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1 Trivial Job Interview
You really need this new job, but could trivia be your ultimate downfall during the interview? See if you can make things right, pick the right answer, and get hired. Good luck!
10 Q
Dec 06 07
28506 plays
2 Things I've Stepped In
You're innocently walking along, when suddenly you feel that tell-tale squelch, slip, or crunch. We've all stepped in gum, or poop, or dead things, but here are some more unusual things various people have stepped in, and they're not even all gross!
10 Q
Jul 27 09
2778 plays
3 Hit with an Irony Bar defines "ironic" as the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning. Rain on your wedding day is unfortunate, not ironic. Name these things from history that are, in fact, ironic.
10 Q
Aug 24 09
2832 plays
4 Looney Tunes Title Puns and Gags
Many Looney Tunes titles are puns or gags based on cultural references less familiar today than when the cartoons were made over 50 years ago. See if you get the reference; if not, I'll educate you. You don't need to have seen the cartoons to play.
10 Q
Jul 22 09
2595 plays
5 One For Lazy People
This quiz is dedicated to those of you who, like me, are lazy and proud of it!
10 Q
Nov 30 03
15444 plays
6 The Seven Dwarfs: Sneezy
Team quiz by Quiz Makers Guild
Take a big, big box of tissues and join your friendly guides the Quiz Makers' Guild for a little journey through some questions all inspired in radically differing ways by what happens when you really, really have to....ATCHOO!
10 Q
Jun 22 12
561 plays
7 A Bunch of Banana Sticker Questions
Not many items we purchase seem more trivial than the stickers that are stuck to bananas... yes, we pay for those stickers, so let's start paying attention to those colorful little things! You may find this multiple-choice quiz rather a-peel-ing.
10 Q
Dec 23 06
3402 plays
8 Outlandish Insect Wing Trivia
Will you be mesmerized and fascinated as you jump from etymology to entomology, from stage to screen, from the literary to the merely entertaining? You'll have to click "play" to find out.
10 Q
Sep 17 07
645 plays
9 Guild-y as Sin: Gluttony
In 1321, Dante climbed the terraces of Purgatory and saw a new deadly sin on each level. Now the Quiz Makers' Guild is making the same trip and seeing things Dante never dreamed of. The sixth level is Gluttony.
10 Q
Feb 09 10
423 plays
10 Guild-y as Sin: Envy
In 1321, Dante climbed the terraces of Purgatory and saw a new deadly sin on each level. Now the Quiz Makers' Guild is making the same trip, and seeing things Dante never dreamed of. The second level is Envy. Coming soon: Wrath, with SilverMoonsong.
10 Q
Aug 19 09
393 plays
11 Shoelaces
Shoelaces are used to tie our shoes. We all know this fact, but do you know these other interesting tidbits about shoelaces?
10 Q
Nov 02 07
1149 plays
12 Mountains and Molehills
It was approaching midnight and instead of sleeping like most others, I was doing some studying when the thought of the saying 'making a mountain out of a molehill' came to me about a particular piece of work. So, why not make a quiz about it? Enjoy! :)
10 Q
Feb 29 08
918 plays
13 More Educational Pub Signs
For your enjoyment, I will show you ten more British pub signs, with some general knowledge questions inspired by them.
10 Q
Apr 13 11
4674 plays
14 Nobody Remembers Who Came Second - Or Do They?
I'm sure all keen quizzers can remember the first person to walk on the moon - and probably the second. But can you remember these seconds? Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 16 07
1098 plays
15 It's More Than You Think
The information in this quiz will probably surprise you. There are some facts that I find quite incredible.
10 Q
May 26 12
717 plays
16 Up a Chewing Gum Tree
Do you know your Doublemint from your Orbit, some chewing gum history and the role of the delicious stuff in music, sport and more? Have a go at these ten questions and find out!
10 Q
Dec 14 11
330 plays
17 Not All Easter Eggs Are Chocolate
Ten varied questions in which I shall attempt to prove that, indeed, not all Easter eggs are made of chocolate. Thank you to Rowena8482 for the title suggestion.
10 Q
Nov 22 11
573 plays
18 Smells Like Team Spirit - A Guild Tribute
In the Quiz Makers Guild we value team spirit highly, a quality epitomised by the much-missed socalmiguel. In his honour we present ten fragrant examples of what can be achieved when you all pull together (and what can happen when you don't!)
10 Q
May 13 09
765 plays
19 Velcro: It's Got Staying Power!
Here's a little quiz about one of the simplest yet most useful inventions of the 20th century. (Don't worry: The questions won't be too sticky!)
10 Q
Jun 15 08
666 plays
20 Kiss Me, You Fool!
Who doesn't enjoy a kiss? This is a quiz about kisses, kissing, and related subjects. Pucker up!
10 Q
Nov 17 14
399 plays
21 The Phoenix Takes Flight Across Funtrivia Part 1
The team Phoenix Rising invites you to visit every category at Funtrivia on the wings of the mythical phoenix. In Part 1, this symbol of rebirth from destruction visits the categories Animals through Humanities.
10 Q
May 01 08
513 plays
22 Birds I Have Known
This quiz is all to do with birds that have played some part in my life. On reading through it, you may think me quite urbane - or more likely, just a little bit odd. Have fun getting to know my birds!
10 Q
Jul 19 09
468 plays
23 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Here are ten questions inspired by Meatloaf's song, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". This isn't so much "Anatomy of a Song" as ripping out its body parts and flinging them in directions they were never meant to go!
10 Q
Dec 22 09
570 plays
24 Gifts of the Earth: Precious Things
Team quiz by Children of Terra
Mother Earth has given us many precious things which give us joy, or inspiration, or fill us with awe. Perhaps our quiz will uncover a few surprises for you!
10 Q
Jan 03 15
288 plays
25 Gloves - Not Gauntlets - Love Tokens and Symbols
A gauntlet is associated with issuing a challenge to battle or a confrontation. Not so gloves - they have long been regarded as a token of affection. Let's look further afield and take a glimpse at love tokens and symbols through the ages.
10 Q
Feb 26 05
1014 plays
26 Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
This quiz covers subjects from gun control and divorce to HIV and advertising, but the uniting theme is the manipulation of statistics. As the Hon. W. Richard Walton Sr. once said, "42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot."
10 Q
Aug 03 03
3993 plays
27 Taking a Bath
I am about to take a bath. Most of us bathe or shower every day, or at least several times a week. What do you know about this simple activity?
10 Q
May 06 14
780 plays
28 I'm a Rat What's Your Excuse?
Rats are much maligned creatures - I hope you enjoy this quiz about Rattus!
10 Q
Jul 13 09
432 plays
29 See If You Can Measure Up
Some units of measurement are familiar to most people. Some units of measurement are familiar to few people. This quiz is about the latter types. Good luck.
10 Q
Dec 18 07
1131 plays
30 Don't Stop Deceiving
When Sir Walter Scott wrote "O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive", he wasn't kidding! See if you can untangle the clues about the deceptions celebrated in this quiz. (Thanks to Kyleisalive for the challenge.)
10 Q
Oct 16 11
3663 plays
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This is category 15939
Last Updated Jan 29 15 2:21 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Who was the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the late 1990s when the economy was humming along?
* What founding father of the USA pioneered the idea for a national bank?
* Who was Karl Marx's main collabarator on his famous works?
* Whose 'curve' did President Reagan use as the basis for his 'Trickle Down' economic policy?
* Who is considered to be the father of modern economics?

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