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Point Emperor

Point Emperor
You have achieved tier 0.
Tier 1 - score 1000000 FunTrivia points (3436 players)
Tier 2 - score 3000000 FunTrivia points (1250 players)
Tier 3 - score 6000000 FunTrivia points (572 players)
Tier 4 - score 10000000 FunTrivia points (332 players)
Tier 5 - score 15000000 FunTrivia points (250 players)
Tier 6 - score 25000000 FunTrivia points (118 players)
Tier 7 - score 40000000 FunTrivia points (56 players)
You have not yet completed this challenge.

Prestige reward per tier: 5 prestige

The Challenge:

 Sire, the people of the realm bow to your grandeur. There are even talks among the peasants that you may be of the Imperial family. They will not rest with their stories until your identity is proven one way or another - but I can tell you right now that the only thing you will be able to prove is that you do possess a connection to the grandest of families. Show them a million FunTrivia points in your treasury and they will love you to the very end of your imperial existence!


 Awarded to players who earn over 1,000,000 FunTrivia Points.

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