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3 quizzes and 30 trivia questions.
  "Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Hill Street Blues" is a police drama that was televised from 1981 to 1987. It is credited with adding a more realistic and gritty element to the genre. This quiz focuses on season one, episode one, where the main characters are introduced.
Tough, 10 Qns, FussBudget, Aug 10 18
FussBudget gold member
Aug 10 18
260 plays
  Another 'Hill Street' Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my 2nd 'Hill Street Blues' quiz. It may be harder than the first but it may not.
Tough, 10 Qns, pandora615, Aug 21 18
Aug 21 18
2271 plays
  Hill Street Blues    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a fairly simple quiz about one of my favorite shows, 'Hill Steet Blues'.
Difficult, 10 Qns, pandora615, Nov 21 16
2217 plays

Hill Street Blues Trivia Questions

1. "Hill Street Blues" started each episode with the morning roll call. When Sgt. Phil Esterhaus finished each roll call, what words did he utter?

From Quiz
"Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode

Answer: Let's be careful out there

"Let's be careful out there" was Esterhaus' signature sign-off from morning roll call. After season four, Esterhaus was replaced by Sgt. Stan Jablonski, who used the more inflammatory "Let's do it to them before they do it to us". There was some reaction to this at the time, suggesting that it displayed an uncaring attitude, and it was toned down in later series to "They're getting away out there".

2. Sgt. Phil Esterhaus died while engaged in what activity?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Having sex

Crazy Grace Gardner told Frank all about it, although I don't think he really wanted to hear it.

3. What city is the show set in?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: they never say

Although it closely resembles New York they never actually say what city it is in. The cars all say Metro Police.

4. Who got promoted to Sgt. to replace Sgt. Esterhaus in roll call?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Bates

5. What is Captain Frank Furillo's middle name?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: Xavier

Frank's ex-wife Faye pretty much told everyone while singing 'Happy Birthday' to him.

6. When we first see Public Defender Joyce Davenport, what is she complaining to Furillo about?

From Quiz "Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode

Answer: Her prisoner had been misplaced

Her prisoner had been misplaced, and it seems that neither Furillo, Esterhaus or Calletano know exactly where he is, so they give Davenport the ol' run around with a number of lame excuses, such as he could be in transit between facilities, or he could have gotten on the wrong bus. Davenport's reply is to say "Never in my entire life have I listened to so much incompetence covered up by so much unmitigated guff". As she leaves the office with a threat of having Furillo up on charges, Esterhaus states "Mmmm, that young woman has a very handsome carriage" and Calletano adds "With twenty more pounds she would be perfect!" Furillo (who is her lover, unbeknownst to the other two) looks uncomfortable. As an aside, before this scene, Detective John LaRue HAD just tried to chat her up, but there was no complaint and she brushed it off. Later in the episode, LaRue lies to Davenport about the prisoner showing up. When she discovers this is a ruse, she pours a drink onto him and declares there are no hard feelings.

7. In a particularly painful episode, Mick Belker was assaulted by a group of bums. Who played the head bum?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Dan Hedaya

O.k. that was a trick clue, they all played Nixon. Dan Hedaya played him in the movie 'Dick'.

8. What are the names of Henry Goldblum's wife and son?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: Rachel and Josh & Rachel Josh & Josh and Rachel & Josh Rachel

Rachel ended up divorcing Henry, then he and Faye had a thing. Ewwww.

9. In the squad room, we see a prisoner going crazy on angel dust, and in the ensuing melee, Det. Mick Belker attempts to subdue him using what method?

From Quiz "Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode

Answer: Bite him

We know that the prisoner is on angel dust, because in the finest tradition of television, we have it explained to us by someone yelling out in the background: "He's on angel dust"! As Belker grabs the offender by the leg and pulls down his sock, ready to bite, Furillo warns him against the act. Then Belker gets upset and launches into a tirade about how "...It's not fair. Alright, three years ago I bit off a nose. That's one lousy nose. I'm branded for life here. Belker the biter...".

10. Capt. Furillo had his wife arrested on what charge?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Stealing cable

That was very amusing.

11. What is Hill and Renko's car number?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: 2202

Something was always happening to that car.

12. In the first scene where we see Sgt. Henry Goldblume, what does he put into his mouth?

From Quiz "Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode

Answer: A baby pacifier

Goldblume is asking the operator to break into a call being made between the gunmen in the store and the media, so that he can negotiate. The operator asks him to hang up and when she calls him back, asks him to deposit ten cents. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a baby pacifier, which he then puts in his mouth, so that he can search for change. The policeman who is present with him asks: "Are you teething, or are you just stopping smoking?" Goldblume replies: "My two year old is stopping smoking".

13. Which critically acclaimed actor-director portrayed doomed rookie Officer Swann?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Tim Robbins

Alas, he only lasted one episode before hanging himself after a hazing incident.

14. What well known actor played gang leader Jesse John Hudson?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: Danny Glover

A more memorable guest appearance, he was released from prison and tried to take over The Hill.

15. In what part of the body did Patsy Mayo shoot a rapist?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Groin

The paramedic told her she hit a bulls eye.

16. What was Joyce Davenport's nickname for Capt. Furillo?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: Pizza Man

He just called her counselor.

17. In the scene where we are introduced to Fay Furillo, what is the first complaint she lists?

From Quiz "Hill Street Blues" - The First Episode

Answer: This place stinks

Fay, who is divorced from Frank and struggles with being a single mother, regularly walks into Frank's office and starts complaining - it is a recurring scenario throughout the series. In her debut scene, she sets the tone with all of the above-listed complaints, plus some, and then adds: "I hate your guts. I really hate your guts, Frank. This marriage and everything connected with it has caused me nothing but grief".

18. What was Hill's nickname for Renko?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: cowboy

I guess cause he liked to wear cowboy boots.

19. What was the name of the judge that got Faye Furillo pregnant?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Paul Grogan & Grogan & Judge Grogan

He dumped her for a younger woman and wouldn't claim the kid.

20. What was Neil Washington's nickname for J.D. Larue?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: lover

He called him that because of his reputation with the ladies.

21. What was the name of the boy Lucy Bates adopted?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Fabian

His mom was a junkie who tried to take him back.

22. Who brought in the tea that contained marijuana and got most of the precinct, including Capt. Furillo, high?

From Quiz Another 'Hill Street' Quiz

Answer: Ray

He got it from some family member in Colombia, go figure.

23. How many times was Joe Coffee shot?

From Quiz Hill Street Blues

Answer: three

Like the saying goes, third times a charm, he didn't make it after the third time.

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