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9 quizzes and 90 trivia questions.
Leonardo da Vinci  Leaving Florence
  Leonardo da Vinci: Leaving Florence   top quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Discouraged by the lack of respect he believed was shown to him in Florence, Leonardo left, having been sent to the court of Ludovico Sforza with a gift from the Medici. What events transpired over the next years?
Tough, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Apr 04 16
ponycargirl editor
348 plays
Leonardo da Vinci  The Early Years
  Leonardo da Vinci: The Early Years   great trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
As there are few sources that tell about young Leonardo, information has been taken from Giorgio Vasari's "Lives of the Artists" (published in 1550). Let's hope his information is as accurate as possible
Tough, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Mar 29 16
ponycargirl editor
271 plays
Leonardo da Vinci  Guild Member
  Leonardo da Vinci: Guild Member   popular trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
In 1472, when he was twenty years old, Leonardo became a guild member. For the next ten years he would continue to live and work in Florence.
Tough, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Apr 03 16
ponycargirl editor
256 plays
  The Life of Leonardo da Vinci   great trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Welcome to my quiz on the life of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the truly great geniuses of history.
Easier, 10 Qns, mcsurfie, Mar 09 22
Mar 09 22
492 plays
  Leonardo da Vinci   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You know the paintings... you know "The da Vinci Code"... by what do you know of da Vinci himself? Test your knowledge of one of the world's finest artists - good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, funnybuni, Apr 24 09
2148 plays
  Leonardo da Vinci: Friends and Acquaintances   top quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Many of Leonardo's friends and acquaintances have become famous in their own right. Match the following people with their descriptions!
Tough, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Apr 05 16
ponycargirl editor
247 plays
  The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz looks at some of the interesting facts surrounding the life of Leonardo da Vinci.
Tough, 10 Qns, bernie73, Apr 08 16
bernie73 gold member
345 plays
  Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Leonardo da Vinci was one of the brightest personalities that graced the planet Earth. He was an excellent artist, designer, technician and inventor. This is a brief biography of the great man.
Average, 10 Qns, gme24, May 15 16
gme24 gold member
300 plays
  Leonardo: Renaissance Man    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The quintessential Renaissance Man. Pure genius.
Average, 10 Qns, robert362, Jul 01 12
1934 plays
trivia question Quick Question
One of Leonardo's best known works was "The Last Supper". Where can the original painting be seen today?

From Quiz "The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci"

Leonardo da Vinci Trivia Questions

1. Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the village of Vinci in Italy. In which region of Italy is Vinci?

From Quiz
Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in Central Italy that includes the city of Florence. Florence was within easy reach of the village of Vinci being only a day's journey away. Calabria is a region is Southern Italy. Galicia and Catalonia are Spanish regions.

2. The name "Leonardo da Vinci" refers to the fact that Leonardo was born in the town of Vinci. In which part of Italy would one find Vinci?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Tuscany

Vinci lies in the Arno river valley, in territory then controlled by the Republic of Florence and the Medici family. He was the illegitimate son Caterina, a peasant, and Piero da Vinci, a Florentine notary. Leonardo was actually born in a farmhouse, about two miles outside of the town, in 1452.

3. Where was Leonardo da Vinci born?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Vinci, Italy

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452. It was on a Saturday, at ten-thirty at night. He was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero d'Antonio (a notary) and Caterina, a peasant and quite possibly a barmaid or slave. Leonardo was baptized and accepted into the father's home as any legitimate child would have been, according to notes left by Leonardo's grandfather.

4. When (approximately) did Leonardo live?

From Quiz Leonardo: Renaissance Man

Answer: 1450-1520

1452-1519, I believe.

5. Leonardo was born out of wedlock. His father was Piero da Vinci and his mother, according to tradition, was serving in an inn. What was the name of Leonardo's mother that was also a 1962 hit for Perry Como?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Caterina

Papers discovered by the director of the museum in Vinci that is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci show that his father Piero was a craftsman and his mother Caterina was a peasant girl. Leonardo's father married four times and fathered 12 children.

6. What was Leonardo da Vinci's first painting?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: No one knows for sure

Leonardo was quite quick at learning, and showed an interest in it at a young age. He could sing well, played the lyre, and drew pictures of animals and plants. He was also very good at mathematics. Although no one knows for sure of what painting was Leonardo's first, it is widely accepted that it is "Annunciation", completed in 1473. It is displayed in the Uffizi gallery, in Florence, Italy.

7. With what area is Leonardo most closely associated?

From Quiz Leonardo: Renaissance Man

Answer: Florence

He spent time in Milan (and other places), but Florence was 'his town'.

