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6 MacGyver quizzes and 70 MacGyver trivia questions.
  The Clever Tricks of MacGyver   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Fans around the world still fondly recall how MacGyver used his mind rather than guns to fight off the badies; tricks often referred to as MacGyverisms! How much do you remember about this popular series than ran for seven action-packed seasons?
Average, 15 Qns, gavint, Dec 22 09
851 plays
  Macgyver Test    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the show "Macgyver". This is one of my all time favorite shows. Enjoy!
Average, 10 Qns, dragonfly3544, Aug 09 11
1464 plays
  How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz to test your knowledge of the "MacGyver" series. Are you a casual watcher or an expert? Find out now!
Average, 10 Qns, AgnesMcCliver, Aug 20 10
609 plays
  "Macgyver" - The Pilot    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Based on the pilot episode of the 2016 rebooted series, not on the one that starred Richard Dean Anderson.
Average, 10 Qns, Shadowmyst2004, Sep 03 17
Sep 03 17
291 plays
  MacGyver Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz covers the "MacGyver" episodes from the original series starring Richard Dean Anderson. I'll give you the plot, and you give me the title. All answers will be multiple choice.
Tough, 15 Qns, kennell, Jan 16 19
kennell gold member
Jan 16 19
135 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
These are a lot of questions about "MacGyver."
Average, 10 Qns, egb, Aug 05 22
Aug 05 22
73 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who is Murdoc?

From Quiz "Macgyver"

MacGyver Trivia Questions

1. An underground lab is destroyed by a mysterious explosion. MacGyver is sent in to rescue the trapped scientists and stop a deadly chemical leak.

From Quiz

Answer: "Pilot"

The original pilot for the show. MacGyver is called in to clean up a mess resulting from an explosion in an underground lab. He makes his way through the wreckage to find an acid leak and a trapped pair of Nobel prize-level scientists. He learns that the explosion was not an accident, and he alerts the team on the outside that the leak is stopped just in time before the lab is wiped out by a missile. Dana Elcar plays a completely different character named "Andy Colson".

2. What was the mission that MacGyver and his team were sent on at the start of the episode?

From Quiz "Macgyver" - The Pilot

Answer: Find a missing bioweapon

The weapon was hidden in the vault at a mansion in the opening of the show. MacGyver's first mission was to get into the vault and steal it. At the time no one on his team knew what it was. He got the canister, but it was stolen back from him before he escaped the area near the mansion. MacGyver was played by Lucas Till.

3. What is MacGyver seen doing in the very beginning of the pilot episode?

From Quiz How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"

Answer: climbing a cliff face

MacGyver is seen climbing a cliff face in the very beginning of the pilot episode in an effort to defuse a rocket at the top and free a captured jet pilot.

4. Who played MacGyver in the TV series "MacGyver"?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson is an actor, producer and composer best known for playing the role of MacGyver in the TV series of the same name. He has also appeared in movies such as "Through the Eyes of a Killer" and "Firehouse", and later in the TV series "Stargate: SG1". He was born in Minnesota and has Norwegian, Scottish and Swedish ancestry.

5. What company made "MacGyver"?

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: Paramount

MacGyver Inc. is fictious

6. What are the names of Macgyver's two best friends?

From Quiz Macgyver

Answer: Pete and Jack

Lisa is one of Macgyver's many girlfriends during the show, and Murdoch is Macgyver's nemesis.

7. MacGyver is injected with a deadly serum when he attempts to retrieve a list of terrorists on pirated microfilm.

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: "Nightmares"

MacGyver is kidnapped by enemy agents to retrieve sensitive information he stole from them. To get him to talk, they inject him with a hallucinogenic drug that will kill him in six hours, unless an antidote they have is administered.

8. In the pilot episode, MacGyver does something that you never see him do again throughout the whole series. What does he do?

From Quiz How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"

Answer: fires a rifle at some enemies

MacGyver is seen doing something very out of character in the pilot episode. He is seen firing a rifle at some enemy soldiers. Later in the show it is established that he dislikes guns because of an accident involving a gun that occurred when he was young.

9. What type of knife often played an important part in MacGyver's survival tricks?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Swiss army knife

Although there are many models of Swiss army knife, it was generally the Hunterman and Tinker models that were shown.

10. Why was MacGyver anti-gun?

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: He chipped in to buy a gun and through an accident killed a friend.

This is in season 4, 'Blood Brothers'.

11. What is the name of the foundation where Pete and Macgyver work?

From Quiz Macgyver

Answer: phoenix

The Phoenix Foundation is a vague company that is involved in environmental causes and foreign affairs.

12. Pete and MacGyver try to rescue a nun and orphans she takes care of from soldiers in Southeast Asia.

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: "The Road Not Taken"

A nun and some orphans are in need of rescuing by MacGyver from murderous soldiers in Southeast Asia. It turns out that the nun's assistant is an old girlfriend of MacGyver's.

