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4 Mary I quizzes and 45 Mary I trivia questions.
  Mary I   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of the most unhappy of English Queens, Mary I has come down as a tragic figure.
Average, 10 Qns, tripeuro, Jan 15 23
Jan 15 23
2615 plays
  "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Mary Tudor got kind of a bad rap, being remembered to history as 'Bloody.' Do you know anything else about her and the people around her?
Tough, 20 Qns, rosieloo, Mar 27 09
1255 plays
  Bloody Mary    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the most hated queen in English history.
Difficult, 10 Qns, LiamR, Jun 11 12
1795 plays
  Bloody Mary!    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
A short quiz about the notorious Mary the First of England.
Average, 5 Qns, angiel, Dec 07 03
4264 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How old was Mary when she became Queen?

From Quiz "Bloody Mary!"

Mary I Trivia Questions

1. Mary's beloved governess was later condemned to death by the king. What was her name?

From Quiz
"Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Lady Margaret Salisbury

Margaret Salisbury had a particularly bloody execution - both she and the executioner panicked and she ended up being hacked to death. Jane Rochford was the wife of Anne Boleyn's brother, a scheming woman largely responsible for the most damning evidence against both her husband and Anne. Lady Margaret Shelton was a cousin of Anne Boleyn's, and she was rumored to be a mistress of Henry VIII's, though recent evidence has shown that it was her sister in bed with the king. Katherine 'Kat' Ashley was a beloved Tudor governess, it is true, but she was Elizabeth's governess and thusly hated by Mary.

2. Who were the parents of Mary I?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York were the grandparents of Mary I. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were the parents of Elizabeth, Mary's half-sister. Henry VIII and Jane Seymour were the parents of Edward VI, Mary's half-brother.

3. What was Mary's father's nickname for her?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: His little pearl

There is an erroneous story that depicts Queen Jane Seymour urging Henry to call Mary back to court and calling her 'your chiefest jewel in England'. Henry reputedly pats Jane's pregnant belly and says, "Nay, Edward, Edward!" This cannot by true, however, as the particular time was far too early for Queen Jane to be pregnant with the future Edward VI.

4. Mary had to overthrow Queen Jane Grey to get her throne. Well, actually, she had to overthrow Jane's father-in-law, who was using Jane to try to get the power in England. What was his name?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: John Dudley

John Dudley became King Edward's regent and persuaded him to change the succession to Lady Jane Grey in an illegal action. He then married his son (Guildford) to Jane and hoped to be the power behind the British throne. Unfortunately for him, neither Jane nor the English people felt like cooperating. Robert Dudley was the name of John's other son; he is thought to be the lover of Elizabeth I. Edward Dudley is not real, that I am aware of. Or, at least, I made him up.

5. Who taught Mary Spanish?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Katherine of Aragon

Katherine taught Mary Spanish in preparation for the latter's marriage to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain (Charles later pulled out of the marriage, infuriating Henry). Vives was a Spanish humanist, and taught Mary her other subjects. More was a friend of Henry VIII's, but it is doubtful that he spent much time with Mary. Cardinal Wolsey was thoroughly English, and it is unlikely that he even spoke Spanish.

6. Mary's motto was 'Veritas temporis filia,' which means...

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Truth is the daughter of time

It makes sense if you know that 'filia' means daughter. It is rather interesting that her motto is 'Truth is the daughter of time,' because she was largely reviled after her death; it is only recently that historians are seeing her good points, and not just her religious fanaticism.

7. In 1554, Mary married Philip, the King of Naples. As a child, she had been betrothed to a relative of Philip's. Who was that relative?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: his father

Mary had been betrothed as a child to Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. This betrothal was more a political move than a real one since the difference in their ages meant that Charles was unlikely to wait until Mary became old enough to marry. Philip, son of Charles V had been created King of Naples so that he would be of equal rank to his bride. When Charles V abdicated in 1555, Philip became Philip II, King of Spain.

8. Mary had the Archbishop of Canterbury tried as a heretic and burned. That Archbishop had married her father Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn and had instigated many of the Church reforms under Edward VI. Who was he?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: Thomas Cranmer

Nicholas Ridley was also burned by Mary I but he was Bishop of London. William Laud was Archbishop of Canterbury under Charles I. He was executed as a result of the Civil War. Reginald Pole, one of the last of the Plantagenets, was the cardinal who assisted Mary in the restoration of Roman Catholicism in England. He was her Archbishop of Canterbury. He died of natural causes.

9. When Jane Grey was declared Queen, Mary fled to her house called Kenninghall. When an army began to assemble there, Mary decided to move to a better fortified place. Which castle was it?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Framlingham

Soon after Mary went to Framlingham, 15,000 men had arrived to fight for her. She rode up and down to inspect them, but when her horse was frightened by gunfire, she walked on foot. She had to walk several miles before she reached the end of the line.

10. Mary was willing to pardon Lady Jane Grey if she would meet one simple condition. What was it?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Convert to Catholicism

Jane was a strong Protestant and refused to comply with Mary's condition. She was therefore beheaded, and revered as almost a martyr in the Protestant community.

