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Fun Trivia
5 Albert Einstein quizzes and 50 Albert Einstein trivia questions.
  Relatively Einstein   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is a practical look at the greatest mind of the 20th century. The questions are not about specific years and relatives, but of significant moments, influences and relativity. The extra info contains some great insights to Einstein.
Tough, 10 Qns, Bertho, May 24 13
2291 plays
  Young Albert Einstein    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Einstein is one of the most recognizable figures of our time. Find out a few facts about this wonderful scientist's childhood with a few easy questions about his life with info taken from the biography, "Young Albert Einstein," by Lawrence Santrey.
Tough, 10 Qns, StarGlider, Jun 27 17
Jun 27 17
1744 plays
  Albert Einstein's life   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The most spectacular and extraordinary scientist in world history. You'll find here some easy questions about him and his life.
Tough, 10 Qns, krzys44, Sep 17 17
Sep 17 17
1832 plays
  The Life of Albert Einstein    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about one of the most famous scientists ever to have lived.
Difficult, 10 Qns, kristian88, May 24 18
May 24 18
1383 plays
  Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Albert Einstein was one of the greatest human minds of the 20th century. Some of his ideas on science, nature, and religion may surprise you. See what you know and can learn from this exceptional man.
Difficult, 10 Qns, jstagamtome, Apr 19 11
1423 plays

Albert Einstein Trivia Questions

1. What did Einstein consider to be the evolutionary stages of religion?

From Quiz
Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: Fear, morality, cosmic religious feeling

In the book "Ideas and Opinions", Einstein stressed that a cosmic religious feeling could not be explained to those who were entirely without it. He calls cosmic religious feeling the "strongest and noblest motive for scientific research".

2. What gift did Albert receive from his father when he was 5 years old?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: a compass

Albert's father gave him a compass while he was sick in bed with a cold. The compass changed Albert's life because it aroused his curiosity in the unknown. Albert could not understand why the compass always faced North. He thought it was some unseen force and it sparked his want to know more.

3. Where was Albert Einstein born?

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: Ulm, Germany

He was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm. His parents' were Hermann and Pauline, middle-class German Jews.

4. The most famous and influential scientist in the 20th century was Albert Einstein. He was born in 1879 in which German city?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: Ulm

He was born on 14th March, 1879 at 135 Bahnhofstrasse, which was later destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944.

5. At the age of thirteen, Einstein abandoned his religious fervor after studying the ideas of which 18th century philosopher who suggested God might not exist? He is best known for metaphysics and ethics.

From Quiz Relatively Einstein

Answer: Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant was an important influence on the young Einstein mind with his ideas on time, space and a harmonious universe. Kant also had a wicked sense of humour and a distaste of all things pompous. Both were traits that would stay with Einstein.

6. Albert Einstein's uncle helped his family during the hard times with their electrical business. What was Alberts' uncle's name?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: Jakob

Uncle Jakob helped the Einstein family by running the business and letting Albert's father handle the customers.

7. Albert Einstein had a religious education at home, where he practised ___ .

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: Judaism

At the age of 12 his studies came into conflict with his deep religious feelings when he came to believe that the Bible could not be literally true.

8. Albert was the son of Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch. His mother was the daughter of a wealthy grain merchant, but what was his father the proprietor of?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: Engineering Company

He had a younger sister, Maria, as well.

9. Einstein retained a faculty appointment at Princeton University. He was asked to name his salary. It ended up at $10,000 a year, but what had he requested?

From Quiz Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: $3,000

His pension of $7,500 per year was refused by Einstein as being "too generous" and he had it reduced to $6,000 per year. He bought a modest house, walked to work, and never owned a car.

10. In what country was Albert Einstein born?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: Germany

Albert was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. Albert enjoyed his home town because he was able to take frequent walks around the town and say hello to everyone.

11. Einstein was educated in Munich and then Pavia, Italy. But in 1901 he claimed citizenship of which country?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: Switzerland

He entered Zurich's Federal Institute of Technology, on his second attempt and studied to become a physics and maths teacher.

12. Polytechnic classmate and lifelong friend Marcel Grossman, used his father's influence to get Einstein a job in which country's patent office?

From Quiz Relatively Einstein

Answer: Switzerland

This position was a saviour for the now 23-year-old Einstein who had failed to get a permanent teaching or academic position after graduation. He was completely penniless. The job also allowed Einstein the time to develop his theories.

13. Which group did Einstein think undermined the peaceful settlement of international disputes?

From Quiz Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: Arms manufacturers

Einstein writes: "One has to realize that the powerful industrial groups concerned in the manufacture of arms are doing their best in all countries to prevent the peaceful settlement of international disputes, and that rulers can only achieve this great end if they are sure of the vigorous support of the majority of their people".

14. What was Albert's sister's name?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: Maja

After the family moved to Munich, Mrs. Einstein gave birth to little Maja. Albert and Maja later became very good friends.

