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Too Many People Have Died Crossword Puzzle

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Mention names like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison and some may refer to the "27 Club." Yet Wikipedia's article on this cultural phenomenon asserts that there is no statistically higher death rate for performers at this age. Indeed, musicians are more likely to die aged 56! The death of younger people is a tragedy: we may celebrate their achievements, but the thought remains of their unfulfilled potential, so the focus of this puzzle is prominent people who died aged 27. This crossword was written for the FunTrivia event "2024 Limited Edition - In Due Time." There are two anagrams. Enjoy!
Author: psnz - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Viola Beach's bass player ____ Lowe (1988-2016) died in a vehicle smash (5)
      4. R&B and 14D singer Joe ____ (1937-1964) died from heart problems (9)
      9. Improvement (7)
      10. Murdered American musician Mia Zapata (1965-1993) was lead singer of this Seattle punk band (3,4)
      11. American jazz trumpeter Richard ____ (1984-2011) died from an aortic aneurysm (6)
      12. African nationality of rapper MohBad (1996-2023) (8)
      15. English singer/songwriter ____ Winehouse, died from alcohol poisoning (3)
      16. Words of regret, often said in hindsight (2,4)
      17. 32A played guitar and fiddle for American country-music singer ____ McEntire (4)
      20. A drug overdose killed musician ____ Thain (1948-1975) (also see 4D; 4)
      22. Malcolm Hale (1941-1968), lead guitarist of American sunshine pop band "____ and Our Gang" (6)
      23. Instagram upload, informally (3)
      25. Any place of pain and turmoil (8)
      26. Declared; "I told him not to join that stupid club", Wendy Fradenburg Cobain O'Connor (6)
      28. Possible paths: it's good to have them (7)
      30. 1D played the role of Trini Kwan on TV series "Mighty ____ Power Rangers" (1993-95) (7)
      31. Pete Ham (1947-1975) was the leader of this Welsh rock band (9)
      32. Himself a country-music singer, ____ Austin (1964-1991) died in a plane crash (also see 17A, 5)


      1. Vietnamese-American actress (1973-2001) died in a car crash (also see 30A; 4,5)
      2. Cartoonist Luke ____ produced 2018's "The 27 Club" comic series in "MAD Magazine" (7)
      3. Hostile environment, where a person might make unwise decisions (5,3)
      4. 20A was a bass player for the English rock band "Uriah ____" (4)
      5. American swing pianist ____ Jaffe (1918-1945) suffered from high blood pressure (3)
      6. The year 20__ saw 15A "join the 27 Club of rock stars" (number as a word, 6)
      7. A number of people in the "27 Club" chose this means of ending it all (7)
      8. NINA'S strange Hebrew month (anag., 5)
      13. "No man is an ____, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent." John Donne (6)
      14. Spiritual music and Grammy category (6)
      18. Mishaps: transportation-linked ____ have caused the deaths of many "27 Club" members (9)
      19. Wildly emotional (8)
      21. In the same family: Benjamin Keough (1992-2020), son of Lisa Marie and grandson of Elvis Presley (7)
      23. Professional baseballer Tyler Skaggs (1991-2019) often started in this position (7)
      24. HIS RIO became the manga "____ Experience" (2013) involving "27 Club" musicians (anag., 6)
      25. Nuclear weapon (1-4)
      27. Assassinated Indian singer/songwriter ____ Singh Chamkila (1960-1988) focused on Punjabi music (4)
      29. Slump, OR initialism for American labor union for performers (3)