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Fun Trivia
7 Sanctuary quizzes and 95 Sanctuary trivia questions.
  "Sanctuary" For All   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about the sci-fi show "Sanctuary". Questions are based on the episodes, NOT the webisodes.
Average, 10 Qns, sanctuary08, Jul 16 10
360 plays
  "Sanctuary" Episode 'Requiem'    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz about the "Sanctuary" episode 'Requiem' from season one. Enjoy.
Average, 15 Qns, Dunamis, Dec 22 09
236 plays
  "Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is about the episode 'Kush' from season one of "Sanctuary". Enjoy.
Average, 15 Qns, Dunamis, Jan 29 10
191 plays
  "Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz is about the episode 'The Five' from season one of "Sanctuary." Enjoy.
Average, 15 Qns, Dunamis, Jan 31 10
270 plays
  "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This episode was a bit different from the others. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Enjoy the quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, Dunamis, Jan 14 10
200 plays
  "Sanctuary" Episode 'Veritas'    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a season two episode of "Sanctuary" called 'Veritas'. Enjoy.
Average, 15 Qns, Dunamis, Jan 10 10
188 plays
  "Sanctuary" Episode 'Next Tuesday'    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is the episode 'Next Tuesday' from season two of "Sanctuary". Enjoy.
Average, 15 Qns, Dunamis, Jan 13 10
213 plays
trivia question Quick Question
How old does Ashley say Helen is?

From Quiz ""Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'"

Sanctuary Trivia Questions

1. The episode starts with a scene from Helen's past, where she and John Druitt are riding in a carriage. John gives Helen something. What is it?

From Quiz
"Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'

Answer: A ring

They take a ride in a carriage and John says to Helen, "I can now see that I am neither a freak of nature nor a devil but a man very much in love and someone who wishes to spend the rest of his life repaying his savior for all she's done." Then he gives her the ring.

2. Helen finds several guns, all empty of bullets so she uses a substitute weapon. What is it?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'

Answer: A knife tied to a pole

She finds a knife in a storeroom of the Sanctuary. Then when she goes outside, she finds a long pole and some wire and ties them together.

3. The Vampyrotheuthis Infernalis, otherwise known as a vampire squid, are very passive. Helen believes they are called "vampire" for what reason?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Next Tuesday'

Answer: They're incredibly intelligent.

Helen: "Mutated Vampyrotheuthis Infernalis. Vampire squid. Incredibly shy, I've only ever encountered one once before, sixty odd years ago in French Polynesia." Will: "Okay, so a shy vampire. There's a first." Helen: "Actually the name is misleading. They're amazingly intelligent and very docile. It's believed that they're called vampire not because of a violent predilection, but more because of their superior intellect."

4. Where was Bigfoot's body found?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Veritas'

Answer: In an alley

Will: "Where is he?" Declan: "Just calm down." Will: "Don't tell me to calm down. I want to see him. Where is he? How the hell did this happen?" Declan: "We're still piecing it together. They found him last night in an alley near the shipyards."

5. When Helen meets Tesla out in the hall, he says "Kiss me, and ___."

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'

Answer: I'll save your life

While Helen is giving her presentation, Tesla has a note sent to her saying that she'll die in three minutes if she doesn't meet him. She quickly excuses herself and finds Tesla waiting for her outside the room and he says... Tesla: "Helen Magnus. Kiss me, and I'll save your life." Helen: "And if I don't?" Tesla: "Aw... It's been over sixty years. Just plant one on me already."

6. Who did Helen say was her godfather and a good friend of her father's?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Requiem'

Answer: Louis Pasteur

WILL: "H. G. Wells?" Helen: "Yes." Will: "Then Jules Verne..." Helen: "Obviously, hence the name of my submarine." Will: "Oh, uh... Louis Pasteur?" Helen: "he was my godfather. He and my father were good friends." Will is asking Helen about people she knew in her life. He thinks it is amazing that she can relate to people considering all the history that she has witnessed.

7. In the episode "Sanctuary For All", a profiler is working on a case involving an abnormal when he meets Helen. What is the profiler's name?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" For All

Answer: Will

Helen saved Will from a monster when he was a child. Now she brings him to the Sanctuary to work for her. Alexei is an abnormal who is brought to the Sanctuary in episode one; Henry is the computer expert; and John is Helen's ex-fiance.

