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Released as a duo of futuristic shooter games for the PC, "Crusader: No Remorse" and "Crusader: No Regrets" were published by EA Games. Do you remember these two titles?
2 Crusader quizzes and 45 Crusader trivia questions.
  'Crusader' - The Weapons    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Another quiz on the "Crusader" game series by 'Origin'. These questions will need your knowlegde on the various weapons and Servomechs you encounter during your crusade to bring the WEC to a fall.
Difficult, 20 Qns, fogeltje, Jun 14 06
284 plays
  Crusader - No Remorse    
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
This quiz is about the exploding action game of 1995: "Crusader - No Remorse", by 'Origin'.
Difficult, 25 Qns, fogeltje, May 02 09
267 plays

Crusader Trivia Questions

1. What is the designation for the 'Pacifist' assault Rifle (your starting weapon in "No Regret")?

From Quiz
'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: RP-32

The RP-32, one of the best overall weapons in the game is called the 'Pacifist'. It is an assault rifle that fires a .30 round. It's damage it's fair (though it's the weakest weapon in "No Regret"), it's accurate even at long range, has a high rate of fire and a large magazine. Plus it leaves a body to loot. It's preset to fire a three round burst and features in both games. The RP-22 is called the 'Conciliator' and is identical to the 'Pacifist' except for the fact that it fires a two round burst The 'Conciliator' featured only in "No Remorse". The BK-41 is called 'Peacemaker' and is a pistol which fires a .40 round and preset to a two round burst, making it a bit stronger than the standard BK-40 pistol. The SG-A1 is called 'Conformer' and is a shotgun, standard issue to Riot Control Troops and Urban Pacification Units. The standard Ionic shield protects the wearer against all these weapons.

2. What rank did Stephon Ely hold in the WEC's Special Forces when he defected to the Resistance?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Captain

Stephon Ely held the rank of Captain when he defected to the Resistance in 2189. He obtained the rank of Major in the Resistance according to Consortium Intelligence. When The Silencer defects and is placed under Ely's command, Ely is holding the rank of Colonel (Some might argue that it is actually Lt Col. But his Resistance Profile just says 'Colonel', so I go by that. Matt Shephard in "No Regret" is officially listed as Lt Col, hence it's likely to assume that Ely is a full Colonel). Ely is the first resistance person the Silencer meets in person when he arrives at the Resistance Base in the Echo Sector, which Ely commands. Ely is suspicious of him at first like everyone else but his attitude changes after the Silencer succesfully blew up a monitoring station, which allowed the Resistance to ship food into Geneva. Sadly Private Andrews was killed in this mission. Ely was later captured when he walked into an ambush with Sgt Shannon Brooks. Maj Vargas spread false information of Ely being held in the Draygan Correctional Institution but these claims were false to lure the Silencer into a trap. The Silencer battled his way out and found Sgt Brooks and rescued her, finally altering her attitude towards him. Col Ely was presumed dead but was later rescued from a maximum security prison on the Lunar Mining Base "Dark Side Station" by the Silencer.

3. Tough one: You are a what?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Silencer

To all people who have played the game and got this one wrong: SHAME ON YOU! You are a Silencer, the most deadly instrument in the Consortium, save for the Vigilance Platform. Silencers are selected in their adolescent years by intense physical and psychological screening. They are isolated from the rest of the world and all bonds to the world are severed. They are indoctrinated to the maximum and trained in virtually any combat technique and strategy possible. They are the ultimate soldier. Silencers rarely live past the age of 40, those that do usually become instructors at the Academy. In exchange for their service and loyalty they are given a life-time unlimited amount of credits to spend at their leisure.

4. What is the name of the Mech with the 'cloaking device'?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: Cametron

Solartrons are the big bad yellow boys, with the most heavy armour and armament. Vetrons are Heavy Units seen throughout the games, strong opponents and Avatrons are Medium units seen in "No Regret".

