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Achievement: Team Heroes
Major Challenge
Achievement: Team Heroes
You have achieved tier 0.
Tier 1 - 15 correct in 100 seconds (10075 players)
Tier 2 - 15 correct in 85 seconds (638 players)
Tier 3 - 15 correct in 70 seconds (557 players)
Tier 4 - 15 correct in 60 seconds (686 players)
Tier 5 - 15 correct in 50 seconds (780 players)
Tier 6 - 15 correct in 40 seconds (735 players)
Tier 7 - 15 correct in 30 seconds (212 players)
You have not yet completed this challenge.
Reward for completion: Badge + 1 level.

The Challenge:

 Do you like games you can't lose but only win? We thought so and that's why we created Team Heroes. You get to play for your team and if you're in the top players, you'll help them get a good daily score, otherwise you'll just get your share of team points based on the other members' performance. So where's the thrill? Well, for one, you could really try hard to get all 15 questions correct in 100 seconds and get this achievement. Some topics are really, really easy to do this with, so watch out and play!


 Awarded to every player scoring 15/15 within 100 seconds.

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