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3 Warcraft quizzes and 30 Warcraft trivia questions.
  "Warcraft" - The Beginning    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz contains questions about the initial stages in "Warcraft" for PC - from the creation and shaping of the universe by the Titans to the end of the first war. All data are as provided by "Blizzard Entertainment".
Tough, 10 Qns, hellbaron, Nov 10 06
718 plays
  Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The second war has ended, and the time for the next war, the greatest in "Warcraft" for PC, is not yet ripe. However, it was during this intermediate period however, that an important event took place viz. the formation of the scourge.
Average, 10 Qns, hellbaron, Nov 10 06
644 plays
  Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
After two quizzes on the prologue, we enter into the part where the actual game begins - this quiz contains questions from the story of "Warcraft" from the birth of the last guardian up to the events depicted in the game "Warcraft-Orcs and Humans" for PC
Tough, 10 Qns, hellbaron, Nov 10 06
707 plays

Warcraft Trivia Questions

1. Who was chosen to form the infamous undead scourge, which shall scour the lands of Azeroth and Lordaeron of all life?

From Quiz
Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Ner'zul

When "Warcraft-2X Beyond the Dark Portal" ends, we see that Ner'zul who lead the Shadowmoon clan escaped with his faithful orcs and death knights through the biggest of the dark portals he had created. It was at the ends of this very portal, however, that Kil'jaedan the deceiver who swore to kill him after his betrayal lay in wait. He destroys Ner'zul's physical form and transfers his throne to the northrend. From then onwards, he shall be known as The Lich King.

2. All hell breaks loose after Medivh wakes up from his hibernation. Which creatures did he bring to Azeroth through the dark portal?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Orcs & Orc

Before the orcs were brought to Azeroth, Kil'jaedan had to make sure they had the bloodlust that was expected of them. So, he made them drink Mannoroth's blood, because of which, they became his servants forever.

3. Which Titan was appointed to act as the first line of defense against the demon attacks from the twisting nether?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Sargeras

Ironically, it was he who led the dark forces against the creations of the Titans at a later stage. He does it after his heart is corrupted by the demonic forces.

4. Which agents of the demonic legion were asked to supervise the activities of the scourge?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Dreadlords

Though Ner'zul was agreeable and seemingly anxious to play his part, Kil'jaeden remained skeptical of his servant's loyalties. Keeping the Lich King bodiless and trapped within the crystal cask assured his good conduct for the short term, but the demon knew that he would need to keep a watchful eye on him. To this end, Kil'jaeden called upon his elite demon guard, the vampiric dreadlords, to police Ner'zul and ensure that he accomplished his task.

5. Which two races were present in Draenor when Kil'jaedan visited it?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Orcs and Draenei

The Draenei, which we get to play as in the Alliance Campaign of "Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne" were at constant war with the horde after they had been corrupted by the agents of the legion. When Illidan agreed to help them defeat the horde, they allied themselves with him to help him conquer the pit lord's black citadel. They were basically infiltration experts who were experts in hiding and attacking.

6. Who were the Narthrezim?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Dreadlords

Sargeras was corrupted by the demonic powers of the dreadlords and became known as the Dark Titan. The Eredar, on the other hand, who are devilish sorcerors, were imprisoned by Sargeras after he had defeated them.

7. Who destroyed the demon soul, thus freeing the dragons from the clutches of the orcs?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Rhonin

Nekros was the orc shaman who had ideas of recapturing the lands of Azeroth. Rhonin, however, freed his most powerful allies from his clutches - Alexstrasza's dragons. In their fury, Alexstrasza's dragons tore Grim Batol apart and incinerated the greater bulk of the Dragonmaw clan. Nekros' grand schemes of reunification came crashing down as the Alliance troops rounded up the remaining orc survivors and threw them into the waiting internment camps. The Dragonmaw clan's defeat signaled the end of the Horde.

