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  Paper Mario   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is about all three "Paper Marios". The first one was for the N64, the second is for the Nintendo Gamecube, and the third is for the Wii.
Average, 10 Qns, gourmet_freak, Apr 23 07
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  Paper Mario: The Origami King    
Multiple Choice
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"The Origami King" (Switch) is the sixth edition in the "Paper Mario" franchise. How much do you know about Mario's adventure to defeat the Origami King Olly?
Average, 10 Qns, Joepetz, Nov 14 21
Joepetz gold member
Nov 14 21
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trivia question Quick Question
Who is the main villain of this game?

From Quiz "A Mockery on Monty Hall"

Paper Mario Trivia Questions

1. At the beginning of the game, Mario and Luigi travel to Toad Town and Peach's Castle for what purpose?

From Quiz
Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: For the origami festival

Mario and Luigi drive to Toad Town because they are guests of honor at the local origami festival. However when they are arrive, they see Toad Town is completely empty and no one is at Peach's Castle. Suddenly, Peach's Castle is lifted into the air and the brothers are confronted by King Olly, an origami figure who wants to turn the flat paper world into origami. Mario and Luigi are separated and Mario befriends King Olly's sister, Olivia who aids him in his quest to rescue the already turned origami Princess Peach.

2. In the original "Paper Mario", who was your first partner?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: Goombario

After a nice chat with Goombario's family who you've been staying with after Bowser had beaten you, they decide to let Goombario travel with Mario. He is very excited because he is one of Mario's biggest fans.

3. What is the first Vellumental Mario must rescue?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: Earth Vellumental

The Vellumentals are god-like creatures who hold special powers. After Mario defeats an origami Vellumental, Olivia can learn its secret power which will further aid Mario on his quest at specific locations. Before he can rescue Princess Peach, Mario must remove the five large streamers wrapping the castle. The first streamer is the red streamer at the top of Overlook Tower. Mario needs to harness the power of the Earth Vellumental to reach the tower.

4. The first partner Mario teams up with (besides Olivia) is a Bob-omb called Bobby. However, Bobby is suffering from what ailment?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: Amnesia

Mario meets Bobby on a gondola ride to Autumn Mountain and Bobby tags along in hopes of recovering his lost memories. However, Bobby's quest sometimes diverges from Mario's. Bobby frequently gets lost and has to be found and/or rescued from enemies. Like other partners, Bobby will not join Mario inside temples, dungeons and some other buildings.

5. In "The Thousand-Year Door", who were the group of people that kidnapped Peach?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: X-Nauts & Xnauts

Many times in the game it is metioned that the X-Nauts kidnapped Peach under the command of their leader Grodus. After each chapter you get to do some activity with Peach at the X-Nauts' Fortress.

6. In the first "Paper Mario", what colors were the goombas that served the Goomba King?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: Red and Blue

These Goombas were met early in the game and you had to fight them. After they lost they ran home crying. As you continue to Toad Town you run across a fortress, the Goomba King's fortress. You then must fight all three goombas at the same time.

7. What was the item aboard the yacht the Princess Peach that Bobby wanted to retrieve?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: His fuse

Over the course of his time with Mario, Bobby slowly started regaining his memory and he recalled he and his Bob-omb friends were partying aboard the yacht named the Princess Peach. The boat was attacked by a Paper Macho Blooper and all of Bobby's friends died. Bobby tells Mario that they have to visit the yacht to save Olivia who was trapped under a boulder in the desert. Bobby does not tell Mario what the item he is missing is and Mario is too late to stop Bobby from blowing himself up to save Olivia. Bobby tells him it does not matter because Bob-ombs don't live long anyway.

8. In the first "Paper Mario" who guarded the seventh Star Spirit?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: Crystal King

Chapter 7 took place in Shiver City and The Crystal Palace. The Crystal King could create little ice minions that he would suck up and spit out at you. He could also heal 20 hp. His max hp was 70. The star spirit being held by the Crystal King was Kalamar.

9. What is the name of Khap'taan Teeowed's submarine that can be found in the Musee Champignon?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: Super Marino

Khap'taan Teeowed is a legendary boat captain whom Mario rescued in the desert. His submarine has been on display in the Musee Champignon since the beginning of the game. Mario needs the captain to pilot his submarine so Mario can dive underwater in the Great Sea to destroy the purple streamer that is running through that area. When Khap'taan Teeowed reclaims his submarine, the museum curator becomes upset since that is the museum's biggest attraction.

10. In "Super Paper Mario" who were the characters that kidnapped the Cragons?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: Floro Sapiens

These events take place in Chapter 5. The Cragons are a group of cavemen and they a forced to work for the the flower people, the Floro Sapiens. After the defeating their King it was revealed that they were kidnapping Cragons because they were polluting their water.

11. According to the Origami Craftsman, who folded Olivia?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: King Olly

The Origami Craftsman was planning an elaborate origami display for the festival in Toad Town. He folded Olly using a forbidden Fold of Life which allowed origami creations to come to life. Olly quickly turned on his creator because the Origami Craftsman "scribbled" on King Olly. (The scribble turned out be a heartfelt note but King Olly could not read and he thought it was graffiti). Olly imprisoned the Origami Craftsman in the walls of his house on Mushroom Island. He then folded Olivia as his sister to take the throne of the Origami Castle with him. However, Olivia did not go along with his plan and he abandoned her in the dungeon of Peach's Castle.

12. In which game were the Shroobs in?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: They weren't in any "Paper Mario" games

The Shroobs were the alien creatures from "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time" for the Nintendo DS. There was, however, an alien in "Super Paper Mario". His name was Squirps and was a prince. Apparently chocolate gives him strength.

13. Which creature hosts the game show that can be played in front of the Rainbow Spa?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: Shy Guy

The game show is called "Shy Guys Finish Last". In order to advance to the Rainbow Spa with Kamek and Bowser Jr., Mario must score 100 points in the game. If Mario scores a perfect game and completes the sudden death round, he will earn a trophy. Mario no longer has to play the game show once he completes it the first time, but he may do so if he pleases.

14. Where was the key to Peach's Castle finally found?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: In Luigi's car

Luigi spends the vast majority of the game trying to find the key to Peach's Castle. Every time he finds a key, he enthusiastically declares it the one to Peach's Castle but it never is. The keys Luigi does find, however, tend to be very important keys Mario finds. The key Luigi was looking for, however, had been stuck in his car the entire game and he never noticed until Mario pulls it out.

15. What was the name of your Boo partner in the orignal "Paper Mario"?

From Quiz Paper Mario

Answer: Bow

Bow joins your party in Chapter 3. She has the star spirit this time, but she won't give it to you until you defeat Tubba Blubba. Most Boos are scared of Tubba Blubba because they are his favorite Snack. He even ate their friend Stanley before their eyes. However once he is defeated he releases all the Boos and Bow gives you the next star Spirit.

16. Besides King Olly, which member of the Legion of Stationery is the last one Mario fights?

From Quiz Paper Mario: The Origami King

Answer: Stapler

The Stapler is fought in the Origami Castle and is the last member Mario fights other than the leader of the legion, King Olly. The Legion of Stationery members serve as the main bosses. The first five guard a streamer while the Stapler guards King Olly. The other five members are Colored Pencils, Rubber Band, Hole Punch, Tape and Scissors.

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