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Perfect Dark N64 Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Perfect Dark N64 Quizzes, Trivia

Perfect Dark (N64) Trivia

Perfect Dark (N64) Trivia Quizzes

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7 quizzes and 100 trivia questions.
  "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
"Perfect Dark" is the greatest first-person shooter game. James Bond can't get this good. There are many guns on this game and I decided to make a quiz on it. Good luck. Warning: You need the Expansion pak.
Average, 25 Qns, nascargame13, Mar 23 10
1727 plays
  "Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hey, if you've played the Nintendo 64 smash hit "Perfect Dark" and enjoyed it, this is the quiz for you. Enjoy yourself!
Average, 10 Qns, DarkDev, Apr 14 10
584 plays
  "Perfect Dark": The Perfect Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
"Perfect Dark": a masterpiece of the N64. Going back, this game is amazing, and I wanted to create a quiz to see who the TRUE diehard "Perfect Dark" fans are. So, enjoy this quiz and good luck!
Difficult, 15 Qns, Terent, Nov 07 10
451 plays
  Enter the Dark - Guns    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz is on some of the guns from the amazing N64 shooter game, Perfect Dark. Enjoy!
Tough, 10 Qns, Bashzog, Dec 19 06
770 plays
  Rumors in the Dark    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is my quiz on "Perfect Dark" for the Nintendo 64. Most of these questions refer to secrets and hints to beat the game. The others are interesting facts for those "Darkheads", as they like to be called.
Average, 10 Qns, Foxy_Cory, Dec 19 06
442 plays
  Perfect Trivia    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Have you ever played "Perfect Dark" for the Nintendo 64? If you have, and you think you know a lot about it, try this quiz. Only a true Perfect Agent will know some of these.
Tough, 10 Qns, nino9876, Dec 19 06
899 plays
  "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 2    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Finally got time to do this. Here is the 2nd guns quiz by me for "Perfect Dark"(N64). Warning: Expansion Pak needed.
Average, 20 Qns, nascargame13, Sep 04 11
599 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What picture is on the shotgun?

From Quiz ""Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1"

Perfect Dark (N64) Trivia Questions

1. Who's the "Daniel's Angel" of "Perfect Dark"?

From Quiz
"Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims

Answer: Joanna Dark

Joanna Dark is the star of the game (hence the name, "Perfect Dark"). Cassandra DeVries is in charge of Joanna's rival corporation, DataDyne.

2. To kill the Skedar leader, what do you do?

From Quiz Rumors in the Dark

Answer: Shoot his shield down, then shoot the statue arms

The Skedar leader's shield can not be pierced by bullets, only impaled by the statue. It goes right through his head! You've beaten the game if you've beaten him! Three Cheers for you!

3. What is the first function for all Pistols?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 2

Answer: Single Shot

This includes: Falcon 2 (Scope, Silencer). Magsec 4, Mauler, Pheonix, DY357 (Magnum, LX), and Sniper Rifle. These are all guns that have Single Shot.

4. Who is the game's pretty female heroine?

From Quiz Perfect Trivia

Answer: Joanna Dark

She likes to be called "Jo" for short.

5. What gun can make you cloaked?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1

Answer: RC-P120

The cloaked function takes almost all your ammo in at least a minute. This function is mostly for emergencies.

6. Who (more than likely) left behind the secret Phoenix gun in Episode 4:2 "Area 51 Rescue"?

From Quiz Rumors in the Dark

Answer: Elvis

If you've managed to unlock the "Maian SOS" bonus level (beat all levels on Special Agent or better), Elvis gets knocked unconscious in the same room with the Phoenix. Apparently, some goof-off forgot to pick it up later, as they are known to do in Area 51.

7. Who created the grenade?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 2

Answer: No one

The grenade was not made by a specific company/person.

8. What are the first words spoken in the game? (On Solo Missions)

From Quiz Perfect Trivia

Answer: "Why the big hurry?"

The first cinematic sequence of the game was also the most memorable for me. The casual exchange between Carrington and Agent Dark as the ship flies through the city towards the dataDyne building does a great job of getting you ready for the game to come.

9. Which gun has the highest fire rate of any in "Perfect Dark" (N64)?

From Quiz Enter the Dark - Guns

Answer: Reaper

The Reaper is a corridor cleaning weapon. It uses ammunition at an insane rate, and doesn't have very high accuracy. However, it is very effective against many opponents at close range. Its secondary fire mode is a grinder, which does extreme damage.

10. What mission can you find the RC-P120?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1

Answer: Mission 7.1 - Carrington Istitution - Defence

You must get the RC-P120 to complete the mission.

11. The Darksim has huge advantages over any Human player in the Combat Simulator. Of the feats listed, which of them is one of the advantages?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark": The Perfect Quiz

Answer: It has Radar enabled, at all times

Yes, the Darksim ALWAYS has Radar enabled, even if you turn it off. This is also true for the Perfectsim. The Darksim is a stimulant designed to exceed human performance, and it does that. It is faster, can always track you down, has inhuman accuracy, knows the location of every weapon in the match (enabling it to get the best ones quickly), and to top it off, it can fire certain weapons much faster than any humans can. A truly challenging adversary.