5. What is the nickname for Corporal Troy Reaves?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: The Wizard & Wizard & the wizard & wizard

He's the Wizard, waving around his electrons. He is responsible for both inserting and extracting operatives through the WEC's own transportgrid. Without him actions by the Silencer wouldn't even be possible. He was probably killed when Vargas betrayed the base. He did manage to shoot her with a tracking device which allowed Shannon Brooks to locate her on the Vigilance Platform.

6. What is your rank?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Captain

You were a Captain in the Consortium Silencer Corps and you maintained that rank in the Resistance.

7. Troopers designated as the 'Lighting Rod' carry which weapon?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: PA-31

'Lightning Rods' carry the PA-31 'Adjudicator' Laser Rifle. The PA-21 'Arbitrator' Laser Pistol is issued to NCO's in specialised 'Lightning Teams'. The Laser Rifle has a high rate of fire and works well against Servo Mechs in particular. Be aware that the lase beam can bounce of certain surfaces like glass. Be careful you don't get hit by your own beam. The PA-21 featured in "No Remorse" only and was less powerful. The PL-1 "Unifier" Plasma Rifle is the WEC's only plasma based rifle and can disintegrate a non-shielded human opponent. It has a very high rate of fire and is extensively used by Police SWAT units. Plasma Shields are necessary to defend yourself against these weapons. The advantage of the Laser weapons is the fact that a body is left to loot. This isn't true for the PL-1 or EM-4.

8. What's the colour of your armour?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Red

Red of course. Again, shame on you if you had this one wrong. Silencers can always be identified by their polonium crimson armour. The armour completely seals the Silencer making biological and chemical agents useless. Extra protection against radiation is required though. The armour can deflect some amount of standard ballistics fire and even some energy weapons. A direct hit with high explosives or the most advanced energy weapons (when he is carrying no shield) will kill him instantly though.

9. Which weapon is capable of shooting three rockets at one time?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: AR-7 'Rico'

The SW-404 is the name given to the weapon in the "No Remorse" manual, but all other sources dub it the AR-7 'Rico'. Presumably this was the name of the weapon initially but got changed later. The manual probably didn't get updated. AP-MRL probably stands for "Anti Personal-Multiple Rocket Launcher". What the SW or AR stands for, beats me. Like the GL-303 the AR-7 can penetrate all personal shields. It's slightly less powerful though and on No Regret/No Remorse mode an Enforcer can even survive a direct hit. Direct hits with the Rico or GL-303 generally either set the target on fire or simply explode him, leaving no bodies to loot.

10. Which weapon is your starting weapon, when you beam into the Refinery?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: BK-40 Patriot

You are issued with the BK-40 pistol (as strange it may seem for a Silencer). The RP-32 is your starting weapon in "Crusader - No Regret". Of course it would seem strange that a Silencer carries only a small pistol (especially since the intro showed the Silencer and his comrades carrying RP-32's) but that would give you an egde too great over your opponents in the starting levels of course. Perhaps he lost his weapons in his fight with the Vetron.

11. What weapon is mounted on the APP-5510 'Cryoton' Anti-Personel Platforms?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: BK-16

The Cryoton utilizes the BK-16 "Crystallizer" Molecular Inhibitor which stops any molecular movement in the victim. The victim is thus frozen at the ultimate zeropoint (0 degrees Kelvin or -273 Celsius) and another hit makes it shatter. The weapon is fairly strong, pierces through Plasma Shields but leaves no body to loot.

12. Which shield can protect you from the GL-303 blasts?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: None

No shields are able to stop high-explosives (this is pathetic, since the Enforcers, most Mechs and even Stormtroopers, use those on 'No Remorse' Skill). Avoid high explosives at all costs by rolling away. If an enemy fires at you while you stand, ducking will do as well. Be aware though, since they always aim for the chest the next shot will hit you if you don't roll away.

13. How many rounds does a RP-32 or RP-22 clip contain (the clips are identical)?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: 60

This makes the weapon one of my favourites, since the AC-88 does contain only 12 rounds per clip, which means that you have to reload often and are drained of your ammo real quick. It's also the largest magazine capacity for any weapon. Keep in mind through that the RP-32 fires in a three round burst (two round burst for the RP-22).