8. After talking to Ashley, Helen informs the other passengers on the plane that a rescue should be there in five hours. Then she says, "If the Gods are smiling, I'll ___."

From Quiz "Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'

Answer: find us some tea and make us all a pot

Helen steps outside the plane to get a signal so she can talk to Ashley and Ashley tells her that a rescue team will be there in about five hours. Helen goes back inside and says to the other passengers, "I have good news. A rescue team will be here in about five hours. In the meantime, we'll assess your injuries and try to keep you all as warm as possible, and if the gods are smiling, I'll find us some tea and make us all a pot." Helen really likes tea.

9. After Will's friend was infected, Will shot him. What was his friend's name?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'

Answer: Jason

Will and his two friends are attacked by several of the creatures and in the skirmish, his friend gets infected by one of the creatures. The other guy tells Will that he still has time, but Will ignores him and says, "Sorry, Jason," just before shooting him with his pistol.

10. Where was the oil rig located that Helen and Will crashed in?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Next Tuesday'

Answer: Gulf of Mexico

This was shown right after they crashed and there was a message at the bottom of the screen that said, "'Tahiti Field' oil reserve. Gulf of Mexico. 305 km south of New Orleans. Sonatech 'Red Dog II'. Gas/petroleum production platform. Current status: decommissioned."

11. In what city does this episode take place?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'

Answer: Rome

After Tesla leads Helen into the catacombs, he says "Don't you just love Rome?" And at the end of the episode, Helen says to Ashley, "I've never shown you Rome, have I?"

12. What reason does Helen give for flooding the ballast?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Requiem'

Answer: Will wanted to kill her.

Will: "You did this. You flooded the ballasts. You made us lose control." Helen: "You gave me no choice! I know you want to kill me, and don't tell me it's because I asked you to, because that's not what friends do to each other!" By now Helen is really off her rocker, and even though she did ask Will to kill her, it was obvious he didn't actually have any intention to do so, at least not until the end of the episode when he actually did kill her. Sort of a spur of the moment thing maybe or he might have been planning it all along. Who knows?

13. In the episode "The Five", it's revealed that Henry is an abnormal. What is he?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" For All

Answer: Werewolf

He's lived at the Sanctuary most of his life and does most of the computer-related work.

14. While the official designation of the creature they captured is Cryptid Bipedis Himalaya, it is more commonly known as ____.

From Quiz "Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'

Answer: A snow leopard

Braun demands to know what the creature was that brought the plane down and Helen tells him that it was a snow leopard. Braun doesn't believe her though because he claims the creature was four times the size of any cat.

15. Helen runs into one of her old friends from the Sanctuary. Who is it?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'

Answer: Will

Will is the only one left from the Sanctuary and has been fighting the creatures since the outbreak started. Apparently he never left the city where the Sanctuary is located.

16. Right after the crash, Will says, "What is it with you and flying, anyway?" Helen says, "Two crashes in 158 years? That's not bad." What does Will say next?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Next Tuesday'

Answer: "They only invented flying 110 years ago."

Helen: "You alright?" Will: "I don't know. My door kind of gave way when we, you know, stopped. What about you?" Helen: "Well, you know, any landing you can swim away from..." Will: "What is it with you and flying, anyway?" Helen: "Two crashes in 158 years? That's not bad." Will: "They only invented flying 110 years ago so..."

17. What does Helen tell Will when he goes to see her after seeing Bigfoot's body?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Veritas'

Answer: She can't remember anything from the past week.

Helen: "Will! Oh, thank God." Will: "You okay?" Helen: "How could I be? They're telling me that I killed one of my dearest friends." Will: "What do you mean 'telling you'?" Helen: "I don't remember what happened. Honestly, I have... I have absolutely no memory of the past week."

18. What does Ashley say after Druitt shoots her with the tranquilizer?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'

Answer: "You got to be kidding me."

Druitt pretends to be Squid when Ashley goes to meet him and then whips out a dart gun to knock her out. After he shoots her, she says, "You got to be kidding me," then she passes out.

