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Intro Challenges
Here are some easier challenges to get you started and introduce you to aspects of FunTrivia. Can you complete all of these?

    Your First Quizzes (mini)
    A Perfect Hour (mini)
    Amethyst Scavenger (mini)
    There is no 'I' in Team (mini)
    Easy as 1,2,3 (mini)
    My Daily Quiz (mini)
    Daily Games (mini)
    Spice it Up (mini)
    Do the Twist (mini)
    Finders Keepers (mini)
    Knock 'em Out! (mini)
    Quiziversity (mini)
    We All Have Questions (mini)
    Crossword Puzzle Fun (mini)
    A Global Challenger (mini)
    Smarty Pants (mini)
    You Graduated!
1: Amethyst Dojo
Unlocks at level 3
2: Topaz Hall
Unlocks at level 6
3: Garnet Complex
Unlocks at level 10
4: Emerald Cave
Unlocks at level 15
5: Sapphire Caverns
Unlocks at level 21
6: The Ruby Dungeon
Unlocks at level 28
7: Obsidian Tunnels
Unlocks at level 36
8: The Diamond Dome
Unlocks at level 45
Prismatic Staircase
Collectible Challenges

The Annex
Special Awards

    Friends in Need (mini)
    2020 is Hindsight
    Questian (mini)
    Zeus' Favor (mini)
    Stadium (mini)
    Fish (mini)
    Frog (mini)
    Unicorn (mini)
    Dragon (mini)
    Defender of Quality (mini)
    Advocate of the Masses (mini)
    Green (mini)
    Red (mini)
    Blue (mini)
    Fantasy KO: 2 of 7 (mini)
    Armchair Champ
    Lucky Ducky
    Perfect Score
    Old Timer
    Happy FunTrivia Birthday! (mini)
    License to Shoot (mini)
Level Specific
Unlocks at level 25
These can only be won if you are at least at a specific player level.

Retired Challenges