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Fun Trivia
2 Space Invaders quizzes and 20 Space Invaders trivia questions.
  Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Space Invaders" came out in 1978 and became an almost instant success! What do you recall of this fun shooting game?
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Oct 13 17
reedy gold member
Oct 13 17
380 plays
  Space Invaders Extreme    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You know that game "Space Invaders Extreme" which was released on PSP and DS? Well, this is the first quiz about it. It's also my first quiz. :) Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, RoryReloaded, Oct 13 17
RoryReloaded gold member
Oct 13 17
206 plays

Space Invaders Trivia Questions

1. "Space Invaders" was developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and first released in Japan in June of 1978. Which company produced it?

From Quiz
Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: Taito

Following the successful release in Japan, Taito America had a limited release in July in North America. After a successful test market, the American company Bally Midway received the license for the game in North America for the wider release in October.

2. A well-respected video game company made this game. It is well known throughout the world, and they made the famous game "Arkanoid". Which company made this game?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Taito

This game was made by Taito, but it was licensed by Nintendo. Taito makes lots of retro-themed games and revives old games.

3. Power ups are a new addition to "Space Invaders" console games. They can be extremely useful in tight situations. How many power-ups are included in "Space Invaders Extreme"?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Four

There are four power-ups when not in Fever Time. These include Laser (my favourite, can destroy formations in seconds), Bomb (which explodes when hitting invaders, kills the surrounding invaders), Broad Shot (spaceship shoots five bullets), and Shield (spaceships absorbs shots from invaders but doesn't improve firepower).

4. To defend the Moon, you had a mobile laser cannon that would shoot up at the aliens. What controls did you have to operate your cannon?

From Quiz Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: Left/right directional buttons (L.H) and a firing button (R.H.)

There were actually a couple of control variations, but the first and most common one was the left/right directional buttons for the left hand and a firing button for the right hand. The other variant had left/right joystick for the left hand, instead of the buttons. It was impossible for your laser cannon to do anything other than left and right movement.

5. Music is really interactive with this game, with eleven songs! They can be very electronic, as well! What is the soundtrack for Stage 1? (Note: PSP version players may have trouble answering soundtrack questions.)

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Invade You

"Invade You" is the Stage 1 music and probably the most electronic of all of the soundtracks. "Repulse Me" is the Stage 5-A music and sounds similar to Invade You. "Outbreak" is the Stage 2 music and isn't very electronic and "Regress" is the Stage 3-A music and sounds like a watery environment.

6. Above the fleet of aliens, a red mystery ship would cross the screen on occasion, in either direction. How many bonus points would you get if you hit it with your laser?

From Quiz Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: It varied

There seemingly no rhyme or reason to which of the four available amounts of bonus points you would get if you hit the red UFO. It could be any of 50, 100, 150 or 300 points. With a total of 990 points available for taking down the rest of the fleet, the bonus points from the 'mystery ship' could dramatically improve your score. One person (named Fuller) figured out that your 23rd shot from the beginning of the game would earn you the 300 point bonus, and then every 15th shot after that (on the same level) would do the same.

7. Laser is a really handy power-up when you know how use it. It shoots a thick laser, vaporizing all enemies that touch it. What colour 4x combination do you have to shoot to get Laser?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Blue

Four blue invaders will give you Laser. Yellow invaders are exclusive to the credits, Rounds, and the extra life choice in Roulette UFO. Khaki invaders don't exist, and red invaders will give you Bomb.

8. To aid in the defense of the Moon, your laser cannon had a number of 'base shelters' to hid behind as needed. How many?

From Quiz Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: Four

The shelters were only good for so long. Every time the aliens shot and hit a shelter, some of it would disappear. The same thing happened if you shot it yourself from beneath. Eventually, you would no longer have any shelters to protect you from alien fire.

9. Broad Shot is a long range power-up, and the most common fever time power-up. It shoots five bullets, not just 1. What 4x colour combo do you have to shoot to get Broad Shot?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Green

Green will get you Broad Shot and Black will give you Shield. White is neutral, so you won't get anything no matter how many Whites you shoot and Brown invaders don't exist in the game.

10. Bosses appear after you complete the main part of the stage. Most bosses are easy, like the first boss. What colour invader does the first boss have circling around it to protect it?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Yellow

Yellow explosive invaders circle the first boss (after you complete the formation part of Stage 1). They will sometimes descend down on you, so be careful!

11. Rounds (the things that start "Fever Time") are acquired by shooting a rainbow UFO. But you have to shoot colour combinations first. What colour combinations do you have to get to get the round "Shoot Showering"?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Blue and Green

Blue and Green will get you "Shoot Showering" and Red and Blue will get you "Shoot Falling". Green and Green will get you "Colour Change" and Green and Blue will get you "Shoot Up Formations".

12. When you got down to only one alien left, it moved much more quickly. But it moved faster going in one direction than the other. Which way (going left or right) did the last alien move more quickly?

From Quiz Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: R & Right & Going Right

One strategy for making your stage last longer was to take out the aliens at the edges of the formation first, that way the whole formation would have more distance to travel before descending another level. That way, you might have gotten a little more time to try to hit that last, speedy alien. It was definitely possible to hit that last alien while it was going to the right, but it was a LOT easier when it was going that little bit slower towards the left.

13. The pink UFO was too original and didn't do much, so more colours of UFO were added. UFOs do many things to your game, like induce a round or add white invaders to each column. What colour UFO shoots a thick, pink laser to try and kill you?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Blue

Blue shoots pink lasers, but it charges up first to give you a chance. Red will give you a unusual round, Yellow will give you Roulette, and Orange UFOs don't exist.

14. A development that "Space Invaders" had that previous video games did not have was music tied to the action in the game. What was the very simple melody, that increased with speed as the aliens did?

From Quiz Arcade Nostalgia: "Space Invaders"

Answer: Four descending notes

That very simple four-note descending line actually added a lot to the game, giving it you sense of urgency to complete your level. Other sounds in the game included the shots from your laser cannon, and a siren-like sound when the red flying saucer went by at the top of the screen. Also, a nice little explosion sound occurred whenever you got hit.

15. There are two platforms of "Space Invaders Extreme": DS and PSP. The two spaceships vary in colour, depending on which version. What colours are they in each version?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Yellow (DS) and White (PSP)

Yellow is the colour in DS version and White is the colour in the PSP version. Variety between versions is essential.

16. UFOs sometimes help or hinder your game. There are many colours of UFOs, to keep the variety in the game. How many colours of UFO are there?

From Quiz Space Invaders Extreme

Answer: Six

There are six UFO colours (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Rainbow, and White). Red starts a round, Blue shoots a pink laser, Green adds a white invader to every column, Yellow begins Roulette, Rainbow appears after the criteria of starting a round normally is fulfilled, and White is nothing special.

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