12. In what year does this game take place?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims

Answer: 2023 A.D.

"Perfect Dark" actually takes place in the year 2023 A.D, more than twenty-five years before it was released. As anyone who has played the story mode for five minutes can see, the game is very futuristic.

13. How many security cameras are in the dataDyne building in the level "dataDyne Central - Defection" when it is played on the "Perfect Agent" difficulty setting?

From Quiz Perfect Trivia

Answer: 6

These cameras are easily destroyed, but they are tucked away in hard-to-reach corners, so shooting them before they see you requires real skill.

14. What is the secondary function of the Callisto NTG?

From Quiz Enter the Dark - Guns

Answer: High impact shells

The high impact shells have a much slower fire rate (about one-third) than the primary fire, but are much more powerful.

15. What is the secondary function of all pistols?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1

Answer: Pistol Whip

This function is useless unless you are out of ammo. These pistols include Falcon 2, Flacon 2 Silenced, Falcon 2 Scope, DY357 Magnum, DY357-LX, etc.

16. What is the world record time for G5: Reconnaissance on Perfect Agent?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark": The Perfect Quiz

Answer: 52 seconds

Yes, believe it. The world record time is an astonishing 52 seconds, near impossible if not pulled off EXACTLY perfect. My personal time is 1:53, and I have a hard time getting that already. A truly amazing record. To check the World Records for the Solo Missions, go to, which contains all official records for " Perfect Dark".

17. Where did the first level in the game take place?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims

Answer: A futuristic city

The first level actually takes place in a 2023 A.D. version of Seattle, Washington. In the seventh, eighth, and ninth levels you're in Area 51, in the eleventh level you're in Air Force One, and in the last level you play in Skedar Ruins.

18. In all, how many levels are there (counting bonus levels)?

From Quiz Rumors in the Dark

Answer: Twenty-one

There are three Datadyne missions, one at the villa, two in Chicago, three at Area 51, three dealing with the president, two with the Cetans, one at the Institute, one aboard an alien ship, and one at their homeworld. Also, "Mr. Blonde's Revenge" when you beat the game on Agent, "Maian SOS" for Special Agent, "War!" for Perfect Agent, and you unlock "The Duel" by getting bronzes on each weapon training.

19. What is the real name of the building you're in in the dataDyne Central - Defection and Extraction missions?

From Quiz Perfect Trivia

Answer: Lucerne Tower

An easy way to find this out is to go down to the hangar in Carrington Institute where the nasty man is and use his computer.

20. How much ammunition is there in a box of ammunition for the K7 Avenger (in the combat simulator)?

From Quiz Enter the Dark - Guns

Answer: 150

The K7 Avenger is a powerful, burst fire weapon that you can access early on in the game. Its secondary mode is a threat detector, which very useful in a fight with proximity mines or sentry guns.

21. What color is the handle of the Magsec 4?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1

Answer: Red

Both sides are red, but there is a yellow peice on the top of the gun.

22. What is Joanna's occupation in "Perfect Dark"?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims

Answer: An agent in a secret institute

Joanna works for the Carrington Institute, a secret organization hidden from the outside world. The other choices are simply random.

23. When did Carrington first contact the Maians?

From Quiz Rumors in the Dark

Answer: 1985

If you read the background (unlocked by beating "Mr. Blonde's Revenge"), it says that Carrington contacted the Maians in 1985. He proposed a plan to benefit humans and Maians overall. Since then, they have been working together to gain friendly contact between Humans and Maians. For those who wonder about this, 2023 is the "current" setting of the game, and the other two years were just off the top of my head.

24. How many sedates can the crossbow hold?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 2

Answer: 5

It reloads very slow. But can be stopped after the first one is loaded if you press the fire button.

25. What type of weapon is the Slayer in "Perfect Dark" (N64)?

From Quiz Enter the Dark - Guns

Answer: Rocket launcher

The Slayer has an incredible secondary function: fly-by-wire rockets! When you shoot one of these you can control its flight. It is very effective against snipers. However, the rocket can be destroyed in midflight by being shot.

26. Who created the Mauler?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 1

Answer: Skedar

The Mauler is the only gun Skedar has made except Slayer and Reaper.

27. What is a "meat sim"?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" - Quiz for Meat Sims

Answer: A simulant in multiplayer on the weakest setting

A meat sim is the name for the weakest possible enemy in Combat Simulator (multiplayer of "Perfect Dark"). Once again, the game has absolutely nothing to do with any plumbers.

28. All in all, did the game developers (Rare) work out all the bugs in "Perfect Dark"?

From Quiz Rumors in the Dark

Answer: No, there is a piece of cheese hidden in each level

There is indeed a piece of cheese in every level. Apparently, these were supposed to be used for something, but in the end, Rare decided to leave them in the game due to programming difficulties. They really don't affect the gameplay or anything, but it is a nice little bonus for hardcore players to look for. Headstart - in the first mission, look for it in the drains between the top floor and Cassandra De Vries' office.

29. How much ammo is used on the secondary function of the Mauler?

From Quiz "Perfect Dark" Guns - Part 2

Answer: 6

It needs 5 to charge up, and when fired it uses another one.

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