8. Which shaman did Kil'jaedan first corrupt to help him enslave the horde?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Ner'zul

In "Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos", we find that Ner'zul had betrayed the legion. As punishment, he was locked up inside an ice glacier in northrend. From then, he would be known as the Lich king.

9. Which two sorcerers of Erader were handpicked by Sargeras to lead his army of destruction?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Kil'jaedan and Archimonde

Kil'jaeden the Deceiver was chosen to seek out the darkest races in the universe and recruit them into Sargeras' ranks. The second champion, Archimonde the Defiler, was chosen to lead Sargeras' vast armies into battle against any who might resist the Titan's will.

10. Another important happening during this intermediate period is the rise of the greatest warchief the horde had ever had. Who is this warrior son of Durator, raised as a slave by commander Blackmore?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Thrall

Blackmoore taught Thrall about tactics, philosophy, and combat. The Orc was even trained as a gladiator. All the while, the corrupt warden sought to mold him into a weapon. Despite his harsh upbringing, young Thrall grew into a strong, quick-witted orc, and he knew in his heart that a slave's life was not for him. As he grew to maturity, he learned about his people, the orcs, whom he had never met: after their defeat, most of them had been placed in internment camps.

11. Which warchief did not drink the blood of Mannoroth, thereby preventing the doom which befell his kinsmen?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Durotan

Durotan, as had been told in "Warcraft-2", tried to cleanse his people from the corruption of the horde. Thrall, his son, completed it for him, when he founds the city of Durotar, consisting of orcs free from the corruption of the demons.

12. Which dreadlord who joined Kil'jaedan's ranks first, served Kil'jaeden as the perfect soldier and agreed to bring Sargeras' burning will to all the dark corners of the universe?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Tichondrius

Tichondrias is the yellow Dreadlord in "Warcraft 3". Among the four dreadlords, Mal'ganis was slain by Arthas in Frozen Throne, and Tichondrias was killed by Illidan in Kalimdor. Variathmas turned traitor against his brethen when he joined forces with the Dark Ranger and slew the last one.

13. Whose war hammer did Thrall take up to become the new warchief of the newly liberated horde?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Doomhammer

To symbolize his people's rebirth, Thrall returned to Blackmoore's fortress of Durnholde and put a decisive end to his former master's plans by laying siege to the internment camps. This victory was not without its price: during the liberation of one camp, Doomhammer fell in battle. Thrall took up Doomhammer's legendary warhammer and donned his black plate-armor to become the new warchief of the Horde.

14. Coming back to Lordaeron, we find that King Llane is worried about the dark state of his friend Medivh. Through Medivh, what did the dark Titan promise Gul'dan in exchange for leading the horde to Lordaeron through the dark portal?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Information on where Aegwyn had buried Sargeras' crippled body

Through a joint effort, Medivh and the warlocks of the Shadow Council opened the dimensional gateway known as the Dark Portal. This portal bridged the distance between Azeroth and Draenor, and it was large enough that the horde might pass through it. Gul'dan agreed to it since he thought that the price which Medivh had promised was worth the risk he was about to undertake.

15. What creatures did the Titans empower as the guardians of Kalimdor before they left Azeroth?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Dragons

Aman'Thulbestowed his power upon the bronze dragon, Nozdormu. Eonar gave a portion of her power to the red dragon queen, Alexstrasza. Eonar also blessed the green dragon Ysera, with a portion of nature's influence. Norgannon granted the blue dragon, Malygos, a portion of his vast power to make him the spell weaver. Khaz'gorothbestowed some of his vast power upon the black dragon, Deathwing. Thus empowered, the Five Aspects were charged with the world's defense in the Titans' absence.

16. The War begins. We come to "Warcraft-1 Orcs and Humans". What is the name of the clan which was exiled to the far reaches of the new world for defying Gul'dan's will?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Frostwolf & Frostwolf Clan & The Frostwolf Clan

This is the clan lead by Durotan. Since he had not drunk the blood of Mannoroth, he was not consumed by bloodlust, and wanted to reason out with his friends that it was not worth it to wage war on the inhabitants of the new world.