14. When Central learns that the Vigilance Platform is fully online they order you to lead a Strike Team to the Platform and take it out. How many soldiers are place under your command for this raid?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: None

Not a single soldier. Maxis planned to send in a strike team once the Silencer secures the shuttle. The Silencer would be appointed the leader. The WEC shut down the power to the Shuttle Launch Pod once The Silencer was in and prevented Maxis from sending additional troops. The shutting down of the powergrid also prevented the Silencer from escaping so the shuttle to the Vigilance Platform was his only way out. And of course the Silencer doesn't need extra backup to take it out.

15. How many clips of one type can you carry at most (when NOT cheating)?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: 20

If you cheat, you can carry 99 clips. This is true for all projectile weapons (BK-40, BK-41, SG-A1, AC-88, RP-22, RP-32, GL-303, AR-7, LNR-81, BK-16).

16. What does WEC stand for?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: World Economic Consortium

The World Economic Consortium, or WEC for short. Current leaders of the Earth. The WEC controls every aspect of life. The WEC is structured into all kinds of Cartels that control specific aspects. The most known is perhaps the Security Cartel that provides security to WEC facilities. Sec Cartel often works closely together with Mil Ops, Military Operations. Silencers belong to the Mil Ops exclusively and the standard Civilian guards cannot be assigned to Mil Ops because of their poor quality. The Lunar Mining Cartel (LMC) is another highly known Cartel since it employs the Lunar Mining Base or Dark Side Station where the Di-Cor ore is harvested. This radio-active substance has replaced uranium and is used for power.

17. What's the designation for the 'Solartron'?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: APP-5200

APP-7200 is the 'Cametron', APP-4450 is the 'Avatron' and AP-4210 is the 'Thermatron'. Thermatron's were the first dedicated Anti Personel Platforms. They are lightly armoured and armed only but are swift. The APP-4400 Vetron's were the first Heavy units, heavily armoured and armed with a varying degree of heavy weapons (including twin Reapers, twin Laser cannons and twin Rocket Launchers). They are relatively slow though. The Avatron is a newer design and meant as a compromise between the light Thermatron and heavy Vetron. The Solartron is the heaviest APP in the WEC's service, carrying more armour than the Vetron and armed with either twin UV-9's or GL-303's.

18. In what year is the game set?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: 2196

The game is set in 2196 AD, as seen in the intro. The world has changed a lot an the world is controlled by the World Economic Consortium who doesn't tolerate any strives for power or independant nations. Several rebel factions formed over the years and the group known only as "The Resistance" is the largest and most effective one. The addition of the Silencer made it even more deadly and perhaps it can turn the tide in the fight against the WEC. The world also seems highly dependant on the radio-active Di-Correlium, or Di-Cor for short. This substance is only found on the moon and is primarly used for generating power. The world has become so dependant on it that destruction of the Lunar Mining Base or interruption of the constant flow of Di-Cor to Earth could have disastrous consequences.

19. What is the designation for the Thermatron?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: APP-4210

The others have been explained above and the APP-4100 is made up. The Thermatron is usually armed with an assault rifle caliber weapon (comparable to the RP-32) but rumours had it that the WEC was working on a plan to upgrade their Thermatrons with more deadly autocannons. The plans for this new prototype were stolen by the Rebel Silencer in "No Remorse" (the third mission).

20. What is the nickname for the MS-40?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: Roaming Susan

The android is the MS-110, Roach the MS-35 and the Vetron is an APP (APP-4400). The Roaming Susan was one of the first Maintenance Servomechs and is extensively used to keep all the WEC's equipment in working order. It was originally armed with a .40 caliber small arm for site defense but recent rebel activities forced the WEC to upgrade it to a laser arm.

