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4 Tony Gwynn quizzes and 45 Tony Gwynn trivia questions.
  The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is the fourth in my "Wonderful World" series. This quiz is in loving memory of MLB Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, Sr. I hope you enjoy this quiz. The questions will mostly deal with his Major League career.
Average, 10 Qns, Tony_TV_King, Jun 25 14
209 plays
  The Career of Tony Gwynn    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is dedicated to one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. It is based mainly on Tony Gwynn's baseball career and his accomplishments.
Average, 10 Qns, vpham, Jun 26 04
316 plays
  Tony Gwynn    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on one of the best Padres in MLB history.
Average, 10 Qns, Gorillaman23, Aug 07 08
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  The History Of Tony Gwynn    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz is about Tony's history and recent years. Good luck!
Tough, 15 Qns, j2cp2, Jun 17 03
j2cp2 gold member
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trivia question Quick Question
What team drafted Tony out of college?

From Quiz "The History Of Tony Gwynn"

Tony Gwynn Trivia Questions

1. In which U.S. state was Tony Gwynn born?

From Quiz
The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: California

Tony Gwynn, Sr. was born on May 9, 1960 in Los Angeles, CA. He also died in Poway, California on June 16, 2014. Tony Gwynn was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland in 2010.

2. The great Tony Gwynn played his entire career with just one MLB franchise. What franchise was that?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: San Diego Padres

Tony Gwynn played all 20 of his seasons with the Padres. Beginning in 1982 and ending in 2001, Gwynn has given many baseball fans many memorable moments. He was perhaps best known for his calm, flawless piece of hitting. Gwynn inspired many baseball players and was an excellent role model.

3. What date was Tony born?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: May 9, 1960

4. Tony Gwynn, Sr. played his entire Major League career with only one team. On which National League team located in Southern California did he play?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: Padres & San Diego & San Diego Padres

Gwynn played right field for the Padres from 1982-2001. Gwynn was born in California and attended high school at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Following high school, Gwynn went to San Diego State University and then was drafted to the Padres in 1982. On June 16, 2014 Gwynn died in California meaning that his entire life was linked to the state in some way.

5. Gwynn spent all his Major League career playing with the San Diego Padres. How many times did he go to the World Series?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: 2

He got to the promised land twice, in 1984 against the Tigers and 1998 against the Yankees, but lost those series 4-1 and 4-0.

6. Tony Gwynn was considered by many, to be the greatest pure hitter of his era. Throughout his career, his flawless piece of hitting has won him many batting titles. Exactly how many did he win?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: Eight

Gwynn's success in MLB started way back when he was a kid. He was always an avid student of hitting and took that approach with him in his properous baseball career. His eight batting titles tied a National League record along with Honus Wagner.

7. How many National League batting titles did Tony Gwynn win in his Major League career?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: 8

Gwynn won the 1984, 1987-1989, and 1994-1997 National League batting titles. The eight batting titles ties Honus Wagner for 1st all-time.

8. Tony Gwynn made his living by usually aiming for a certain spot on the diamond. He was known to practically place the ball wherever he wanted it. What was the name of the area in which Tony Gwynn was best-known for hitting the ball to?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: The 5.5 Hole

"Mr. Padre" was known to take the ball "the other way". Gwynn usually prefered to hit the ball in the hole between the third basemen and the shortstop. The hole was therefore known as the 5.5 hole.

9. With lots of batting titles that Tony won came lots of hits. On August 6th, 1999, Gwynn put himself in a selective group with his 3000th hit. What team did Gwynn do it against?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: Montreal Expos

He also had 3 other hits in this game, and they were all singles.

10. Tony Gwynn was a member of how many World Series teams?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: Two

Tony Gwynn was a member of two World Series teams in 1984 and in 1998. However, Gwynn never won the World Series, losing to the Detriot Tigers in 5 games in 1984, and again losing to the New York Yankees in a sweep in 1998. Gwynn's batting average for both World Series was .371.

11. What year did Tony start triple A?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 1982

12. During his time as a student as San Diego State University, Gwynn played two different sports. Which sport, other than baseball, did Gwynn play while in college?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: Basketball

Tony Gwynn, Sr. played both basketball and baseball. Gwynn was selected 58th overall in the 1981 Major League Baseball Draft. On the same day, Gwynn was drafted by the San Diego Clippers, of the National Basketball Association,in the 10th round of the 1981 NBA Draft. Gwynn chose to play baseball for San Diego, a decision he would not regret.

