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Mini Challenge
You have not yet completed this challenge.
Reward for completion: Mini Badge + 250 pts.

The Challenge:

 Quiz Creation is a major part of FunTrivia. You are free to dream up almost any topic you wish and write a quiz about it.

We have a set of basic rules and guidelines that help ensure that quizzes submitted are somewhat consistent in quality.

To complete this challenge, take the 5 Quiz Creation quizzes below and score as well as you can!

Creating Your First Quiz, by editor bloomsby
How to Create a Good Quiz, by editor thejazzkickazz
Apostrophes are not Difficult, by author DevonshireLass
Plagiarism, by editor crisw
The Worst Trivia Quiz of All Time, by editor stuthehistoryguy


 Awarded to a player who plays each of the 5 quizzes outlined in the challenge text and scores reasonably well on each.

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