8. Leonardo was a very charismatic child and showed great talent in music and drawing. At the age of 15 Leonardo was send to which prominent Florentine artist who lived from 1435 to 1488?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Andrea del Verrocchio

Andrea del Verrocchio was a great influence on young Leonardo and guided him towards the search for perfection. Leonardo got the certificate of teacher in painting in 1472 and stayed with Verrocchio, no longer as a student but as an associate. Baglione was born in 1566, Caravaggio in 1571 and Salvador Rosa in 1615, all three well after Leonardo's death.

9. One of Leonardo's earliest works is the "Annunciation" (c. 1472-1475), which features the Virgin Mary. Who is in this painting with her?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Gabriel

The painting is based on a passage in the Gospel of Luke (1:26-39) where the Angel Gabriel visits Mary and tells her she will give birth to Jesus. This was a popular topic for art in the Renaissance and many other painters have also covered this topic. It is thought to have been a collaboration between Leonardo and his master, Andrea del Verrocchio.

10. One of Leonardo's most famous works is 'The Battle of ...'

From Quiz Leonardo: Renaissance Man

Answer: Anghiari

It was apparently a conflict between forces from Florence and Milan.

11. Leonardo da Vinci got his first major project in 1481 for a painting that was to be placed on the altar of the monastery San Donato in Scopeto near Florence. What was the name of this painting that is related to the Nativity?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Adoration of the Magi

The painting was never finished as Leonardo left Florence the following year. It can be seen in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The original contract made by the monks and da Vinci stated that the painting would be finished in 30 months at the most. The painting is quite large, measuring 9 by 8 feet. The other three options relate to events in the Passion of Christ.

12. One of Leonardo's best known works was "The Last Supper". Where can the original painting be seen today?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: The Convent of Santa Maria

Leonardo worked on the painting on and off from about 1495-1498. The painting is in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Because of being painted on an exterior wall in part, protectors of the painting have had to fight a constant battle with decay. One way that Leonardo's "Last Supper" is different from "Last Supper" paintings by previous artists is that Judas is placed on the same side of the table as the other apostles, rather than isolated on a different side.

13. How long did Leonardo da Vinci spend painting the Mona Lisa's lips?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Less than four years

Although popular rumor suggests that da Vinci spent ten to twelve years alone painting Mona Lisa's mouth, the entire painting was actually completed in about four years, according to scholars. Leonardo da Vinci began painting The Mona Lisa in 1503, and carried it around with him for most of the rest of his life. He sold it to King Francis I in 1516 for 4,000 ecus, roughly 100,000 US dollars.

14. Which prominent psychologist wrote a work that analyzed Leonardo and discussed one of Leonardo's childhood memories?

From Quiz Leonardo: Renaissance Man

Answer: Sigmund Freud

Freud seized on one of Leonardo's memories and interpreted it along psychoanalytic lines. Unfortunately, there may have been a mis-translation involved.

15. In 1482 Leonardo da Vinci left Florence and went to work for the Duke of Milan Ludovico Sforza who was known by which nickname related to his skin complexion?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: The Moor

Ludovico Sforza got the nickname because of his dark skin and black hair. Leonardo worked for the Duke for nearly 20 years.

16. One of Leonardo's most studied works of art is the "Mona Lisa". Putting Dan Brown's theories aside, who is most probably the model for the "Mona Lisa"?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: A merchant's wife

Lisa del Giocondo (c. 1479-1542/51) was the wife of a cloth and silk merchant. Leonardo probably did most of his work on this portrait between 1503 and 1506, when Lisa was in her 20s. The painting is currently in Louvre in Paris where I had an opportunity once to see it in person--well, relatively speaking. Based on my experience there is always a huge crowd around the "Mona Lisa" so I was not able to get closer than 50 feet or so to the painting which is only about 30 inches by 21 inches. Consequently, just about any other painting in the chamber that holds the "Mona Lisa" was relatively unattended--including David's "Coronation of Napoleon", which I honestly spent more time studying.

17. What is depicted in "The Last Supper"?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Jesus and the twelve disciples

"The Last Supper" is an illustration of the disciples reaction in this Bible verse (Matthew 26); "Now when the eve was come, he sat down with the twelve. And as they did eat, he said, 'Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me'. And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, 'Lord, is it I'? And he answered and said, 'He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me'." The large mural is 15 × 29 ft (460 × 880 centimeters) and is located in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. Contrary to popular belief, "The Last Supper" is not a fresco - it was painted onto a dry stone wall, rather than onto wet plaster, using tempera.

18. In 1485 Ludovico Sforza commissioned Leonardo to paint the "Last Supper" in the refectory of which convent in Milan?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Santa Maria delle Grazie

Since 1960 Santa Maria delle Grazie and "The Last Supper" have been declared a Unesco World Heritage sites. The famous painting is on the north wall of the refectory. The painting was completed in 1497 and depicts the moment that Christ said that one of his present companions would betray him. The other three options are churches in Florence.