21. Who invented the Graviton Shield?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Professor Wilmar

Wilmar invented the shield as seen in the mission where you are send to rescue him. Hoffman is the evil Dr. Weasel your friendly arms-salesman from next door and Maxis is the Rebel Big Guy. A prototype of the Graviton Shield was in Wilmar's cell since the WEC wanted him to finish it before they would kill him. Unfortunately the transportpad was sabotaged and Wilmar died a horrific died. The Silencer took the Shield and proceeded to find another way out.

22. The 'Roach' is a Maintenance Servomech (MS) or an Anti-Personel Platform (APP)?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: MS

The 'Roach' is the MS-35, the little black thing encountered in "No Regret". It's primarly used for carrying messages and is armed often with an integral EM-4. It's small size makes it somewhat difficult to hit but is generally not thought to be a high class risk. Watch out for the APP those, they exist only to hunt you down.

23. What is rank of Vargas' XO, who is to ambush The Silencer as he beams into the prison where, according to Vargas' false intelligence, Ely is held prisoner?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Lieutenant

'What's the status on our traitor Lieutenant? I trust you know Chairman Draygan has a personal interest in the fate of this Rouge Silence...'. Those were her words before she looked at the monitor and saw wo she was talking to. She had fed false information that Ely was beind held in the Draygan Correctional Institution. Shortly after entering the Silencer was ambushed by Elite Guards (you heard the words "Right on time, just like she said he'd be"). The Silencer disposed of them and activated a nearby terminal triggering a connection with Vargas. Vargas send a signal for Consortium troops to attack the base. Everyone was killed. The Silencer found Shannon Brooks alive in the base. As to that time it had been believed that she was the traitor. He rescues her before returning to the Rebel Base to find it destroyed, littered with the corpses of slain rebel soldiers and infested by Vetrons and Enforcers.

24. The XP-5 is nicknamed as what?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: Broiler

XP-5 'Broiler' Microwave Projector. This weapon is very strong and has a good rate of fire. It doesn't drain as much energy as the UV-9, can pierce Plasma Shields but leaves only a bloody mess instead of a lootable body. Good weapon to plow through a horde of Enforcers though. Somewhat inaccurate at long range.

25. What is the name of the prison where Ely is supposed to be held captive?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Draygan Correctional Institution & The Draygan Correctional Institution

The Draygan Correctional Institution as seen on one of the monitors in the complex. The Silencer rescues Shannon Brooks before returning to the Rebel Base.

26. What is the name of front Silencer, seen in the intro of 'No Remorse'?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Anthony Zurovec

Anthony Zurovec's the name, selling weapons is my game...oops..wrong quote *grin*. The name can be seen when the Vetron scans the three Silencers (the last one, you, iniates an error). Tony Zurovec is the lead programmer of the game (coincidence with the names?). Marcus Vittek is the second Silencer and yes, you guessed it, another person in the staff goes by the name Mark Vittek.

27. Who said 'Drop the piece, NOW'?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Stormtrooper

This quote also exists for the Stormtrooper in "No Regret"...somehow it's more convincing in the sequal as it is in "No Remorse". There's different lines for each kind of guard throughout the game which they yell at you when they see you.

28. What is the most expensive weapon that can be bought by 'Weasel' in "No Remorse"?

From Quiz 'Crusader' - The Weapons

Answer: UV-9

The GL-303 and AR-7 are cheaper, the LNR-81 doesn't feature in "No Remorse". All weapons can be bought from Weasel but if you look around very carefully in each level you can find them before you have the credits to buy them from Weasel. Also note that not all weapons are available but become available as your progress in the game.

29. What thing do you have to blow up in order to take out the Vigilance Platform?

From Quiz Crusader - No Remorse

Answer: Reactor Coolant System

You have to knock out the Coolant System. With the system down, the Lithium Core goes supercritical and wastes the station...after you've left it. The Thermal Coupler is the thing to destroy in Mission 1 and the SATARG is to be manipulated in one of the previous missions and destroyed in the final mission. But the destruction of SATARG does not take out the Platform. Unfortunately the Silencer wasn't quick enough with destroying the targeting system and the WEC destroyed Kiev before it could be neutralised.

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