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Mind Your Ps and Qs (4) Crossword Puzzle

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Fourth in a series: A crossword puzzle that primarily uses the letters "P" and "Q"
Author: dersteppenwolf - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Tent made of skins, cloth, or canvas, used by Native Americans (alternative spelling)
      6. Name of the fictional ship in "Moby-Dick"
      9. Name of popular American men's magazine
      11. Ballet term that describes the beating of the legs in the middle of the jump
      12. Used for noise cancellation (Plural, 2 words: 3,5)
      14. Abbreviation used when measuring the amount of money a company gets
      15. To spoil or indulge
      17. A burrowing rodent
      18. Another way to describe a colander (2 words: 5,8)
      22. 1987 song by Richard Marx, "Hold __ The Nights" (2 words: 2,2)
      23. A __rabbit refers to any rabbit with ears that droop
      25. A prickly __ is a plant within the cactus family
      26. Name of Victor Hugo's hunchbacked character
      28. Name of animated skunk from the Looney Tunes series, __ Le Pew
      30. "The ___," skiffle/rock musical group formed in 1956, later becoming "The Beatles"
      32. Latin phrase for describing the beginning part of a story: "in media __"
      33. John Jacob ___, American businessman making a fortune in the fur trade
      34. Certain stanzas within a poem, plural
      36. A protein found primarily in the outer nuclear membrane, singular
      38. A meat dish: ___ loin
      39. Prefix, meaning bone


      2. Ancient city in present-day Jordan
      3. Abbreviation used with a date to indicate when a company was started
      4. To supply or prepare
      5. Title of musical drama composed by Arnold Schoenberg in 1912 (French, 2 words: 7,7)
      6. Italian city, the capital of the Umbria region
      7. Abbreviation for country with the capital, Montevideo
      8. Title of 1994 song by alternative rock band, the Smashing Pumpkins
      10. To hit or strike
      13. Remus __, fictional character in the "Harry Potter" book series
      15. A term used in geometry to describe a flat surface
      16. Detroit, Michigan is also called the __ City
      18. A ___ tree is a slender catkin-bearing, quick-growing deciduous tree such as an aspen or cottonwood
      19. The memo or the current state of affairs (Latin, 2 words: 6,3)
      20. Marries in haste
      21. The capybara is the largest __ of the animal world
      24. Andy Warhol was known for the __ art genre
      27. Pressures or tensions, plural
      29. A task or chore
      30. An untrustworthy, fraudulent person in the field of medicine
      31. Phrase meaning all together: en __
      35. The __ force replaces the effect of the original force on a particle's motion
      37. Abbreviation for a mailing center