19. What does Helen say when Will points a gun at her after they come out of the water?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Requiem'

Answer: "Not too creative."

When Helen and Will are under water, she pulls off his oxygen mask and he swims to the surface and grabs the gun. He points it at the hatch and she comes out and when she sees him she says, "Not too creative... Don't miss." He doesn't actually fire at her, but instead tells her to fight the parasite.

20. John Druitt appears occasionally throughout season one; he was once Helen's fiance. What is his first name?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" For All

Answer: Montague

According to the series, and to some Ripperologists, Montague John Druitt was Jack the Ripper. The real M.J. Druitt had a family history of mental illness, and he was depressed and anxious much of his adult life. He drowned himself in the Thames in 1889.

21. Even though Ashley said the rescue would be there in five hours, they actually had to wait several days. Why?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'

Answer: A storm hit and the rescue team couldn't get through.

Soon after they crashed a storm blew in and Will said they would only have to wait a few days till the storm passed. Then Braun told him that storms there were not like the rest of the world and they can actually last for several weeks.

22. Why doesn't Will believe Helen when she tells him who she is?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'

Answer: she died three years ago

Will: "Who are you?" Helen: "Will, it's me--" Will: "Your name!" Helen: "Helen. Magnus. Satisfied?" Will: "I don't think so. Helen Magnus died three years ago."

23. Regarding the vampire squid, Helen says, "These creatures are so passive, ___"

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Next Tuesday'

Answer: "they're often killed by other species very early in their life cycle."

Helen: "Cephalopod. Thankfully, a very passive one at that." Will: "This one doesn't seem too pleased that we captured it." Helen: "Oh, it's much safer with us, believe me. These creatures are so passive, they're often killed by other species very early in their life cycle." Will: "Well, welcome to your new home...Squidly."

24. While examining the crime scene, Will says to Kate, "Have you noticed Magnus acting strangely lately?" What does Kate say?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Veritas'

Answer: "You're asking me? I think she's a weirdo pretty much all the time."

Kate: "Come on. Let's look around. Get those freaky eyeballs of yours into action." Will: "Have you noticed Magnus acting strangely lately?" Kate: "You're asking me? I think she's a weirdo pretty much all the time." Will: "Declan said that the big guy told him that she was starting to slip." Kate: "Like Amy Winehouse slip?" Will: "I don't know if screaming at paparazzi is quite her speed."

25. What do we find out about Henry?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'The Five'

Answer: He is a werewolf.

When the lizard is chasing Will down the hall, Henry rescues him by turning into a werewolf and crashing into the lizard, sending it and himself out the window.

26. Helen says, in regard to the mer-folk, "They may be a peaceful species, but ____."

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Requiem'

Answer: they aren't without resources or resolve

Helen says, "They may be a peaceful species, but they aren't without resources or resolve. They know how to fight back when provoked." This is when she is examining the dead mermaid and she and Will are speculating on what could have killed the mer-folk.

27. Who said this: "I was green as Gumby too"?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" For All

Answer: Ashley

In the episode "Revelations Part One", Ashley is trying to convince Helen that Ashley and Henry can sneak into the Cabal's weapons factory and steal the codes for a bioweapon to stop its release. The quote is in response to Helen's quote: "No offense, Henry, but you don't graduate from Eagle Scout to James Bond overnight."

28. What does "Hindu Kush" mean?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" episode 'Kush'

Answer: Slayer of Hindus

Braun tells Will that it was named Slayer of Hindus by the locals because they believed the weather and the mountains were created for the sole purpose of killing people.

29. What does Helen take with her when she escapes from Will?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Pavor Nocturnus'

Answer: A gun

As soon as Will realizes she is gone he checks his bag and finds the gun missing then we see Helen underground with the gun in her hands.

30. Kate says Helen sent her an email asking her to pick up an abnormal to bring to the Sanctuary. What happened when she went to get it?

From Quiz "Sanctuary" Episode 'Veritas'

Answer: The address didn't exist.

Kate: "It's probably nothing. Last week she sends me this e-mail, asking me to pick up a new intake. I go to the address, but it...wasn't there." Will: "The abnormal wasn't there?" Kate: "No, like the whole building wasn't there. The address didn't exist."

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