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Achievement: Photo Mania

Achievement: Photo Mania
You have achieved tier 0.
Tier 1 - score 14 in 150s or 13 in 100s or 12 in 60s (178 players)
Tier 2 - score 14 in 125s or 13 in 80s (103 players)
Tier 3 - score 15 in 150s or 14 in 100s or 13 in 60s (88 players)
Tier 4 - score 15 in 125s or 14 in 80s (86 players)
Tier 5 - score 15 in 100s or 14 in 60s (65 players)
Tier 6 - score 15 in 80s (44 players)
Tier 7 - score 15 in 60s (25 players)
T7 Club : 1995Tarpon   LadyNym   kevalex34   PDAZ   DaMoopies   garrybl   Mark1970   Rizeeve   Triviaballer   runaway_drive   matthewpokemon   LauraMcC   Upstart3   masfon   tiye   mcdubb   ZWOZZE   fado72   rbutcher42   kino76   blackavar72   Matthew_07   krajack99   burnsbaron   aerolancer_24  
You have not yet completed this challenge.

Prestige reward per tier: 3 prestige
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This is a special challenge for our gold members .

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