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Firsts Crossword Puzzle

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As this is my very FIRST crossword, I decided to fill it with some firsts - People and Places mostly. I hope you enjoy it.
Author: misdiaslocos - Diff: Average



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      1. First president of the USA
      8. To try and get someone to marry you
      9. Once a year, every year
      11. The hot ball of gas at the centre of the Solar System
      13. A ghost says this
      14. A wrestling group run out of Nashville (abbreviation)
      15. The first being for the Rastafari
      16. The first emperor of Japan
      18. What a dog likes to chew
      19. Not the animal, but the first among the Tibetian Buddhists
      20. The first state in the USA
      23. My German grandma is my "oma" and my grandpa is my ___
      25. About 1/2 a kilometer in China
      26. Doubled, it's a kid's toy
      27. A member of a Buddhist people living in Thailand and countries near it
      30. One end of a bridge to another
      31. The fastest animal in the ocean


      2. First state alphabetically in the USA
      3. A Japanese car maker, parent company is Toyota
      4. Easy-E, Ice Cube, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre...
      5. What you get at the Olympics for coming in first (two words)
      6. "Muddy York", Canadian city (abbreviation)
      7. A person, place, or thing
      10. A Japanese form of theatre
      11. The number one horse in the paddock - at least with all the fillies
      12. The First Consul of the French Republic
      16. A Scottish lover
      17. Opposite of out
      18. Michael Jackson's best selling album
      19. The number one animals in the jungle (the kings)
      21. You can do this upon a star
      22. Reynolds, Canadian actor, Deadpool
      24. The first and the greatest in the ring
      28. Use this abbreviation to write a letter to someone in Birmingham, USA
      29. John Adams was a president __ the USA