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Simply General Knowledge! (517) Crossword Puzzle

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Another set of general knowledge clues from across the boards. Have fun and good luck!
Author: moonraker2 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. The 2004 fantasy novel "Industrial Magic" was written by this Canadian author (6,9)
      9. The Country Music Hall of Fame is located here in Tennessee (9)
      10. Track 15 on the Black Eyed Peas 2005 album "Monkey Business" (5)
      11. Dislike someone or something intensely (6)
      12. The Greek God of sleep and dreams (8)
      13. Released in 1995, an album from New York punk band Shelter (6)
      15. "___ Don't Cry" , track 1 on the Four Seasons 1962 album "Sherry & 11 Others" (3,5)
      18. A football stadium in south-west England, the residence of Plymouth Argyle FC (4,4)
      19. In Egyptian mythology the God of the dead, commonly depicted with the head of a jackal (6)
      21. Harry Reid International Airport is located here in Nevada (8)
      23. In 1997 the UK Grand National was won by Lord Gyllene ridden by jockey Tony ___ (6)
      26. The tenth part of income once paid as a tax supporting the church (5)
      27. A tortilla rolled and stuffed with a mixture containing meat or cheese (9)
      28. Rick Schroder and Brad Pitt starred in the 1991 American sports drama "___" (6,3,6)


      1. Isambard ___ Brunel, was placed second in a 2002 BBC poll to determine "100 Greatest Britons" (7)
      2. Hungarian composer and pianist who composed the "Mephisto Waltzes", Franz ___ (5)
      3. Listen to a conversation one is not intended to hear (9)
      4. The supporting shaft on which a wheel or set of wheels revolve (4)
      5. A device such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid to memory (8)
      6. Name of the dog in William Hogarth's 1745 portrait "Painter and his Pug" (5)
      7. A greyish green colour used for military uniforms of the United States army (5,4)
      8. American actress ___ Rodriguez led as Naomi Ibbotson in the 2020 thriller "Centigrade" (7)
      14. The expression written above the line in a common fraction (9)
      16. A Venetian boatman (9)
      17. Figure resembling the curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarter (8)
      18. A novel by the English author Charles Kingsley, published in 1853 (7)
      20. The 1990 studio album "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" was released by rock band the ___ (7)
      22. Sediment that has settled at the bottom of a liquid (5)
      24. Jennifer ___ portrayed Annie, in the 2011 American horror film "The Victim" (5)
      25. A unit measuring the surface area of land, equal to 4,840 square yards (4)