17. Which Night Elf king/queen paved the path for the invasion of the Burning Legion?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Azshara

Although Illidan was indeed partly responsible, he was never made a king. The Highborne Elves who practised magic recklessly advised the queen Azshara to invite the Dark Titan to the world, to quench their thirst for magic.

18. Which archmage of the council of Kirin Tor of Dalarin received the summons of the Lich King and decided to join his ranks immediately?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Kel'Thuzad

Leaving behind his fortune and prestigious political standing, Kel'Thuzad abandoned the ways of the Kirin Tor and left Dalaran forever. Intent on reaching Icecrown and offering his services to the Lich King, the archmage passed through the ravaged, war-torn ruins of Azjol-Nerub. Kel'Thuzad saw firsthand the scope and ferocity of Ner'zul's power. He began to realize that allying himself with the mysterious Lich King might be both wise and potentially fruitful.

19. Which group was formed by the evil sorcerer who was sent back to Lordaeron to carry out the Lich king's dreaded task?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: The Cult of the Damned

The Cult of the Damned promised its acolytes social equality and eternal life on Azeroth in exchange for their service and obedience to Ner'zul. As the months passed, Kel'Thuzad found many eager volunteers for his new cult amongst the tired, overburdened laborers of Lordaeron. As the Cult of the Damned grew in size and influence, Kel'Thuzad made sure to hide its workings from the authorities of Lordaeron.

20. Who adopted Thrall when he was an infant, after Durotan and his family were assassinated by Gul'dan's followers?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Aedelas Blackmoore

Thrall, who in future would become the greatest leader of his race, was raised as a slave by the human officer Aedelas Blackmoore who adopted him. Since he grew up with the humans, he knew their ways, their strengths and weaknesses in battle.

21. What caused the Dragons to retreat from the great war?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Betrayal of Deathwing

The Black Dragon Deathwing, who was not bound by the relic which controlled all the other dragons, started attacking his own kind. Deathwing's sudden betrayal was so destructive that the other dragons were shocked. They were forced to abandon their mortal allies due to this sudden betrayal.

22. Unaware of the scourge's invasion, the lords of the alliance were fighting over petty matters. Why did the high elves break the alliance with the humans?

From Quiz Story of "Warcraft" - The Formation of the Scourge

Answer: Their forests were destroyed during the second war

The other three reasons were why they had quit the alliance after the third war. Although Terenas reminded the elves that countless humans had given up their lives to defend Quel'thalas, they were in no mood to listen.

23. Who won the war - Humans or Orcs?

From Quiz Warcraft - The Origin of the Horde

Answer: Orcs

Since king Llane was too vain to listen to Lothar's claim that the horde needs to be resisted with full might, the humans lost the war. However, by killing Medivh, they had also freed the horde from the clutches of Gul'dan. When Medivh was about to die, he and Gul'dan were connected in mind, since Gul'dan wanted to find out the location of Sargeras' tomb. His death damaged Gul'dan as well, and he fell into a coma which lasted for a long time.

24. What was created in the place where The Well of Eternity previously stood?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Maelstorm

Against all odds, Queen Azshara and her Highborne elite managed to survive the explosion of The Well. They evolved into the hateful serpentine Nagas. Azshara herself became who was known as the Naga Sea Witch, later brought back to the surface by Illidan to serve Archimonde.

25. Who were Cenarius' sons and daughters?

From Quiz "Warcraft" - The Beginning

Answer: Keepers of the Grove and Driads

The demigod Cenarius remained in the Moonglades of Mount Hyjal after the war. His sons, known as the Keepers of the Grove, kept close watch on the night elves and regularly helped the Sentinels maintain peace in the land. The Dryads were Cenarius' shy daughters who seldom appeared in the open.

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