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Fun Trivia
What was the early Church like? Who went where and preached the Gospel when? How did all the various flavors of Christianity develop over the ages?

This category covers the history of Christianity, Christian communities, and various churches and denominations.

23 quizzes and 267 History of Christianity trivia questions and fun facts.
  Every Evening great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Henry's back! I am with my lord, the Earl of Warwick, and his knights. We are traveling along the Via Francigena, planning to spend the night at a monastery. While I have been reminded to behave myself, I still plan to have a look around!
Average, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Apr 18 22
ponycargirl editor
Apr 18 22
270 plays
There are religious meanings sometimes suggested for the symbolism of the 12 days of Christmas gifts. See if you can order the gifts according to the melodic song.
Very Easy, 12 Qns, SLAPSHOT4, Feb 01 22
Very Easy
SLAPSHOT4 gold member
Feb 01 22
494 plays
  The Lord's Prayer popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
The Lord's Prayer is perhaps the most well-known of all Christian prayers. Test your knowledge of its contents, origins, and variations.
Average, 10 Qns, skylarb, Jul 18 20
skylarb gold member
Jul 18 20
508 plays
  The Apostolic Age I best quiz - 25 questions - 6 mins
This is the first in a series of quizzes on the Apostolic Age, the early days of Christianity and its growth in the Roman world. We begin with some events in the life of Christ and go forward.
Tough, 25 Qns, medvedok, Feb 11 12
2563 plays
  What do you know about the Bible? popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
This quiz is about the development of the Bible as a book, rather than about its contents.
Average, 10 Qns, Kaye19, Feb 28 15
Kaye19 gold member
2737 plays
  Christian Heresies popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 6 mins
This quiz covers sects, religions, and beliefs that have grown out of Christianity and subsequently been labeled heretical (in most cases by the Catholic Church or its leaders).
Difficult, 10 Qns, skylarb, Jul 17 21
skylarb gold member
Jul 17 21
5294 plays
  Moving Toward A Schism best quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
Although the Great Schism did not occur in the Church until in 1054, many differences and disagreements over the centuries led to the eventual split within the Christian Church. Let's have a look at some of the main events.
Average, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Oct 31 18
ponycargirl editor
Oct 31 18
271 plays
  Dark Days in Christian History. - 10 questions - 3 mins
This is an introduction to the dark days of Church History. This spreads across many denominations and several centuries.
Easier, 10 Qns, KATE211, Jul 02 20
Jul 02 20
1021 plays
  Quest for the Holy Grill top quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
The Spanish Inquisition, with its 'autos-da-fé', was one of the more infamous periods in the history of Christianity. As Monty Python informed us, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition," but here it is.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Feb 18 15
looney_tunes editor
534 plays
  Can't We All Just Get Along? popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
Webster's defines a schism as a formal separation from a church. The Reformation is the clearest example in the West, but examples abound in early Christianity. This quiz will look at what these examples teach us about the development of Christianity.
Average, 10 Qns, tazman6619, Dec 05 11
tazman6619 gold member
780 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Saul of Tarsus, later called Paul, was educated at the rabbinical college in Jerusalem. To which sect and/or group did he belong?

From Quiz "The Apostolic Age I"

  Christian Denominations that Went Extinct best quiz - 10 questions - 6 mins
Christian history is filled with examples of churches, counter-churches, sects and schisms. Sometimes the reformed denominations stick around and sometimes they just don't make it.
Average, 10 Qns, trident, Feb 29 12
trident editor
867 plays
  The Jesuits - 10 questions - 5 mins
The Jesuits are the largest religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. Founded by Ignatius Loyola in 1540, they have been controversial movers and shakers for over 400 years. What do you know about the history of this order?
Average, 10 Qns, SixShutouts66, Mar 11 19
SixShutouts66 gold member
Mar 11 19
190 plays
  The Apostolic Age II great trivia quiz - 25 questions - 7 mins
This is the second in my series of quizzes on the earliest days of Christianity.
Difficult, 25 Qns, medvedok, Apr 23 08
1381 plays
  Christian History to 1054 popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
The story of Christianity is a fascinating subject. Special thanks to "The Story of Christianity" by Justo L. Gonzalez.
Average, 10 Qns, the_villain, Jun 24 16
Jun 24 16
2236 plays
  A Few Events of Christian History - 10 questions - 3 mins
Quiz on events that affected the development and formation of Christianity.
Average, 10 Qns, OJR1, May 01 14
666 plays
  Who is Responsible? - 10 questions - 5 mins
Test your knowledge of some of the leading personalities of the Christian faith. I'll give you a statement or scenario, you identify the person involved.
Tough, 10 Qns, noregap, Jun 29 21
Jun 29 21
9199 plays
  Tricky Church History - 10 questions - 6 mins
A fun collection of misfits - sounds a bit like my church but its really a selection of uncommon truths about Christian church history.
Difficult, 10 Qns, lexico, Jan 07 15
7894 plays
  Controversies in Christian History great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 7 mins
Throughout the years, the emergence of new doctrines and claims has caused much tension between different Christian groups. Here is a look at some of these conflicts. Hope you enjoy the quiz. Thanks.
Difficult, 10 Qns, neon000, Dec 20 07
neon000 gold member
2172 plays
  A Stroll through Church History - 10 questions - 4 mins
Church History can be fascinating as it reflects society in different eras. This quiz mainly concentrates on the Church of England.
Average, 10 Qns, KATE211, Aug 31 15
381 plays
  Who Are The Gideons? - 10 questions - 3 mins
The Gideons Association is the group that places Bibles in hotel rooms. Although I am neither Christian nor affiliated with the Gideons, I was curious about them. If you are curious too, take this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, aaronak, Nov 02 19
Nov 02 19
2727 plays
  History of the Seven Churches in Asia - 10 questions - 6 mins
What happened to the seven churches in Asia mentioned in Revelation chapters 2 and 3? Did they repent, or did they perish? What were these cities famous for, and how does their fame relate to what is written about them? Take this quiz and find out!
Difficult, 10 Qns, manny96, Dec 10 08
654 plays
  American Church History - 10 questions - 5 mins
Here is a small quiz about various churches in the US.
Tough, 10 Qns, tgeorgegeorge, May 30 09
871 plays
This is a quiz about evangelical Christianity in Britain since 1945. Players are tested on their knowledge of evangelical organisations, individuals, spiritual/political movements and events where 'born again' Christianity has been in the public eye.
Tough, 15 Qns, bretton, Feb 06 10
414 plays
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