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Fun Trivia
3 Robin Hood quizzes and 30 Robin Hood trivia questions.
  "Robin Hood" 2006    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the BBC's "Robin Hood".
Average, 10 Qns, smurrs, Apr 28 20
Apr 28 20
696 plays
  Robin Hood    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the BBC series 'Robin Hood'.
Tough, 10 Qns, randomuso, Apr 28 20
Apr 28 20
516 plays
  BBC's "Robin Hood"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Deep in the heart of England, lives....this quiz! Is it going to be easy? A clue: No.
Tough, 10 Qns, operaghost1607, Apr 28 20
Apr 28 20
442 plays
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Robin Hood Trivia Questions

1. Who plays Will Scarlett in the TV series 'Robin Hood'?

From Quiz
Robin Hood

Answer: Harry Lloyd

Harry Lloyd also has a brief appearance in the BBC series 'Doctor Who', as Jeremy Baines.

2. What episode do we first see Djaq in?

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: "Turk Flu"

Robin and gang meet Djaq while she and several other Turks are being taken to the mines to work. They then help all of the slaves escape the mines, and Djaq stays with them in the forest.

3. Who plays Robin Hood?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: Jonas Armstrong

Joe Armstrong plays Allan-a-Dale but is not related to Jonas Armstrong. Harry Lloyd plays Will. David Tennant is The Doctor in "Doctor Who".

4. What is the name of the female Saracen that joins the gang?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Djaq

Djaq first appears in the episode 'Turk Flu' as a Saracen slave pretending she was a boy. Eventually (after everyone figures out her real gender) Will and Allan realise they both love her. How sweet.

5. What is the name of Robin Hood's love interest?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: Marian

Lucy Griffiths plays Marian in "Robin Hood".

6. Finish this quote said by Roy... 'My name is Royston White. I fight for _____.'

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Robin Hood and King Richard

Roy says this on numerous occasions in the episode 'Parent Hood', before he sacrifices his life so the gang can save themselves and his mother.

7. What is Guy's tattoo of?

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: a wolf

If you watch "Tattoo? What Tattoo?" with commentary Richard Armitage, who plays Guy, he reveals that it is a wolf, and it started out red.

8. In which episode does Harold appear?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: 'Peace? Off!'

Harold only received his name when Much decided he should have one. Although he was in a cage, Harold became really good friends with Much.

9. "People of Nottingham! These men have committed no crime worth more than a spell in the stocks! Will you tolerate this __________? I, for one, will not."

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: injustice

Robin says this in the first episode of the season while at a hanging.

10. What is the Sheriff's famous quote?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: A clue: No

Robin also says this in season one finale which is also called "A Clue: No".

11. What is the name of the man who makes the Greek Fire in "A Thing or Two About Loyalty"?

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: Lambert

Lambert is actually, other than the Sheriff, the closest thing we see to Guy's friend. Guy hired Lambert to make the Greek Fire, but when the Sheriff sees its power, he wants it as a weapon. But Lambert won't agree to let him use it as a weapon, so, in good old Sheriff fashion, he's thrown in the dungeons, and later killed.

12. Who is the permanent Lord of Locksley?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Gisborne

Firstly, it is Robin's. Then, he goes to fight in the Crusades, and Gisborne takes over. Robin comes back from, the Crusades and takes it back. But, after he was outlawed, Gisborne permanently gained the estate.

13. Whose mother does the Sheriff threaten to kill in "Parent Hood"?

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: Roy's

Sheriff: "I have a favor to ask. I would be very grateful if you'd, uh...use this on our mutual friend Robin Hood." Roy: "I'd sooner kill me own mother." Sheriff: "Yes...What an amazing coincidence."

14. What is the first episode of the second season called?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: Sister Hood

"Parent Hood" was an episode in the first season.

15. Who is 'Dead Dad Dan'?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Will's dad

We hear about 'Dead Dad Dan' in 'The Angel of Death'.

16. In what episode does Guy propose to Marian?

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: "Brothers In Arms"

"Marry me. It's the only way. As Lady Gisborne I could protect you. What do you say?" She agrees to marry him, but only when King Richard returns to England.

17. Who stays in the Holy Lands with Djaq at the end of the second series?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Will

Will and Djaq admit their love for each other, in a Kalila. Why? For no reason apparently, because Allan is about to come to their rescue.

18. What percentage does the gang always take from the rich if they don't lie or resist?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: 10%

They have said this a few times during the both seasons and if they do resist or lie, they take it all.

19. What is the 'Treasure of the Nation'?

From Quiz Robin Hood

Answer: Queen Eleanor

Little John gains the nickname of 'Big Man' in this episode.

20. "Everything is a choice, everything we do! ______ ___."

From Quiz BBC's "Robin Hood"

Answer: Grow up

Marian says this to Robin in the second episode because she believes that what he is doing is immature.

21. Where is "Robin Hood" filmed?

From Quiz "Robin Hood" 2006

Answer: Budapest

"Robin Hood" is filmed in Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary.

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