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A trilliant cut or trillion gemstone has which geometric shape?

Question #150594. Asked by psnz.
Last updated Feb 06 2024.
Originally posted Feb 06 2024 9:05 PM.

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Triangular! The cut is a relatively modern one and like all diamond cuts the goal is to help capture as much light and brilliance as possible.
The trilliant cut was introduced by the Asscher brothers in Amsterdam. In the early 1960s Leon Finker created his version on the "triangular brilliant cut diamond", which he called the trillion cut. Finker had a large diamond cutting factory in New York, and Henry Meyer Diamond Company, who was also cutting triangular brilliant diamonds, used the same diamond cutters, though their stones were cut slightly differently.



Response last updated by BigTriviaDawg on Feb 06 2024.
Feb 06 2024, 9:07 PM
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