13. As a singles hitter, Gwynn didn't hit many home runs. What was the most home runs that he hit in a season?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: 17

He did that in 1997, his most successful year as a slugger. He had 16 in 1998, 14 in 1986, and 12 in 1994 which was a strike-shortened season.

14. Tony Gwynn victimized many pitchers during his career. Which unfortunate pitcher had surrendered the most hits to Gwynn?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux gave up 39 hits to Tony Gwynn, the most by any pitcher. Others who have surrended almost as many hits are Rich Mahler(33), Tom Browning(31), John Smoltz(30), and Tom Glavine(29).

15. How many years did Tony play in triple A?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 2

16. When Gwynn made his first Major League appearance after being promoted from the Hawaii Islanders, which team were the Padres playing?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: Philadelphia Phillies

Gwynn made his Major League debut on July 19, 1982 against the Philadelphia Phillies where he started in center field. Gwynn got his first hit on the same day, in only his fourth professional at-bat.

17. Gwynn usually didn't have a ton of RBIs, except in 1997 when he had how many RBIs?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: 119

The closest he would ever come to that number was 90 in 1995. He had 71 in 1984.

18. How many multi-hit games did Tony Gwynn have in his career?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 905

"Mr. Padre" had an amazing 627 two-hit games, 233 three-hit games, 36 four-hit games, 8 five-hit games, and 1 historical six-hit game during his 20 year span.

19. What team drafted Tony out of college?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: Padres

20. Off which former pitcher, famous for throwing several no-hitters in his career, did Gwynn get his 1000th career base hit?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: Nolan Ryan

Hit number 1000, came on April 22, 1988 in a game against the Houston Astros. The starting pitcher was Nolan Ryan, the legendary ace known for throwing seven no-hitters in his illustrious career. Tony Gwynn's lone base hit, in the game, helped to contribute to a very productive Padres win over the Astros.

21. What defensive position did Tony Gwynn play?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: Outfield

He played center, left, and right field. He also played DH during interleague play or when he was in the World Series.

22. How many All-Star Game appearances was Tony Gwynn selected to in his 20 year career?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 15

Tony Gwynn had two multi-hit All-Star games in 1991 and 1994. However, his most notable All-Star game was in 1994, when "Mr.Padre" scored the game-winning run in the 1994 ASG in the 10th inning, to give the National League the victory.

23. How many MLB teams has Tony been on?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 1

San Diego Padres from 1982 to 2001.

24. Tony Gwynn dubbed the area where he liked to hit the ball as the 5.5 hole. What is the most correct description of this area?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: the area between the shortstop and the third baseman

Major League Baseball represents each position with a number. The shortstop is represented by the number 6 and the third baseman by the number 5. Gwynn liked to put the ball right between third base and the shortstop, an area that he dubbed the "5.5 hole", which was a hard spot for the defense to field quickly and efficiently.

25. Early in his career, Gwynn was a base stealing machine. What was the most SBs he had in a season?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: 56

All the other numbers were totals from other years. He had 319 in his entire career, but no more than 17 after 1989.

26. Tony Gwynn's longest hitting streak came early in his career. How many consecutive games in he get a hit in?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 25

Late in the 1983 MLB season, Gwynn pulled off an astonishing twenty-five game hitting streak from Augest 21,1983, until September 18, 1983.

27. Which year was Tony's first in MLB?

From Quiz The History Of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 1982

28. When Gwynn was inducted into the 2007 class of the MLB Hall of Fame, he was inducted alongside Cal Ripken, Jr. Which statement below is true of both Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn, Sr.?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Tony Gwynn, Sr. (1960-2014)

Answer: They both played their entire careers with only one team

Tony Gwynn, Sr. was nicknamed "Mr. Padre" because he spent his entire career with the San Diego team. Cal Ripken, Jr. played his entire 21 year career with the Baltimore Orioles. Ripken, Jr. hit 431 Home Runs and Gwynn hit 135, so neither is a member of the 500 Home Run club. The two played in different leagues, Gwynn played in the National League, while Ripken, Jr. played in the American League.

29. At a playing level of Gwynn's, you get to go to a lot of all-star games. How many did he go to?

From Quiz Tony Gwynn

Answer: 15

He was an all-star from 1984-1999, going 7-for-29 (a .241 batting average) and starting 10 of those games.

30. Tony Gwynn was not known for his power. But during his career, Gwynn had hit a fairly good amount of long balls. Exactly how many home runs did he get?

From Quiz The Career of Tony Gwynn

Answer: 135

Tony Gwynn's most memorable season as a long ball hitter came during the 1997 season. That year, he hit a career high 17 home runs including a multi-homer game against the Rockies. That would be only one of two multi-homer games in Gwynn's career.

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