15. Einstein's Swiss citizenship was granted in 1901. What other very important event in Einstein's life occurred in 1903?

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: He married Mileva Maric

Mileva Maric was a fellow student of his in Switzerland. They had two sons, Albert Einstein Jr., an electrical engineer who also came to the United States, and Eduard. The marriage ended in divorce.

16. In 1905, the final jigsaw pieces of the special theory of relativity came to Einstein where?

From Quiz Relatively Einstein

Answer: In his sleep

Einstein is quoted as saying this about the discovery: "A storm broke loose in my mind and with it came the answers." A friend had later said: "He has tapped into gods' thoughts and tuned into the master plan for the universe."

17. In 1908 Einstein became a lecturer at the University of ____ .

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: Bern

The following year he become professor of physics at the University of Zurich, having resigned his lectureship at Bern and his job in the patent office in Bern.

18. He then became Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin (1914-33). During this time he published his General Theory of Relativity, in which year?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: 1916

It was publicly verified in 1919; he was later awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the photo-electric effect.

19. What did Einstein think was the only rational way of educating?

From Quiz Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: To be an example

In a letter to a young girl in 1934, Einstein writes: "There is too much education altogether, especially in American schools. The only rational way of teaching is to be an example-if one can't help it, a warning example".

20. What two aspects of his life did Albert most appreciate?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: Nature and Music

Albert loved taking walks around town. His walks gave him "think" time and he was able to relax with the world. Albert also received his love of music from his mother. Albert never gave up his violin. Even when he finally became too old to play it, he would sit and listen to records of his recorded music.

21. Einstein made his first visit to the United States in ___

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: 1921

His main reason was to raise funds for the planned Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

22. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921 but, with the later rise of Nazism, he went to England. He lectured at Oxford and Cambridge before moving on to the USA. He became visiting professor in which California city?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: Pasadena

At the California Institute of Technology in 1930. He also lectured at Princeton.

23. Einstein summed up the special theory of relativity in a magazine review a few years later with the now legendary equation E=mc2. How does this translate?

From Quiz Relatively Einstein

Answer: Energy = mass multiplied by the speed of light squared

Mass contains enormous amounts of energy. Marie Curie discovered that one-ounce of radium emitted 4000 calories/hour indefinitely. E=mc2 would be the base of the discovery of how the sun and stars radiate light and heat for billions of years - and much to Einstein's horror, the atomic bomb.

24. What did Einstein think was useless in helping humanity forward?

From Quiz Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: Money

He writes, in 1934: "I am absolutely convinced that no wealth in the world can help humanity forward, even in the hands of the most devoted worker in this cause. " and "Money only appeals to selfishness and irresistibly invites abuse".

25. What were Albert's two favorite school subjects?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: Geometry and Philosophy

Albert loved geometry and began studying at the age of twelve. Philosophy was also very important to him because it was the study of the universe and the meaning of life. This encouraged him to look for more answers. He would have philosophy study every Thursday with a medical student named Max Talmey who would join his family for dinner.

26. Why wasn't Einstein present in December 1922 to receive the Nobel prize in physics?

From Quiz Albert Einstein's life

Answer: He was on a voyage to Japan

Around this time he made many international visits. He had visited Paris earlier in 1922 and during 1923 he visited Palestine. After making his last major scientific discovery on the association of waves with matter in 1924 he made further visits in 1925, this time to South America.

27. In 1952, Einstein was offered the Presidency of which country, as a result of his beliefs?

From Quiz The Life of Albert Einstein

Answer: Israel

He turned it down though. The order of the universe was to him proof that God existed. He was also a pacifist, publishing a book "Why War?".

28. What did Einstein win a Nobel Prize for in 1921, 17 years after relativity was first published?

From Quiz Relatively Einstein

Answer: Services to Theoretical Physics

There were many reasons why a Nobel Prize wasn't awarded to Einstein for so long and not for relativity. Relativity was very controversial and it was theoretical. It could not be proven. Add to the equation that the judges didn't fully understand it. Also, there was a large 'anti-Einstein' movement headed by the anti-semitic and later Nazi supporter Philip Lenard who had influence on the panel. By 1921 Einstein had the overwhelming support of the science community. The Nobel judges finally capitulated after pressure from the science world and awarded Einstein a services award based on the work he did with the photoelectric effect. (They were still playing it safe.)

29. What did Einstein recommend to American patriotic women during wartime?

From Quiz Albert Einstein; Ideas and Opinions

Answer: That they be sent to the front in the next war

He felt to send the women to war would be "a novelty in this dreary sphere of infinite confusion".

30. What was Albert Einstein's first official job?

From Quiz Young Albert Einstein

Answer: a Swiss patent officer in Bern

Albert never needed to work until his family moved to Milan, Italy. He found his first job in the patent office and stayed there for seven years, using his extra time to study physics and write papers for local universities.

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