13. What did MacGyver have in his pocket when passing through the metal detectors?

From Quiz "Macgyver" - The Pilot

Answer: A Swiss Army knife

He was giving a voiceover about how undercover operatives get busted by carrying a concealed weapon. The guards checked him, found the knife and let him through. He joked (in the voiceover) that if he needed a weapon he'd make one.

14. MacGyver has a good friend named Jack Dalton. What involuntary action tips MacGyver off that Jack is lying to him about something?

From Quiz How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"

Answer: Jack's eye twitches

MacGyver is quick to call Jack out on a lie when he sees his eye twitching.

15. In the episode "The Widowmaker", MacGyver climbed up a telegraph pole and used which form of communication to alert a nearby storekeeper?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Morse code

He tapped an SOS Morse Code message into the telephone line, which the old storekeeper heard and understood.

16. What is Macgyver's first name?

From Quiz Macgyver

Answer: Angus

There is two episodes where his real first name is given. In one of the episodes, Macgyver is having a dream that takes place in Medieval times. He dreams of an ancestor who he is named after, and the name "Angus" is engraved into a dungeon wall.

17. Pete and MacGyver are trapped in a blazing-hot metal container by an assassin they encountered in their first case together.

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: "Partners"

Revenge is what is in store for MacGyver when Murdoch, his number one nemesis, who MacGyver thought long dead, shows up. This causes MacGyver to flashback to their first encounter.

18. What was the first thing MacGyver made in the episode?

From Quiz "Macgyver" - The Pilot

Answer: A cloned fingerprint

He used soot out of the tailpipe of his car to make a fingerprint on a glass appear. Then he used tape to copy the fingerprint and tried to use that print to gain access to a locked safe. The problem was that the scanner needed an entire handprint, not just a thumb.

19. What is the name of the dog that is featured in more than one episode and is taken in by bounty hunter Frank Colton as a pet?

From Quiz How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"

Answer: Frog

The dog's name is Frog. Frog is introduced in the season 5 episode "The Black Corsage". Frog was featured in two more episodes after that.

20. In one of the first known MacGyverisms, what did MacGyver use to plug a sulfuric acid leak in the pilot episode?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Chocolate bars

MacGyver commented: "When it reacts with the sulfuric acid, the sugar forms a sticky paste."

21. What was Jack's last name?

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: Dalton

Jack Dalton had multiple businesses: Dalton Air, Jack be Quick Messenger Service, etc.

22. MacGyver dreams he is a stranger in an old Western town where familiar faces with different guises are ready to stir up trouble.

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: "Serenity"

Exhausted from being overworked, MacGyver falls asleep watching an old western. He dreams that he is in the Old West where he encounters Murdoc and Pete who conspire to force MacGyver off his land.

23. How many members of MacGyver's team were shot during the first mission?

From Quiz "Macgyver" - The Pilot

Answer: Two

Both MacGyver and Nikki were shot. Jack was hit over the head and knocked unconscious. This all happened before the credits rolled. MacGyver lived, he was told Nikki died.

24. MacGyver was best noted for his practical application of what?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Scientific knowledge

He often explained the scientific principles behind the clever tricks, but information deemed sensitive(such as about explosives) was often vague or omitted. The "MacGyver" series was credited with generating renewed interest in applied science and engineering.

25. Who is an assassin who never dies even after falling off a cliff?

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: Murdoc

Murdoc makes several appearances in the series. Moriarty is the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

26. What is the name of the girl that consistently gets Macgyver into trouble?

From Quiz Macgyver

Answer: Penny

Penny Parker's relationship with Macgyver starts when she puts stolen jewels into his coat pocket at an airport. She is a recurring guest star who entertains by being a brunette ditz.

27. After an Amish family rescues MacGyver, he helps them fight to save their farm from government seizure.

From Quiz MacGyver

Answer: "The Outsiders"

While traveling in Pennsylvania, MacGyver gets involved in a car accident. He is found by an Amish family and nursed back to health. MacGyver then helps the Amish community to confront a construction crew that is trying to force them off their land. The funniest line in this episode is when he first awakens and sees numerous Amish people. When asked if he remembered what happened, he replies, "My jeep went over a cliff. I died, and went to Thanksgiving!"

28. MacGyver worked for the DXS. What did the acronym stand for?

From Quiz "Macgyver" - The Pilot

Answer: Department of External Services

The department was a secret organization. According to MacGyver they frequently saved the world and no one knew anything about them. By the end of the episode the organization shut down and moved its headquarters. They renamed themselves Team Phoenix.

29. In one episode MacGyver makes an arc welder out of jumper cables, a generator and what?

From Quiz How Much Do You Know About "MacGyver?"

Answer: coins

In the episode "Trumbo's World" MacGyver fixes a broken piston by welding it back together. He makes an arc welder out of jumper cables, a generator and two fifty-cent coins.

30. Although generally known only by his surname, what was MacGyver's first name?

From Quiz The Clever Tricks of MacGyver

Answer: Angus

MacGyver is referred to as MacGyver or Mac until the final season when he was asked what his first name was, to which he answered then promptly changed the subject.

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