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6 By Years quizzes and 65 By Years trivia questions.
  British Game Shows of 2007    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I hope you are a game show "Tycoon" as this "People's Quiz" tests your knowledge of 10 of the most notable new game show formats of 2007. Will you be "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" or just "The Great Pretender"?
Average, 10 Qns, jimmycarlos, Jan 28 16
223 plays
  Classic Game Shows    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on various classic game shows. Have fun everyone!
Very Difficult, 10 Qns, dg_dave, Jun 09 07
Very Difficult
dg_dave gold member
1625 plays
  1980s Game Show    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
If you like game shows back in the 1980's, this quiz is for you!
Difficult, 15 Qns, Toucan, May 09 04
1224 plays
  Classic Game Shows 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
My second quiz on the classic game shows of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Have fun everyone!
Difficult, 10 Qns, dg_dave, Mar 13 21
dg_dave gold member
Mar 13 21
1174 plays
  1960s' Game Shows    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
After the quiz show scandals, game shows made a comeback.
Very Difficult, 10 Qns, Toucan, Oct 17 16
Very Difficult
776 plays
  1970's Game Show    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Before cable and soap operas were only 30 minutes long, game shows ruled all three networks!
Difficult, 10 Qns, Toucan, May 09 04
773 plays

By Years Trivia Questions

1. On Sky One a remade version of an originally American game show was made starring Noel Edmonds as the host. What was it called?

From Quiz
British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?

The original show aired on FOX in the US hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. In order to win the £250,000 jackpot, the contestant must answer 11 questions which are all in the national curriculum. In the first series, no-one won the jackpot.

2. Which host did Hugh Downs request to be his replacement when he left "Concentration" in 1968?

From Quiz 1960s' Game Shows

Answer: Bob Clayton

Hugh Downs trusted his announcer when "The Today Show" sent him covering other assignments. But NBC wanted Ed McMahon from "Snap Judgment", to host the show. The ratings fell and NBC decided that Clayton would host, until the show was canned in 1973.

3. Alan Thicke wrote and sang the theme song to what game show?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: The Wizard of Odds

Alan wrote all four game show themes as well as "Stumpers!", "Blank Check" and both "Celebrity Sweepstakes" themes.

4. Which NBC game show was spared when David Letterman's short lived daytime talk show debuted in the summer of 1980?

From Quiz 1980s Game Show

Answer: Card Sharks

"Card Sharks" was spared along with "Password Plus" and "Wheel of Fortune". The three canned shows would later have revivals. "Chain Reaction" came back on USA Cable (1986-91), Wink Martindale hosted "High Rollers" (1987-88) and "Hollywood Squares" was revived twice with John Davidson (1986-89) and Tom Bergeron (1998-2004).

5. What was the highest cash prize on one spin of "Press Your Luck"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: $5,000

If you hit a cash prize of over $3,000, you always received an extra spin, but the top prize in cash was $5,000 plus a spin.

6. The BBC1 comedy game show "Would I Lie To You?" had team captains Lee Mack and which other comedy funnyman, who is part of a double act with Robert Webb?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: David Mitchell

Hosted by Angus Deayton, "Would I Lie To You?" was a game show in which celebrities revealed embarrassing facts about themselves and the other guests had to guess if they were true or not. Alan Carr was rumoured to be a team captain but pulled out at the last minute.

7. "Spin-Off" could be based on what dice game?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: Yahtzee

Jim Lange hosted this short lived CBS game in 1975. Two married couples competed as they try to make poker hands using five spinning digits from 1-6, hence Yahtzee! In the Super Spin-Off, a big straight in exact order paid $10,000!

8. How many spins was the most one player could get on "Press Your Luck"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: 12

There were 4 question in each question round with a buzz-in answer worth 3 spins, therefore there were 12 spins at most for one player. The "Whammy!" with Todd Newton, maximum is 15.

9. What was the impact that the "killer balls" had in the ITV1 hit "Golden Balls"?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: Decreases Jackpot by 90%

The game show sometimes offered prizes upwards of six figures by players correctly guessing and identifying where the money was and avoiding the killer balls. Part of the success of "Golden Balls" was the endgame, also known as the prisoner's dilemma, which is similar to the end of the 2001 game show "Shaft".

10. In "Tic Tac Dough," how much was the center square worth for the pot?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows 2

Answer: $300

The center square always had 2 answers, and it was worth $300. The other squares were only $200.

11. How many different dollar prizes were profiles on the "Pyramid" shows starring Dick Clark?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: 5

There was "The $10,000 Pyramid," "The $20,000 Pyramid," "The $25,000 Pyramid," "The $50,000 Pyramid," and "The $100,000 Pyramid."

12. "DanceX" was one of 2007's biggest flops. Arlene Phillips and Bruno Tonioli were the team captains. With which other show have this pair worked together on?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: Strictly Come Dancing

The premise sounded feasible: Arlene Phillips and Bruno Tonioli had to make an all-singing, all-dancing band via the standard talent show procedure. However it was watched by an average of only 3 million; 5 million less than "The X Factor". Bruno ended up winning, and the band Pulse ended up having a single, reaching #91 in the UK charts, before splitting up. Oh dear.