19. There are two versions of Leonardo's painting, "Virgin (or Madonna) of the Rocks". One feature that is common are the four individuals in the painting. Who is NOT included?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Elizabeth

The earlier version, painted in the 1480s, is in the Louvre, in Paris. The later version, painted about 1495-1508, is in the National Gallery in London. Along with Mary, an angel, Jesus, and John are all present in the picture. John adoring Mary and Jesus is a common theme in Renaissance art.

20. Leonardo experienced some difficulty when he was charged with what offense?

From Quiz Leonardo: Renaissance Man

Answer: Immoral conduct

It is commonly believed that Leonardo was gay. There were some young boys ...

21. In 1499 Leonardo da Vinci is forced to leave Milan after Sforza's defeat by whom?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: French

During the second Italian war (1499-1504) Louis XII invaded Lombardy and captured Milan. Leonardo left the city and after a brief stay in Mantua and Venice returned to Florence.

22. One of Leonardo's best known drawings in the "Vitruvian Man". How many arms and legs does Leonardo include in this drawing?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: Four arms and four legs

The Roman architect Vitruvius described the ideal proportions of the human body. Leonardo in the text accompanying the drawing describes the ideal proportions of the human body, based on the writings of Vitruvius. In the drawing, the man has his legs directly underneath his torso and then redrawn slightly angled out. Similarly, his arms are drawn perpendicular to his torso and then again slightly elevated. Leonardo undertook a lengthy study of anatomy to achieve greater realism in his art, including the dissection of human corpses.

23. After leaving Milan and before returning to Florence Leonardo da Vinci was military engineer to which powerful member of the Borgia family?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Cesare

Cesare Borgia was one of the many children of Pope Alexander VI. He was a tough and heartless man who started his career in the Church before opting for a military one. Part of Leonardo's job as chief engineer was the inspection of defensive works and the draining of marshes. Giovanni and Lucrezia were both children of Pope Alexander VI.

24. In 1502, Leonardo was able to secure employment with Cesare Borgia as a military architect and engineer. Which product did he show Cesare in order to gain employment?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: A map

Specifically, he showed him a very accurate map of the town of Imola that he had drawn. At this time cartography was not very common and maps were usually not very accurate. Studies of his paintings suggest that working on maps helped him to be more accurate in the backgrounds of his paintings.

25. Mr. da Vinci left a lot of notes behind; what was so unique about the way he wrote?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: He wrote the letters backwards, and from right to left

There are many theories of why Leonardo da Vinci wrote the way he did. Some say it was to keep prying eyes from stealing his ideas, others say that it was to keep the church from finding out his ideas, as many of his ideas disagreed with what the church said (and disagreeing with the church was quite an offense in those days). Most likely though, da Vinci wrote that way simply because it was easiest for him to, and the ink did not smudge as it would if he wrote the proper way. This contributes to the theory that Leonardo da Vinci had autism.

26. Who in 1503 commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to paint the portrait of his wife?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Francesco del Giocondo

Francesco del Giocondo was born in 1465 and was elected as a consul of the silk guild at the age of 24. He commissioned Leonardo to paint his wife Lisa. Lisa's maiden name was Gherardini. The Mona or (Monna in Italian) is way of addressing a Lady. The painting is one of the most famous works of art and it is permanently housed in the Louvre museum. Casanova was a librarian and notorious womanizer, Cassini was an astronomer and Borromini an architect.

27. Leonardo drew plans for many fantastic inventions. Many of them were not actually built--at least in his lifetime. Which one his ideas would actually be carried through to fruition in his lifetime?

From Quiz The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: An automated bobbin winder

A common use for a bobbin was to hold thread or yarn used in spinning or weaving. Though there are drawings and plans of the other objects, they seem to have not been actually produced in the vicinity of his lifetime. In some cases, the necessary materials may not have been available. In other cases, Leonardo's plans may have been somewhat impractical.

28. Who was cradling Leonardo da Vinci's head when he died, according to legend?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: King Francis

According to legend, when Leonardo da Vinci died at the age of sixty-seven, the king was there with him, cradling da Vinci's head in his arms. As dramatic as that sounds, it is not true; the king was not present and was celebrating the birth of his second son at the time. Leonardo da Vinci died on May 2nd, 1519 and was buried at the Church of St Florentine.

29. In 1516 he Leonardo left Italy and settled permanently in France following the advice of which French King known as the "Father and Restorer of Letters"?

From Quiz Leonardo da Vinci - Italian Wizard

Answer: Francis I

Francis I was the grandson of Charles V and son in law to Louis XII. Louis XII is known as "Father of the People", Charles V is known as "The Wise" and Napoleon is the "Great". Leonardo spent the last years of his life in the Loire where he continued his engineering and architectural work. Leonardo died on May 2, 1519 at the age of 67.

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