11. To what Church did Mary belong?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: Roman Catholic Church

The Anabaptists were a radical Protestant sect that were persecuted by fellow Protestants as well as Catholics. The Henrician Church was essentially Catholic with the exception of acknowledging the king as its head rather than the Pope. Interestingly enough, in order to re-establish links with Rome, Mary had to accept the position as Head of the Church. She argued that her reforms were simply returning worship to that of her father Henry VIII. Edward VI was nominally Lutheran, on other words a Protestant.

12. When Northumberland realised that Mary had triumphed over Jane, he pathetically attempted to save his own life. Where did he declare Mary queen?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Cambridge

As he cried "God save Queen Mary", Northumberland filled his hat with gold coins and threw them into the air. Nobody was fooled and he was arrested soon after.

13. Mary's Spanish husband led her to make what political move that turned out to be a disaster in public opinion?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: War with France

Philip was never popular in England; 'his' French war only made things worse.

14. Many English monarchs have nicknames. What is Mary's nickname?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: Bloody Mary

Under Mary, religious persecution arrived in England in full force. According to most records, however, about 300 were burned at the stake for refusing to recant the "new religion".

15. Who was the Imperial ambassador when Mary became queen in 1553?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Simon Renard

Renard was a very intelligent man, and urged Mary to execute the members of Queen Jane's regime, including Queen Jane and her husband Guilford. Mary, however, was determined to be merciful.

16. How many times did Philip visit England to be with his Mary?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: twice

He was in England to marry Mary I in 1554. That time he was in England from July 17 1554 until August 29, 1555. In 1557, due to the fact that he wanted to ensure English support in a planned campaign against France, he returned to his wife, conditional upon English support in his coming war. This visit was shorter, from March 18, 1557 until July 6 of the same year.

17. On what date in 1554 did Mary marry Philip of Spain?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: 25th of July

They were married in Winchester Cathedral. Philip wore a white doublet and breeches, with a gold cloak lined with red satin. Mary was dressed all in black (charming attire for a bride! She should have taken a leaf out of Philip's book!), with a cloak to match her husband's.

18. As a result of a joint Anglo-Spanish war against France, England lost its last toehold in France. What was the name of that toehold?

From Quiz Mary I

Answer: Calais

The island of Jersey remains part of the Channel Islands, a dependency of the (British) Crown. Originally it was part of the Duchy of Normandy. Dunkirk, which was English from 1658-62, was the scene of the British evacuation in World War II and Dieppe was the scene of a Canadian raid on occupied France in the same war. In the time of the Tudors Calais was the only remaining part of mainland France under English control. Calais was the scene of the Field of the Cloth of Gold when Henry VIII met Francis I of France. Mary is alleged to have said that when she died, they would find Calais engraved on her heart.

19. In the final version of her will, whom did Mary instruct her subjects to obey?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Elizabeth, her sister

She signed this version of her will on 6 November 1558, only a few days before her death.

20. Which English cardinal became one of Mary's closest advisors?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Cardinal Reginald Pole

Reginald Pole was the son of Lady Salisbury, Mary's governess, and at one point a candidate for marriage with the queen. However, after her mother's persecution, he fled to Rome and became a cardinal. Upon his return, he became one of Mary's closest advisors. Thomas Wolsey was perhaps the most influential man in the early court of Henry VIII; Thomas Cramner and John Foxe were both Protestant bishops that Mary had burned for heresy.

21. Who is buried beside Mary in Westminster Abbey?

From Quiz Bloody Mary

Answer: Elizabeth I

An inscription at the joint tombs reads: "Consorts both in throne and grave, here rest we two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary, in the hope of one resurrection."

22. In what year did Mary die?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: 1558

Mary died after a five-year reign, the third in a series of Tudor monarchs (Edward, Jane Grey, and Mary) who had a very short reign. This was a vast contrast to her sister's rule, which lasted over forty years. Her closest advisor, Reginald Pole, died only a few hours after she did.

23. Mary was tempted to pass over Elizabeth in the succession in order to give the crown to what other Catholic monarch?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Mary, Queen of Scots

All of these monarchs were at some point Catholic; Mary of Scots was her first choice. Cousins, the pair shared an extremely strong conviction in their faith and were both persecuted for it. Mary of Scotland was eventually overthrown, largely for her Catholic faith. Philip was Mary's husband; Henry was Mary of Scots father-in-law; and Christina of Sweden came a little bit later. She was an interesting figure - she was technically 'king' of Sweden. She later abdicated in order to convert to Catholicism, something not permitted of the leader of Sweden.

24. What major British city or territory was lost during Mary's reign?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Calais

Calais was captured by the French during the ill-fated war. The city was the last English stronghold on the Continent, and its loss only added to the unpopularity of the war. Ireland had been granted independence during Henry VIII's reign, but the Catholic monarchs did not recognize this autonomy, and Mary was called Queen of Ireland as well as of England.

25. Mary publicly stated on several occasions that she did not believe Elizabeth's father to be Henry VIII. Instead, she asserted that what man, executed for adultery with Anne Boleyn, was the father?

From Quiz "Bloody" Queen Mary Tudor

Answer: Mark Smeaton

All of these men were executed for adultery with the queen; an act of treason. However, history tends to regard these charges as trumped up and merely an excuse to get rid of her. Mary asserted that Mark Smeaton was Elizabeth's father, a double insult, because he was only a low-born lute player.

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