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Major Challenge
You have achieved tier 0.
Tier 1 - score 10 winner points (778 players)
Tier 2 - score 25 winner points (485 players)
Tier 3 - score 50 winner points (379 players)
Tier 4 - score 100 winner points (272 players)
Tier 5 - score 200 winner points (132 players)
Tier 6 - score 330 winner points (74 players)
Tier 7 - score 500 winner points (139 players)
You have not yet completed this challenge.

Prestige reward per tier: 4 prestige

The Challenge:

 Somewhere on FunTrivia:

"Hey, look! It's a new division winner badge and they have this nifty dynamic division assignment system going that groups people by performance. I'll play a few really bad games and then I can trounce the beginners..."

Nice try. But that's not how this one works.

You see, we had that idea as well, so we came up with something better: Every time you win your division, you'll get winner points - as many as the division number indicates. A higher division gets you more points. Enough points gets you this badge. Even more points gets you some shiny upgrades. So you'll want to win not just any division but the highest one you can win. But that's the one the system will assign you anyway if you just play your best.

This means you can play this just like any old division winner badge - just give it your best shot every time you play. Some really shiny upgrades await those who do!


 Awarded to a player collecting 10 winner points in the Fifty-Fifty game. Each hour, a winner of a division gets points equal to the division number, as long as at least 6 players play in that division. Can be upgraded.

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