in his absence, the Privy Council changed their allegiance. On July 19th, Mary was proclaimed Queen. In September, Parliament named Mary as the rightful Queen and revoked Jane's claim to the throne.

16. Jane married Guildford Dudley on May 25th, 1553. Who was the engineer of the union?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: John Dudley

John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland realized that the king was ill and dying and if Mary or Elizabeth got the crown he would lose power, so he, now the Lord Protector, convinced Edward to change the order of succession. So John Dudley married his dull son, Guildford Dudley, to Jane, so that, when she became queen, he would become king. Most evidence shows that Jane disliked him rather strongly.

17. How long was Jane queen?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Nine days

Jane was proclaimed Queen on 10 July and was deposed on 19 July. She never wanted to be Queen. Her ambitious parents along with those of her husband sought to keep a Protestant monarch on the throne.

18. On November 13th, 1553, Lady Jane and her husband were put on trial for high treason. Where did the trial take place?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: Guildhall, London

Two of Lord Guildford's brothers along with Thomas Cranmer, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, were also put on trial. As was expected, all were found guilty and sentenced to death.

19. When Edward died Jane became queen, against her own wishes. She did not attend the council meetings. Who stood in her place?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Her father

Not much happened during Jane's reign that was of Jane's own doing. She did not attend the meetings of the council, she did not plan to capture Mary, and she did not choose her army. Her absence from the Council meetings, attented instead by her father, left her like a virtual puppet to John Dudley. He did the work, but called her responsible. Much as she despised him, she couldn't avoid him.

20. Jane and her husband were imprisoned in the Tower of London. On what date were they executed?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: 12 February 1554

On 11 February, Guildford requested a meeting with Jane, she refused as "it would disturb the holy tranquility with which they had prepared themselves for death". From Britannia Biography of Lady Jane Gray.

21. Despite being sentenced to death, Lady Jane's life was initially going to be spared. What happened that made things change?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: a Protestant rebellion

With Mary proclaimed Queen, Lady Jane and her husband were imprisoned in the Tower of London. Initially, Jane's life was going to be spared, until January 1554, when it became known that Mary planned to marry King Philip II of Spain. Thomas Wyatt the Younger led a rebellion that was supported by Jane's father and uncles. This was what sealed Jane's fate, as the plan was to have Mary overthrown and Jane re-instated as Queen. However, the rebellion failed.

22. What did Guildford want that Jane would not give him?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: the title of "King"

It was taken for granted that Guildford would be made king by Jane after she was made queen, but Jane refused to make him anything but king consort. This angered Guildford and he threw something of a tantrum and brought his mother, the duchess of Northumberland into the room, who called Jane names. The people did not really hate Jane, but they hated Northumberland and his son. This was probably the reason for later problems.

23. Mary I told Jane she would free her if she did what?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Convert to Catholicism

Jane refused to convert and give up her Protestant religion.

24. When the people heard that Jane was queen, many of the Protestants went to Mary's side. Why did 3,000 or so Protestants go to the devout Catholic's side instead of the devout Protestant's?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Because they hated Northumberland and Mary promised religious tolerance

Mary raised an army of 3,500 or so men against Jane. To recruit Protestants she falsely promised religious tolerance, which was later broken when she burned and beheaded them, thus giving her the nickname of "Bloody Mary."

25. Lady Jane's lady-in-waiting gave her gloves and handkerchief to her before she was beheaded. What was her name?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: Mrs Ellen

She handed her Prayer Book to Sir John Brydges.

26. Eleven days after Jane's execution, another member of her family was executed. Who?

From Quiz Queen for Nine Days

Answer: Her father

On February 23rd, 1554, Jane's father, Henry Grey, First Duke of Suffolk, was beheaded after being convicted of high treason for the part he played in Thomas Wyatt's rebellion.

27. Jane was defeated easily, and accepted Mary as the rightful queen. She had been queen for nine days. She did not get out so easily however. What happened to her shortly after Mary became queen?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: She was arrested

Mary arrested Jane and kept her in the Gentleman Jailer's house, next to Beauchamp Tower. Mary believed that it would be wrong to execute Jane, because she had been a pawn of Northumberland. It was something she played no part in, however, that finally put the seal on her fate.

28. Where is Lady Jane buried?

From Quiz Lady Jane Grey

Answer: St Peter-ad-Vincula, Tower of London

Jane's body was left exposed on the scaffold for 4 hours while Dr Feckenham sought permission for her to be buried in the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula.

29. Who was sent to convert Jane to Catholicism ?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Dr. Feckenham, Abbott of Westminster

Mary sent her private chaplain to Jane to try to 'save her poor soul,' or convert her to Catholicism. Interestingly enough it was Dr. Feckenham who postponed her awful fate and even persuaded Mary to call off the whole thing if Jane converted.

30. Though Jane was sentenced to beheading, Mary said that it would not be carried out. By whom was she sentenced?

From Quiz The Nine Days Queen

Answer: Judge Morgan

Jane was sentenced by judges to beheading, although Mary said it would not happen. Something, however, changed Mary's mind, for it most certainly did happen.

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