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General Miscellany - with no u's and no q's Crossword Puzzle

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A general crossword with a variety of clues - but there are no u's or q's in the answers. This is my first contribution to the new Phoenix Rising Crossword Challenge. I hope you enjoy it!
Author: MikeMaster99 - Diff: Harder



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    • Complete Clue List

      1. To sieve e.g. flour
      3. Italian cheese named after its method of preparation
      10. Stone fruit
      11. The Fighting Irish play their sport in this state
      12. Paddle
      13. A song stuck in your head is called this
      14. The opposite of endemic or intriguing from overseas perhaps
      16. Possessed (an object) or, colloquially, being thoroughly beaten in a game
      18. Chemical agent causing birth defects
      21. Facial feature of Jethro Tull's Mary or feline Clarence perhaps
      24. Maureen McGovern sang 'A morning [5 letters]' for 'The Poseidon Adventure'
      26. South American nut from the Anacardium occidentale tree
      28. Spectre, ghost
      30. What is quiet on the western front according to Erich Maria Remarque
      31. Women's fashion: Cardigan and jumper/sweater in the same color - worn with pearls perhaps
      32. For centuries, a powerful empire but ended in 1922
      33. Sin or break a rule
      34. The 'ones' in a deck of playing cards (plural)


      1. 1939 Western starring John Wayne as Ringo Kid
      2. Released in 1957, the first standard computer language
      4. Eye care profession
      5. The name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1971 and 1997
      6. A British soldier during the US War of Independence
      7. The ten lords are doing this
      8. Large endorheic sea lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
      9. Formal agreement
      15. Small amounts. Often used when considering small increases
      17. Printing measures (plural). Not 'ens'
      19. Moves troops or resources to a new area
      20. The opposite side of a cricket ground to the leg (side)
      22. Wind instrument, sometimes described as a vessel flute
      23. Ecclesiastical splits (plural)
      24. Alters in response to new conditions
      25. Emblematic or strongly significant
      27. The main ingredient in beer
      29. Copy-editing instruction to let stand