13. What game show had an audience game called "The Telephone Game"?

From Quiz 1960s' Game Shows

Answer: The Match Game

A member of the studio audience wrote down a response while the home viewer had to fill in the blank (like the "Head To Head" round in the later versions). Winners split a jackpot that started at $500 and grew $100 per day until won!

14. What NBC game show had a short-lived hour expansion?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: Wheel of Fortune

In 1976, "Wheel" was briefly expanded to an hour. Six contestants played (including a returning champion) and the top two played a final puzzle that featured a $2,000 space for the first time.

15. What number did a contestant have to reach to win the bonus round in "Tic Tac Dough"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows 2

Answer: $1,000

A contestant could win one of two ways, they could choose "Tic" and "Tac," or get numbers totalling $1,000 or more.

16. What was the top dollar prize for a single square attainable in the bonus round on "The $25,000 Pyramid"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: $300

Each square got progressively harder, and the top square was worth $300 standalone.

17. Which doctor was the host of the controversial "Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress"?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: Gillian McKeith

I use the term doctor very loosely, considering her degree comes from the internet. Hilary Jones and Catherine Smith are both respectable doctors appearing loyally on "GMTV" and "Diet on the Dancefloor" respectively. Both Christian Jessen and Gillian McKeith appeared on the controversial health show "Supersize vs. Skinny".

18. Who was the host of "Classic Concentration" (1980's version)?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows 2

Answer: Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek (of "Jeopardy!" fame) was also the host of "Classic Concentration" in the 1980's.

19. On "Get 100", what had to be done for the contestant to win all the prizes in the prize pod?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: Get exactly 100 at the end of the show

To win all the prizes, all the contestant had to do was get exactly 100 at the end of the show. The show ran every morning; with Monday's to Thursday's games being played by friends with the winners going through to Friday's final. The winner of the final won a single prize from the prize pod, comparatively little to the jackpot, won almost every other week.

20. What Hawaiian game show did Bob Eubanks host in 1975?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: The Diamond Head Game

Bob hosted this turkey of a game show. The theme was written by Alan Thicke. It's the first game show to be done in Hawaii. "Win, Lose or Draw" and "Wheel of Fortune" would also visit Hawaii as well.

21. What NBC game show featured a contestant who was really a fugitive?

From Quiz 1980s Game Show

Answer: Super Password

His name, Patrick Quinn. I mean, Kerri Ketchum! He won $58,600 on the show. But viewers in Alaska spotted him. Ketchum was arrested when he tried to pick up his winnings.

22. What did a contestant win in the bonus round of "Classic Concentration"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows 2

Answer: a car

The bonus round consisted of 8 different car models, with one not having a match. The last model match was the contestant's car.

23. Who was not a sub-host of 'Password'?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: Bill Cullen

Allen Ludden was the original host until his death in 1981, then Tom Kennedy took over until the series ended in 1982. When "Super Password" came out in 1984, Bert Convy was the host.

24. "Who Dares Wins" was a spin off from the American game show "The Rich List" hosted by Eamonn Holmes. How many episodes did "The Rich List" last?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: 1

"The Rich List" lasted just one episode on November 1st 2006. Our version, "Who Dares Wins" (named after the SAS motto), was very popular with up to 6 million people watching a single episode. The show has since been successful in many countries including Australia and Germany.

25. "The Newlywed Game" got a lucky break on its debut when CBS News pre-empted "Password" for what special report?

From Quiz 1960s' Game Shows

Answer: Robert McNamara's press conference over the Vietnam war

When McNamara dampered "Password" fans, they switched to ABC to catch "The Newlywed Game". The ratings fell for "Password" while "The Newlywed Game" went on for eight years on ABC.

26. What's the name of the 1977 game show that had a bowling alley, golf green, basketball court, pool table, etc.?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: Pro Fan

"Pro Fan" was hosted by NBC sportscaster Charlie Jones and created by Lloyd Thaxton. This game was for male contestants only.

27. In "The $25,000 Pyramid," how many points could a team get?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows 2

Answer: 21

There were 7 subjects to a category, and with 3 categories each to choose, a total score of 21 was attainable.

28. Who was the first host of "Card Sharks"?

From Quiz Classic Game Shows

Answer: Jim Perry

Jim Perry was the host of "Card Sharks" in 1978. After almost 10 years of being off the air, "Card Sharks" returned in the late 1980s with Bob Eubanks as host.

29. What was the grand prize for "People's Quiz", making it the largest prize the BBC had ever given out at the time?

From Quiz British Game Shows of 2007

Answer: £200,700

Stephanie Bruce won the 200,700 pounds in June 2007. The second highest amount ever won was 100 thousand on "In It To Win It", the highest offered by any BBC game show was 249 thousand on "1 vs. 100". All 3 of these are lottery-sponsored game shows; but all the big money looks small in comparison to the one million given away a total of 10 times on ITV game shows. Kudos to anyone who can tell me who those 10 millionaires are.

30. What game show would you hear goofy Russian circus music when you win really big?

From Quiz 1970's Game Show

Answer: The Joker's Wild

If you won either the Joker's Jackpot, beat the devil or win the torunament, this goofy win music was heard from 1972-78. I would always do the Russian dance and shout "HEY!".

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